Brooke's family and I rode over to Waycross to see our friends, Christy and Daniel and their family. Brooke, Christy, and me
Robbie and his sweet baby Karsyn

Lydia, Daniel, and Christy. I love this family. They are such good godly influences in my life and have such compassionate hearts!

Christy and her new baby, Lilah, and Brooke with her new baby, Karsyn. I always thought I'd be the one pregnant at the same time as Brooke, but I guess God has other plans for me. It's so funny how we've all had someone in our little group to go with a certain stage in our lives together. I guess I'll just be getting Christy's kids to babysit mine. Haha

Lydia with her baby sister, Lilah

Christy, among other things, is a really good cook and baker.

The boys manning the grill.

Me with Karsyn

Brooke cutting Lilah's fingernails. Poor Christy cut her one time and has never wanted to do it again.

Landon playing with his baby sister.

Lilah passed out on her Daddy's chest.

The babies playing with each other

Karsyn working on sitting up.

Look at that smile from Lilah. It was a great end to a great day! I love you guys!

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