Breath of Heaven

I'm not a big Amy Grant fan, but I liked the video that went with this song that I LOVE!!  Sara Groves has a better version of the song on YouTube if anyone is interested.

Christmas Shoes & Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

This song gets me every time!!!

 Kelly & Nate are having a tacky Christmas sweater party tomorrow night.  I found these options tonight.  You'll have to wait to see which one I pick and the awesome accessories to go with it. hehe Enjoy!

All I want for Christmas- Mariah Carey

This one was a classic favorite!!! It just makes me want to jump up and dance. Too bad at 30, all I really would like is to put in my order for a man under the Christmas tree.

Frosty the Snowman-Bing Crosby

12-15-11 Just thought I'd throw this one in since it's chilly here! I have all these wonderful, cute winter clothes now. While I am very much looking forward to coming home, I'm not looking forward to the probability of sweating in GA for Christmas. I was talking to my friend, Kelly, Sunday night about Christmas in GA. She's from Vidalia so she totally understands. I remember opening the cutest clothes on Christmas morning and changing my entire wardrobe plans for the day. The only problem was that the clothes I got that morning were generally new sweaters or coats and it was almost always warm on the holidays. Of course I wouldn't trade those moments for anything. I just can now sit back and laugh about it. For years, I would suffer and wear my cute, new outfit to show off knowing that I was probably going to heat to death. Yes, we did have an occasional cool Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it was always warm in my Grandparents house. Bless them! When my Grandma goes to take her nap, we turn the air down. She wakes up and in the most precious Mama voice ever says, " Who touched that thermostat?" Oh the memories!

 A Saturday morning going to work...
 A Wednesday night leaving work.  My caption for this photo on Facebook know you don't live in South Georgia anymore when you own an ice/snow scraper and have to use it at 8:30pm.  No worries Mom, this has been only used a couple of times.  The super cold has gone away for now.  I actually think Aunt Clair and Kate's visits from GA brought the "warmer" weather with them.  Yesterday's high was 68 today's was 65 with rain and thankfully tomorrow should be back to winter normal with a high of 42!  I love the cold!!! What the heck am I gonna wear in Valdosta? lol
The ice on the top of my car :)

Evie-Ring those bells

I blame Jody Duvall for this one!  I was chatting with Whitney last night and recalled listening to this song. Aunt Susie was in love with it and Evie.  I can still see her bright smile and giddiness over it.  We must have listened to it over and over while our family played a "friendly" game of Phase 10.  Oh and prepared to bring your A game cause it's on when I get home!!!

I had some pics taken with a photographer up here for my Christmas card. This was one of my fav pics so I added the Merry Christmas to it.

I'll be home for Christmas...

In an attempt to continue my Christmas cheer and contain my emotions until I make it home, I'll be posting some videos for our enjoyment!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I love my little tree.  It' bursting at the seems, but I love it.  It's half filled with my childhood ornaments and half with ones I've collected over the years.  I don't know why I'm such a sentimental person, but I am and I embrace it! Christmas was always such a big deal at my house.  My Dad loved to shop for everyone. He worked so many extra security jobs to be able to give us the things that we wanted from "Santa."  I'm so thankful that my Mom has carried on the traditions. I'm in love with the lights, parties, memories, family get togethers and the love that the feelings of Christmas inspire deep in my heart! But of course I know what Christmas is really about.  I'm so thankful that my Lord was born of a virgin in a manger all so that He could be my Savior!  I pray that anyone that reads this will truly KNOW the reason for the season on a personal level.

My friend Jeremy cowrote this song. ("My Baby Boy" Mary's Lullaby)
I thought it'd be a good way to end this post. Love to you all!

30 Days of Thankfulness 2011

‎30 Days of Thankfulness: (on Facebook)
I'm thankful for a good visit in Valdosta & for supportive friends & family!

Day 2-I'm thankful for 2 business partners who I trust completely with Serenity Massage Therapy & my clients. It's been a month since I've been gone, if you haven't made an appt yet, please do it & take care of yourselves! — with Amanda Bennett Hadsock and Lauren Bradford Simpson.

Day 3-I'm thankful I didn't slice off more of my finger than I did when using a mandolin last night. I'd also LIKE to be thankful for it healing super quickly!

Day 4: I am thankful for some wonderful friends to have Thanksgiving with in Nashville. Also, I'm thankful I got the official ok to have off from work for Christmas!! Anyone want to buy me a plane ticket? hehe

Day 5-Thankful for my wonderful cousin Rae Adams for giving me a wonderful place to live and being a great friend! Can't wait to see Wicked at TPAC tonight!

Day 6- I'm thankful for my Mom. She loves me even when I don't deserve it and has been so supportive of my move. She also has showed great strength since the loss of her soulmate.

Day 7-I'm thankful for my Dad! He loved me unconditionally & was my protector.

Day 8-I'm thankful for having a relationship with Jesus and not just being a part of a religion. I'm thankful for the eternal hope I have!

Day 9- I'm so thankful for my job at Escape Day Spa & Salon! I have renewed my love of Massage & gotta to do some really crazy cool things here!

Day 10-I'm thankful that my cousin was born yesterday. Even though Rigsby was really early and only 2lbs 11oz, she's doing great. She's beautiful too!

