Some days are just harder than others. it's been 1 year and 7 months. I really don't write to get sympathy...even though I have such great friends and family that usually will send their love. I write because it's the only thing I can do. I don't want a pity party, although some think that's exactly what I'm asking for. I just need to let out my feelings. I am not brave or strong...PS...I never have been. I just have a lot more emotions on my plate than usual. "I feel like" there are people who are saying take that energy to the gym or put it in your work or ect. All "I feel like" doing is laying in the bed. Please don't confuse my emotional outburst as a cry for help or a poor pitiful me scenario. (I realize there are a lot worse situations out there than mine) I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am blessed. I have sooooooo many people that love me for exactly who I am. I just sometimes wish that I had a little bit more of the old me in me. The old me that didn't know real pain and loss. The old me that saw the bad in the world, but still had on the rose colored glasses inspite of it all. It's just something I'm dealing with and needed to talk out.

Grandma & Grandaddy's Visit to Vtown 10-24

Ella Grace and me. I love you, precious!

So, Grandma and Grandaddy scheduled a trip to Valdosta. They haven't been for a visit in years! It was the best day. It was great weather. They stopped at Mom's house, then Chris & Heather's, then mine, and finally Sam & Kristy's. Thank you God for allowing us all this wonderful day. It will be a day we will never forget!
Heather and Ella Grace. What a great pic!
Checking out Mom's new house

Grandaddy was playing with the girls while they were sitting on Mom's bed.

Grandaddy and my Momma

Me and Aunt Susie

Kristy with Bubba and Mama Lacy.(looking good I might add!)
Mary Bennett and her Mimi(my Aunt Emily)
talking around the dinner table

The girls love baby Bubba.(They would be such great helpers if Mommy and Daddy had another baby!)
The family walking out to see Sam's barn. I think it may have been the highlight of Grandaddy's trip. He was so proud to have passed his outdoor farming and planting love on to Sam.
Aunt Emily with Emma and Mary Bennett. Mary Bennett wasn't interested in the picture...only in trying to crank the tractor.

The boys talking

Kristy and Ella Grace bonding

It's 4 wheeler time...the girls loved it!

Out at Sam and Kristy's...Grandaddy with 4 of his Grandsons

Grandma and Grandaddy walking up to Chris and Heather's house. This is when Grandaddy said..."I'm glad to know my family is doing so well that we have several places we can go live if we need to."

checking out his office

Grandma checking out Chris and Heather's kitchen. I think she said 'Oh my" a couple of times.

I hate that this pic was blurry, but it's the girls and their Great Grandma. They were showing her their room.
I was especially proud and thankful when my Grandparents came to my house. I was telling them in the car on the way over that I really wanted them to see my house and be proud of my accomplishment. My Grandma said "I don't need to see your house to be proud of you, I'm already proud of you" Then ofcourse I got teary eyed!

Grandaddy was a little was an eventful day!

Aunt Susie and Bubba
checking things out


Kristy, Grandma, and Sam at their house

Aunt Susie and Emma

Chris talking to his Grandparents


My friend, Brooke, and I went to the hood and watched Sabrina's church team play basketball. It was a great, interesting game...although Brooke, an expert in bball, could have done without all the fouls. This is Sabrina taking her free throw shot.

check out this face!

action shot
look at that stance. Thankfully, they Sabrina was a happy camper after the game.