Ready for a fun filled day at Sea World

the view at the entrance

The first show we went to was the sea lion and otter show. See the sea lion diving off the top of the pirate ship down into the pool? It was so cool.

Emma sitting in my lap watching the show. They didn't get all the jokes that were being made, but they loved seeing the animals doing their tricks. We had to split up because the show was packed when we got there.

I love all their expressions!

Impersonationg the trainer. They were trying to find the otter that had swiped the treasure map.

so happy. finally got the treasure map back

doing a little dance

I really was impressed at how well they were trained.

The Dolphin show...this was the hottest show on earth...and I don't mean popular! It was like 12:30 and we were in the direct sun. I didn't want to sit in the splash zone because I had my iPhone and camera, but by the end I was begging to be splashed!

During the show they released these really pretty birds and then the trainers came up into the stands to "pick them up".

They were sitting in the last row of the "splash zone", but didn't get splashed.

So cool how she rode the dolphins.

Such pretty creatures that God created!

These were some very steep steps coming out of the show so Emma felt the need to grip on to Daddy's forehead.

At the end of the show, we got to take a picture with the show members. These were some really talented folks.

The Shamoo show...jumping that high out of the pool seemed pretty incredible to watch such a big animal do!

coming to say hello to the trainer and get some snacks of course

We got here late so we just stood and watched. Daddy holding Emma

Mommy with Ella Grace. I didn't mind standing for this show even though we had to run across creation to get to it. We were in the shade.

that's a lot of Shamoo's at the top of the screen. The bottom is one of the Shamoo's splashing the crowd. We took a minute to rest and regroup after the show to figure out our next plan of attack. The girls were being so cute. It was like they got a second wind or something.

We sat down to eat lunch and ended up with some guests, a bird and a squirrel. It was a little surreal being that "one with nature".

It was at least pretty to look at.

I finally got my dippin dots after lunch. They weren't as great as I remembered, but they were oh so cool and refreshing.
They loved meeting the "animals". Chris made a joke that he should've just found a cool hotel with a pool and hired some girls from the bank to dress up as characters and the girls would've enjoyed it just the same. Gotta love the penny pinching in him.

Emma didn't want to let go of the shark.

They were getting pretty good at the stand and pose part.
Now to love on the Lady Dolphin.

My turn...
Emma didn't want to let go.

She bent down so Emma could give her a smooch.

checking out her fins...

Seriously, how sweet is this?

Chris and Ella Grace

Chris and Emma

Checking out the sting rays

Family shot. There's also a really cool story about how Chris protected his family right before I took this picture. Let's just say...foreign or not, you shouldn't get to close to Chris' girls.

Looking at the sting rays and sharks.

Wonder what was going through her mind?

They were really getting into it now.

I just thought they were pretty.

Checking out the indoor attractions.

Inquiring minds...

I love this one...

Look out!

Glad there's a glass in between us!

Otis!!! I love this guy. When we walked up to see the sea otters and sea lions, he was off to the side by himself and on dry land. It scared me so I asked one of the park guys if he was ok. They said, yep that's just Otis. He likes to nap. Then they hollared his name and he looked up and gave us a grin.

I decided I wanted to see if he'd respond to me hollaring his name. This time he lifted his head up, but wouldn't open his eyes. All I could think was...I'm right there with ya bud. I'd like to be napping too.

I loved watching the animals.

They made for great photography subjects.

I mean check out this guy.

He was talking to us.


Why can't all the pics I take be this cool?

Checking out the alligators. Ella Grace walked over to me and said the alligators stink...and I said they sure do! Go DAWGS!!

Everyone was getting a little tired at this point.

But no rest for the weary, it was off to see the dolphins up close.

He swam over and said take my picture.

They enjoyed watching them. They had no idea what was really going on with a couple of the dolphins. Chris and Heather and I got a good laugh at the couple and their dating tactics.

This is where you got to pet the dolphins except they had just eaten and wouldn't come close enough for us to touch.

Emily used to say sometimes she would stand on one leg like a flamingo during massage so I took this pic for her. They really were pretty to look at as well.

After a little rest and some pool time, we got ready to go to dinner at, wait for it, Chuck E Cheese! Aren't these little Hannah Kate outfits I got them adorable?

Walking to the truck with their Daddy.

The gang snuggled in for the ride to dinner. The truck light went off right before Heather could snap the picture so this is what we came out with...Ella Grace watching her movie and Emma sucking her thumb!(quickly corrected by Aunt Heather)

It's a keeper!!! That's what I say after a picture turns out cute.

Emma was so fascinated by all the games that she wasn't interested in waiting on the pizza.

I knew one day, Chuck E and Heather E would meet. hehe

Mommy showing her how it's done.

Ready for take off.

such determination on both their faces

trying to teach her how to play a game that was actually a lot harder than it looked.

Emma trying her hardest.

Emma driving the bus and Ella Grace talking on the phone. Insert your own funny comments here.

She loves to talk on the phone. I can only imagine what kind of conversation was going on.

Ella Grace loves to drive...look at that focus!

checking out their loot...

I had lots of fun playing ski ball trying to earn the girls plenty of tickets so they could get a great prize...pretty sure I spent more money than 2 silly straws and a princess ring would've cost me, but it was fun.
Needing to be carried into the hotel after all the fun at Sea World and Chuck E Cheese's. So sweet!