Day 11- I'm thankful for all the men & women who have served and our serving our country. God Bless!!

Day 12 I'm thankful for my new friends in Nashville! I'm glad to have quality friends for this new stage in my life.

Day 13- I'm thankful for my wonderful new church, Long Hollow! Great message this am and amazing Praise & Worship time!

Day 14- I'm thankful to be going to the Ryman tonight to hear Lady A!!!!!!!!!!! For those of you that really know me, know how excited I am!!

Day 15- I'm thankful to be able to be thankful for the exact place in life that I'm in. Don't get me wrong, I still want all the things I've dreamed of...I'm just happy right now.

Day 16- I'm thankful for the love and support of all my friends in Valdosta!! You are always on my heart!

Day 17- I'm thankful for the women of the Valdosta Junior Service League! Thanks to everyone who stepped up to help in my absence. I know Merry Marketplace is going to be amazing!!!

Day 18-I'm thankful for my brother, sister in law, and my precious nieces Ella Grace & Emma! I love you all so much!!! — with Heather Cox Butler.

Day 19- I'm thankful for all my friends who know the good, bad, and ugly about me & still choose to love me.

Day 20-Another great man joining the Heavenly crew... Larry Munson, thank you for giving us all the ability to mute our tv's and turn up the radio to hear you do an amazing job calling for our DAWGs!!!  GO DAWGS!!!!!!!

Day 21-I'm thankful for the wonderful gift God gave me as a Massage Therapist. My career has come full circle...I've been an employee, owned my own business, and am currently working at an amazing spa & getting to work on celebrities! I've had some of the most amazing & loyal clients in Valdosta, made some wonderful friends as business partners, worked on some babies, and even hopefully helped comfort my friend's dad through his last days fighting cancer. So, I'm thankful for the gift, the ability to help people feel better, and the impact those people have had on my life.

Day 22- I'm thankful for when my friend's Mamas come to town. A couple of weeks ago was Deborah Minton Williams, last week was Sandra Terrell McGlamery, and for Thanksgiving is Peggy G. Fauscett. Any other friends and family members are welcome to come visit. lol

DAY 23-I'm thankful for Facebook and Skype and the ability to keep in touch with friends & family!

Day 24- I'm just thankful! I hope you all treasure this day with your friends and family!

Day 25-I'm thankful for my GPS to navigate my way around this amazing city! I'm also thankful every time I learn my way around without it. (For those of you who actually know me, know that's a big deal.)

Day 26-I'm thankful for God's protection & healing for my friend's Dad. I'm also thankful for the privilege of being able to pray for those I love!

Day 27- I'm thankful for my Grandparents Ruth & Randy Rigsby! They've been a constant source of love & encouragement. Their unwavering faith in the midst of countless trials never ceases to amaze me!

Day 28-I'm thankful for my Aunts & Uncles! They have been so supportive & loving over the years.

Day 29- I'm thankful for my cousins! They have been more like brothers and sisters to me!

Day 30-I'm thankful for having things and people to be thankful for! I'm most thankful for God's plan and provisions for my life!


I was sad to not be able to go home for Thanksgiving. It was the first year I've ever missed a Holiday with my family. I'm thankful that my sweet friends, Nate & Kelly invited me over. I got up early as usual and made deviled eggs, hash brown casserole, and chocolate pie. It was interesting being on the road by myself driving to Hendersonville instead of with my family or the Warrens. Heather started sending me texts with pics. I've included them & her captions in this post bc they were very much apart of my Thanksgiving memory. (And yes, I did have a little tear shed while in the car, but the rest of the day was absolutely wonderful. It's all about being happy where you are in life. Isn't that what you folks have been screaming at me for years? lol)
 "They have enjoyed talking with Grandaddy today"
 "Hey Aunt Heather"
 "Let the games begin"  Sad to miss the annual Phase 10 game, but family beware...I'll be ready at Christmas!  Congrats Aunt Susie on your win!
"We miss you"

I sent this pic to my sister in law with my caption " Hey family"

The spread...
the desserts had their own table and I forgot to take a pic, but there were enough calories on that table to feed a multitude!

Charlotte Ritchie, Kelly, me, and Stephanie Reece
The guys couldn't handle it. (Seth, Greg Ritchie, Nate, & Landon) They ate until they were miserable and then landed in front of the tv for some football watching.  A couple of them took a good snooze.
Peggy, Nate's mom, and  Jayna and Landon Ritchie

After eating and chatting, we decided to go to Opryland and see the Christmas lights.  It's a definite must see.  I went right after last Christmas and it was still mesmerizing this year!

There was a Dreamworks thing going on this year so we saw a few characters hanging out.  Shrek and Fiona

They were dancing

Glass sculpture inside the lobby of the Hotel

waterfall behind this cool metal screen

Kung Fu Panda
The tallest poinsettia tree ever!

I like the effect I got on this one.

So huge and so beautiful!
Ms Peggy wanted her picture taken with Shrek
After we got back, we decided it was time for dinner.  Ms Peggy was sad that no one ate the token turkey leg so Nate pretended to be taking a bite of the monstrous thing.

I got lots of texts with Happy Thanksgiving and we miss you's that made my day even more special.  Love to you all!