Annyson's 1st Birthday Party 7-23-11

Look at that precious face!! Our family has never been the same since she came into our world last year!
Mama and Annyson
Kristy's best friends...Brian & Sabrina and Heather and Chris
This is only a small part of the madness that was known as the 1st bday party.
Justin and Brandi got her a ball pit and she loved it!
Tara and John Everett
Look at those little stinkers
Kristy and her Mama, Kim
All the babies liked the ball pit
Taylor and A having a moment
My two boyfriends...Jake and John Everett
opening the presents was...interesting

Me with my future boyfriend, JE. He spit up on me not long after this pic. Gotta love it!
Happy Birthday Annyson
Of course I didn't notice the big black man on the tv when I was trying to take a group shot. lol
She gave Emma a taste
I'm going all in...

We clapped therefore she clapped.
Do work!
I was pretty proud of this pic.

Feeding her Nani some cake

It was supposed to be an outside party, but the weather was conducive. The rain stopped so Kristy took A outside to hose the cake off of her and let her in the swimming pool.

Favorite pic of the day! She just plopped down completely naked ready to play! We were all laughing.

She was so happy!
Me and my minime, Ella Grace
She was moving the money from Annyson's bottle to her new piggy back.
Heath wanted some other kids to get in and swim

The party tuckered all the kids out, even the big ones.
Heather and Kim made us some delicious pizza's and salad for dinner.
Sabrina, newly pregnant, took a little rest on the couch while I gave her a foot rub.
HA! Kristy was trying to get the flip video camera out of Brian's pocket while he was napping.

Tired baby
Well, maybe she had enough energy for one more toy.

Daddy's and Daughters = Precious!

It wouldn't be a complete evening if Sam didn't decide to "dress up". lol

A great time was had by all!