Ok, so when gas got crazy starting last Thursday, I will admit I jumped on the band wagon. The stations were already gouging people so I wasn't going to wait until I was completely out of gas and have to pay an arm and a leg. I mean here it is Thursday of the following week and the Macadoos station next to my office is $4.29 when last Thursday it was $3.67. So I still think I was smart to fill up my car at the $3.98 price I found on Friday morning. Nevertheless I am a dork and I saw the station's sign last Friday when I was leaving work and had to take a picture. More or less I was thinking, wouldnt it be nice if gas was free...when in reality, they were saying we don't have any gas. Rest assured they were filled up by Sat am when I came to work. Ugh, the gas prices!! This will be my one and only rant about that because I know everyone else feels the same way and there's nothing we can do about it.

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