Even if I tried to not make this day hard, I just don't think it would have been possible. I just miss my dad so much and this day is just such a reminder that he's not here. The family helped my mom move into her new house today. That was about as surreal as the day she moved in with me. Her house is beautiful and I know she will enjoy it. I guess it's just gonna take time to adjust. I am posting this today in honor of my dad's birthday. I know I have to move past his death, but I feel it my honor/right/duty to continue celebrating his life. The life he lived well. My friend Christi said that my dad and her Papa were enjoying birthday cake up in Heaven together. I can only imagine what kind of fabulous celebrations are going on up there. I just wish knowing that would take away my pain. Anyways, my dad would have been 59 today. So just incase God is allowing him to look down on us today or any day for that matter, I just wanted to tell him how much I love him and will always cherish him and how incredibly thankful I am that he is my daddy.


Trudy and Elaine...I love you both!
Emma and mommy saying cheese

Elaine was playing with Ella Grace and Ella Grace loved it!

Ooohhhh, wonder where the attitude behind this face comes from? Surely, not the Butler's? She actually had a mouth full of sprite so she couldn't smile.

Emma was raring to go today!

My dad had these two friends in law enforcement, Elaine Snow and Trudy McDevitt. If you are a follower of this blog, you know that I have posted about them before. Well, they wanted to get together and spend some time with each other since they don't live in the same town. They just happened to grace us with their presence in Valdosta as their get together place. I met them at their hotel Friday night and the three of us had a great time catching up. I feel even closer to my dad when they are around because they represent part of his other family, the police! They told me that people would call them and dad the three musketeers. Saturday, we met for lunch and introduced them to The Wooden Nickel! The girls loved meeting them. Then we took them to see mom's new house and Chris and Heather's new house and then I showed them my office. We had a great time talking and playing with the girls. Thanks Ladies for coming to see us. It definitely did my heart good!


We won!! We won the 2009 Best Massage Therapists! In the newspaper, it was printed Best place to get a massage, but whatever. We are both so thrilled! This is the ad we ran in the newspaper today. Sorry this is how it is showing up on the blog, it's actually very background and brown writing with our pictures in color! Thanks to everyone who voted for us. We give God all the glory for allowing us to have our business for the past 3 1/2 years and for all of our wonderful clients!


After working all day on Saturday making other people happy, I was ready for some love from my neices!! Mom bought them the outfits they are wearing. I went shopping with Heather after the girls opened their gifts. Overall, it was a good day!
Ella Grace being a ham!
Ella Grace opening her presents from me. They love boo-boonaids. Pier 1, of all places, had some kisses and hearts bandaids that I couldn't resist buying.
Checking out the boo-boonaids. Ella Grace wanted one on her hand and Emma wanted one on her foot.

me and Emma
Emma showing off her presents...
I got them Valentine's pjs from Target.
My dear sweet friend Kasey sent me flowers on Thursday for Valentine's Day. They still look beautiful and smell amazing even today!


My best friend Emily's birthday is today and we have had a great day celebrating it. We started the day by taking some pics for the business for the newspaper. Then it was off to Chilli's for lunch...and it was yummy! Then it was off to work. I left Emily little gifts on her desk in between massages.

I decided to get her several different cards as they were all unique and relevant. This is her song card.
Heath and Emily

Our favorite candle from Pier 1 is mad love. They discontinued it last year, but brought it back for Valentine's Day this year. I wrote out 28 for her age in Mad Love votives. It was a hit!

Emily and me at work.

This is her opening her second card. She got some personalized stationary and sticky notes later. Tonight, I am going to drop off her third card, the sweet, sentimental one.

I love you, Em. I hope you have enjoyed your day!


Brooke, Me, Kari Anne, Addie, Libby, and Allison
me and Addie
Isn't she cute!

Just love her!
She did so well posing for me!

I was unable to go to Addie's birthday in Macon due to a previous committment. So, I was so thankful when Libby said they were coming to Vtown for a visit. The girls had dinner after choir practice last night. It was such a great time!


Today is the 10th month anniversary of my dad's passing. This month is probably gonna be a tough one. It holds the obvoious day of today and Valentine's Day and my dad's birthday. Dad and I had a deal that he would always be my Valentine until I got married. He was always so happy on his birthday. He never had to return a gift. We knew him too well. It was either a new John Grisham book or a new Polo. (I kinda like a predictable man in that sense.) I always thought of my dad as my man. He loved me so unconditionally. We were alike in so many ways. I think I've always thought I would marry someone like my dad. I am taking things one day at a time STILL. I feel as though I am starting to heal, although I also feel trapped by some situations. I feel God has renewed my purpose in serving Him. I was able to share with a girl who had recently lost her mom. Also, being able to deal with the fact that God took away the man in my life has been one of the hardest things. I can actually talk about that now. I can pray about that now. I'm making progress. I know my Heavenly Father loves me much more than my own Daddy ever could. I've just got to allow my heart and mind to take a full grasp of that love.

This is a song in the movie, "Fireproof". I personally recommend the movie for anyone in a relationship. My friend, Allison shared the song with our Sunday School class about waiting on God to give her a baby. She challenged the college/career ladies to think about what they are doing...while they are waiting. I am determined to live my life worshipping and serving while I'm waiting and even after He chooses to send me a husband and children. I'm also waiting on the glorious day when I will meet my Savior face to face and will worship Him forever with all those who have gone on before me.

I love you, Daddy!


I was a night nanny for three months to the sweet Hobby babies. It definitely defied all my ideas of late night parenting! However, there was one common thing I've heard that I found to be true. Even when you are sleep deprived and think the crying will never end, when you get that moment of sweet snuggles after they have finished a bottle and are happy...nothing can replace that! I have enjoyed watching Caroline and Corbett grow over these three years. They had a grand birthday party at their house on Saturday so I thought I'd share a couple of pics with you!

Corbett with his Grandmama...there was too much going on for him to want to be still for a picture
Princess Caroline
These are from when they were 3 weeks old. I started taking care of them when they were 2 weeks old until they were around 3 months old and started sleeping through the night.

Corbett at 3 weeks
Caroline at 3 weeks Oh how quickly they grow!!