NIFTY FIFTY!!! 7-10-10

I promise I'll get back to posting my crazy June, but I had to share my good news. I finally hit minus 50 pounds!! I hit minus 52 on Saturday to be exact. This is me ready for a wedding. It's actually a bridesmaids dress that I wore 2 years ago and well...looked awful in then. A slimmer me and a black belt turned it into a whole new dress. I have never felt so amazing...I got so many compliments at the wedding and on facebook when I posted the picture there. Thank you to all who have supported me in my journey. A special thanks to my head cheerleader, Whitney Warren Duvall!!! Stay tuned to see what happens between now and my maid of honor dress in September. ;)


Benjamin James Cochran born on June 10th, 2010 to Jenny and Edward Cochran and big sisters Charlotte and Vivian.

I pretty much housesat for the Moorman's every weekend in June. They are so sweet in not minding if I invite the family over to swim and hang out.The splash...

Ella Grace has gotten so brave now! She swims all over the pool with her life jacket on, but by herself. Still hoping Emma will come around.

6-14 Girls Night out Dinner at Bleu Cafe downtown and then on to the movies

apparently my camera has a "tan" option

having a little fun being the only people in the miovie theater on a Monday night

Leave it to Melanie to always make some kind of face...I think she gets tired of me wanting the "perfect picture"

My Bestest

Dain & Lee Beth's wedding 6-19-10 Kristy, me, Emma, and Ella Grace at the reception at Kinderlou Country Club.

sweet friends, Kirby and Taylor

me and Ella Bella having some fun with my camera

prettiest flower girls you've ever seen!!!

just so stinkin cute!

Sam, Kristy, and Baby Annyson in the belly

Love You Kristy! Note to self...don't pick a table to sit at that's right in front of a meat carving station with a heat lamp.
Heat lamp plus hot June day = hot mess!

Taylor loving on Ella Grace

Mr & Mrs Dain Smith at their first dance

Heather and Emma dancing

Heather and Ella Grace dancing

me and my friend, Madison

me and my friend, Matt

My heart couldn't love them anymore! They might have to be junior bridesmaids by the time I get married, but oh how they make my life happy!

Look at the smile on my brother's face! Melts my heart!!!

Me and my sweetie, Brooke

Look at that mouth! priceless. Of course, after I took the picture, I told Gigi to clean her up.

All they wanted to do was dance. So cute!

Being hot won't stop me from taking a pic with my lovie!

Mom seeing our lifelong friend, Donnie Thomas. He coached Chris in tball and football and I cheered with his girls.

Me and the beautiful bride, Lee Beth.

Lee Beth really loves our girls!

The bride and her flower girls

Chris and Heather looking fine!

These two know how to move!

Ella Grace and Emma's feet were disgusting by the end of the night. Hopefully it's not an true indication of the cleanliness of Kinderlou's floors. hehe

I love it when I catch a happy moment going on!

getting some dancing love
Emma dancing with the bride and groom and Ella Grace with Mommy and Daddy.

Gigi with her Grandbabies

yes, she sure did help herself. The funny thing is she didn't eat it. She and Ella Grace just wanted a "cheese sandwich".

Me and the groom

Stephen and Brooke Cross...truly sweet people! I can't wait to go to Statesboro and hang out with them! :)

Brittney Thomas Folsom and Emma. I can't believe B is all grown up, married, and has a sweet little girl and another on the way!

the night is young and they still wanted to dance!

Lee Beth was having an even better time now that she changed into her going away dress.

LB starting her own train

Ella Grace getting her bubbles ready

Brittney and her baby girl, Allie

Majorly hot, but I couldn't resist taking a pick with Tara

precious! Brooke and Emma waiting outside on Dain and LB to come out to their limo.

Such loving brother and sister duo! Kyle and Mary Kellerman

Thanks for being a great big brother!

Delta Chi brothers

I wonder how many times on average I use the words sweet or cute to describe pics with my nieces?

