NIFTY FIFTY!!! 7-10-10

I promise I'll get back to posting my crazy June, but I had to share my good news. I finally hit minus 50 pounds!! I hit minus 52 on Saturday to be exact. This is me ready for a wedding. It's actually a bridesmaids dress that I wore 2 years ago and well...looked awful in then. A slimmer me and a black belt turned it into a whole new dress. I have never felt so amazing...I got so many compliments at the wedding and on facebook when I posted the picture there. Thank you to all who have supported me in my journey. A special thanks to my head cheerleader, Whitney Warren Duvall!!! Stay tuned to see what happens between now and my maid of honor dress in September. ;)


Bechtel Family said...

You look great! Love that you recycled your bridesmaid dress! So pretty!

Hannah Hoffmann said...

Oooh, hot mama! I give you major points for actually re-using a bridesmaid dress and doing it so nicely. You look lovely.