Nov 1-Just saw a friend post on facebook about 30 days of Thankfulness! I thought it would be a good idea to copy. I'll start by saying how thankful I am for the 26 years I got to spend with my amazing Daddy!

Nov 2- I'm thankful for the right to vote! I'll be more thankful if my choices win!! I'll be even more thankful when all the political ads stop running!!!

Nov 3- I'm thankful for God sending His Son to die on a cross for my sins and raising him on the 3rd day. I'm thankful for His saving grace, unconditional love, and one day spending eternity with Him!

Nov 4th I don't know how to say thank you enough for my best girl friends. The girls who have loved me in good times and bad. I know God gave you to me and I'm so grateful! I pray I never lose you!

Nov 5-I'm thankful for my guy friends! Thanks for all our chats and for being willing to help do things that this girl can't do! I wish there were more like you-only single! Hehe

Nov 6-I'm thankful for the home God blessed me with and all the things I usually take for granted by having it.

Nov 7-I'm thankful for the Holy Spirit's conviction and God's forgiveness. I'm so thankful that when I mess up royally that God still loves me!

Nov 8- I'm thankful for owning my business, Serenity Massage Therapy, at the age of 24 and celebrating 5 years in business as of last month. I'm thankful for the talent God gave me and the ability to use it. I'm even thankful for my sweet, crazy friends who nicknamed me "Magic Fingers". I hope I get to help make people feel better for a long, long time.

Nov 9- I'm thankful for my family! I have been so blessed to be so close to my cousins our whole lives. I'm thankful for my family's love and support through the years!

Nov 10- I'm thankful for my Bible Study Ladies. God is so amazing in how He put us all together. Thank you for loving me and dealing with me over the last almost 3 years! I love you all!

Nov 11- I'm thankful for all the brave men and women who have served and are serving in order to keep our country free! God Bless them all!!!!

Nov 12- I'm thankful that this time next week all the planning and stress will be over and we will all be able to enjoy Merry Marketplace while at the same time being able to help local charities in need. Thank you to Jenny Parramore Cochran for keeping me somewhat sane over these last two years! Happy Birthday to you!

Nov 13-I'm thankful for music. I love how songs can capture your heart one moment, excite your body the next, or just simply put a smile back on your face! Thank you for all those who are using their God given talents to sing/play especially Ernie Haase and Signature Sound guys and Justin Crenshaw and the First Baptist Praise Team!

Nov 14-I'm thankful for my church family and especially my Sunday School class. Thanks for the laughs and the lessons!

Nov15-I'm thankful for my sanity and hoping it stays in tact at least until after Sunday. :)

Nov 16- I'm thankful to be a member of the Valdosta Junior Service League. I'm thankful for all the great fundraisers and service projects we do. I'm thankful that we are able to give back to Lowndes County, surrounding areas, and this year to Autism Speaks!

Nov 17-I'm just thankful today. I can't really pinpoint one thing or another. I just feel thankful for my life-the good and bad bc it's made me who I am now!

Nov 18- I'm thankful foe friends who will cart you around town when you somehow misplace your car keys! I'm thankful it happened today and not Tom.

Nov 19- I'm thankful Merry Marketplace is finally here. Praying everything goes well with vendor check in today. Y'all all come out to the Preview Party tonight and help us raise money for Autism Speaks!!!

Nov 20- my body needs a hot tub and a massage, but I'm thankful for a great day at Merry Marketplace!

Nov 21- I'm so thankful for an amazing Merry Marketplace!!!!

Nov 22-I'm so thankful to all my friends & family for putting up with me over the last year of MMP planning. (maybe one day I'll learn how to handle stress better) it was a huge success! I wish we could see all the ways the $ raised will help the less fortunate!!

Nov 23-I'm thankful that my business partner, Amanda Bennett Hadsock, had a beautiful baby boy yesterday and they are both doing well! On a selfish note, I'm gonna start a 6-8 week countdown for when she ret...urns to work! Miss ya already!

Nov 24-I'm thankful for my Valdosta family and excited about Valdosta Thanksgiving tonight!!

Nov 25- today I'm going to remind myself to be thankful for all the blessings I have and not be sad about those I don't. Hope everyone feels very blessed today!

Nov 26- thankful for people to love, finally catching up on sleep, and for friends with football tickets to share tonight! Go Cats!

Nov 27- I'm thankful that two more of my friends have been blessed with babies in their bellies. I'm thankful for the two 1st birthday parties i get to go to today and the baby shower tom.

Nov 28- I'm thankful that one day all the pain and sorrow of this world will be wiped away when Jesus comes to take us home!

Nov 29- I'm thankful for my roommate Jessica Willis!

Nov 30- I'm thankful for the 30 days of thankfulness. It has made me aware of all the blessings I do have. It's also helped stamp out some negativity that kept weighing me down. I hope that you all feel blessed today!