The Ladies striking the hip pose

You just have to laugh! I dared my brother's fraternity brothers to do it. Great end to a great day!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELANIE!!! We celebrated her birthday at the house on 6-21-10

I love you Mel! You are such a great, true friend. I can't wait for your big birthday next year!

Amanda and Mel

so now this is becoming a trend and so much fun!
now for the pretty picture

The Chef's for the evening, Dan and Ashley

oyesters Rockefeller, fried green tomatoes, and stuffed mushrooms...oh my!!!

Gotta love slf timers! I look Chinese cause I was laughing so hard!

We like pink, oh yes we do!

I caught him giving his Mama a birthday kiss!

her favorite

Happy Mama and her babies

Mel got a new bike with baby seat for her birthday. She was so excited that she decided to strap Mills in and go for a ride.

Amanda's Big 30 at Bleu Cafe 6-22-10

Great threesome
Sweet wife and hubby...actually a few days before their 1 year wedding anniversary

the other sweet wife and hubby

happy about her cake...just like she wanted it. It was also a long walk for me from the kitchen holding the very heavy cake so I'm sure the anticipation was building.

My birthday present to her. There's one polka dot missing off the top layer in this pic...her brother, Matt thought it was chocolate and took him a big ole bite. He quickly learned what fondant was and was not so happy. haha

Matt with his taco and chocolate cake togo plate.

The whole gang

The hostesses at Kasey Jones' baby shower on June 26th. Christy, me, Mommy to be, Katie, and Rachel
Check out the yummy breakfast spread and the pretty flower arrangement from Valdosta Greenhouses.

So thankful to be in Kasey and Baby Girl Jones' lives. I will get the name out of her before she has her at some point!!!!

Baby Girl Jones should feel blessed.
Hilarious...explaining what one of her presents was to Rachel.

So happy.

The swing was the Hostess gift from me, Katie, Rachel, and Christy. Right about now, Kasey is explaining to her mom that it has pink and blue on it so it can be used for now and later. So funny. I can't wait to get Kasey converted to absolutely loving pink!!!

Opening her "perfectly" wrapped present from her mom. It was one of those things I would have never taken out of the package. hehe
Some of the girls at the end of the shower had to tell Baby Girl Jones goodbye.
My BFF, Stacey. I absolutely love this pic of us.
Lauren, me, and Candace(aka Dixie)
Kristy and Annyson Warren at their shower on June 27th.
The cute cake my Mom got for the shower.
So funny how they change...I made this exact spinach dip in October of last year and they wouldn't go near the spinach, but today, they ate it up!
The girls started out the shower by watching "The Lion King" in Gigi's bed.
I couldn't pass up an opportunity to take a pic with my sister in law.
Katherine was still putting the finishing touches of Annyson's baby bedding during the shower so of course I had to document it.

I just love Aunt Susie's face in the corner of this picture. The baby blanket was made by one of her friends. She got lots of really cool handmade items.
The girls continued to "sort of" take turns opening presents.
Such sweet little outfits for what I know will be a sweet little girl.

Checking out her Hospital survival kit from Brandy.
The girls were so excited to help Kristy open her presents. Kristy was a really good sport about it too. Hopefully the right people will be thanked for the right gift since you could imagine how chaotic it was.
opening her presents
Kristy was talking to Aunt Clair and just looking so cute holding her belly
Kristy and Emma (she had cake in her mouth, but I still thought it was a cute pic!
I love you Kristy and can't wait to meet Annyson!
Best Friends Forever...Sharon and Aunt Susie
The Hostesses minus Alicia...Lacy, Patsy, Mommy to be, Heather, and Elizabeth
Kristy and Mary Bennett
I heart my Aunt Clair! I was so glad she got to come to Valdosta. Now if only I had my house cleaned, she could've come to see it. Next time for sure! Love.

Along with all of these things, I have been viciously working on getting vendors for Merry Marketplace, working at my actual job, and trying to maintain my friendships. So forgive me that these posts are behind.

I'm gonna see if this video of Ella Grace will load. She was prissing it in her bathing suit. If the sound works, ignore my country voice.