I planned a whole Georgia themed birthday party for my mom for her big birthday party! I got the cake from Red Velvet Bakery. They did such a great job, too bad our DAWGS couldnt keep it together the night before!

I decorated the dining tables and asked everyone to wear red black or white. Even my sister in law went along with the GA theme. (Her and my brother are FL fans!)

Angie, Aunt Susie, and Jay
Aunt Susie, Emma, Aunt Heather, and Ella Grace. The girls werent feeling well so they didnt participate in the photo taking too well.
Arent they so cute!!


Perfect pic to show off their cute little outfits. They are growing up right before our eyes!
The birthday cakes!!! A blonde Barbie for Emma. A brunette barbie for Ella Grace and a castle!

Heather and Ella Grace
Chris and Emma. Ok so I know the pic is blurry, but that's what happens sometimes with action shots. Plus, it was too cute of a moment to not post.
The girls love that they can see themselves in my camera screen, but this was the first time they have both pointed to it during the pic!

Swinging at the park
Ella Grace sliding with her cousin Ethan.
Jay and his princess gift bag, too funny to not take a pic of for everyone to see!

Meme and Emma and her birthday Barbie.
Gigi and Ella Grace and her birthday Barbie.
The girls ready for their cake! It's like an act of congress to get a good pic of the two of them together.
Nathan putting the finishing touches on the cake. I'm sure he's available for hire if anyone's interested!
Aunt Susie and Ella Grace. This was the best out of 3 pics! Ella Grace now thinks it's funny to turn away from you when the camera comes out. Wonder where that Butler stubborness comes from?!!!
I hope you all enjoyed the pics!


Not the best picture of my grandparents, but I wanted to show yall my grandaddy's twin, Rudy.
My grandaddy, my grandma, and Rudy out in back of my grandparents house in Camilla. I called my grandaddy this morning to tell him Happy Birthday and that's about all I got to say before he handed the phone back to my grandma. I said, Grandma, he's a many of few words and she laughed. We had a good conversation this morning. I love them very much!


Dan Tillman and Amanda Eutzler got engaged last night! Yay! I love them both very much and wish them the best.
She text me and wanted to "come see me and give me a hug" since I didnt get to see her last week. I was totally not expecting her to come over and say she was engaged! (Otherwise, I wouldnt have been in a tshirt and workout pants) They are so great together. She has been a tremendously great friend and I couldnt be happier for her!
I made her do the cheezy face with her ring. Let me just tell you, this ring is so fabulously big and sparkly, I couldnt even take an upclose picture of it! Dan, you did good!


Ok so I've text you, written to you on your blog, written to you on facebook, and am now posting to you on my blog. The only thing left is to call you...which will be later in the day! I have to give you something to look forward to. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day!!
Lots of Love,

These pics are from our trip to Jacksonville. They were taken in May before I started blogging so I never posted them. Enjoy!


Ella Grace and Emma like to celebrate like their Aunt Heather. We had a little party for them last night at their house and they will have a big party on Saturday with all their friends and family. Good stuff!

This was the face of the kid thinking, "But I want to eat it, why are they telling me not to eat my candle"
a chocolate mess!
a two-handed bite
Aunt Heather and Emma
Emma decided she'd rather have a top cart (translation-pop tart) than birthday cake!
Aunt Heather and Ella Grace
Their birthday cake their mommy made for them!
Emma kept saying cupcake, cupcake while we were getting them in their highchairs. They both blew out their candles successfully!
Yummy, look at the frosting!!
Ella Grace wanted to lick and eat her candle! Maybe we will get her a cookie in the shape of her candle for next year.

I think she was ready to get her aqua doodle out of the box.
Ella Grace and her new baby doll.
Emma loves to look at the pictures on your camera.
Emma and her G-Daddy getting her baby doll out of the childproof box.
Ella Grace tears through the tissue paper to get to her present, whereas Emma(like her daddy) is going to clean along the way-each piece of tissue paper she took out she would crumple up and put in another bag. Too cute!


Ok so I have to get this out before I explode. I have been telling my friend Emily for the past week now that I want to go vandalize a house in our neighborhood. (Not really, but I like sounding big and bad.) There is a house in my beighborhood that has been decorated for Halloween for the past week. It's not even October yet!!! Anyways, among a host of other things, there are headstones in their yard. I am so offended! I don't even want to drive down the road. (Of course I know this is my grief talking, but I always vowed to be honest about my feelings on here) I think it's rude and disrespectful. My first thought was to go knock them over, but I'm not that brave. Then I thought I could go up and knock and the door and ask them, "Have you ever had someone close to you die before?" I didnt know how the rest of the conversation would go, but I pretended to think it would end in my favor with the person taking down the headstones. I had to post this today because I went out to my mailbox this morning and what did I see, but my neighbors putting headstones in the ground. I immediately started crying out of anger and sadness, but did not go up to them. That means you get to hear my rantings. I can't believe it. What is wrong with people. Why do people see the need for headstones and on top of that skulls to be in their yard? I don't know if this bothers anyone else, but there it is. I know I let my grief consume me too much sometimes. However, sometimes I just wish people would stop and think!!!





I forgot to let yall know that I found my inheritance from my dad. I was totally super excited. My friend's Jeffrey and Allison helped me move his recliner from my parents house to mine on Thursday. In the process, a whole lot of loose change fell out!!!
What did you think I was talking about?
So far I've collected almost $2. I know there's more cause I can hear it jingling when I move the chair. I'm sure my dad has a sense of humor because I was having a pretty crappy week emotionally and then this money just came falling out. I can just imagine him taking his nap at lunch, the change just rolling out of his pockets, and him being completely unaware of it. Sorry family, you cant have any percentage of my $2!!! LOL!


Sunday afternoon, I went with Chris and Heather and the girls to go see the progress of the new house. It's amazing how quickly things are going. I am so proud of my brother and sister in law for all that they have accomplished in life and are getting to build such a nice home for their family. The girls were so cute. They knew right where there room was even though it's all just wood. They were also tired from church and lunch so the pics arent great, but I still think they are blog worthy. I love them, I can't deny it.