A whole new world...

10-2-11 After the Mom's left, the house was so quiet! I wasn't even sure what to do next. (I guess I got used to having the Boss around ;). Thankfully, The Isaac's had a show in downtown Nashville so I met Malinda, Kelly, and Nate at Cantina Laredo for lunch afterwards. Then they came to see the new house.
Nate said he was helping us move. lol He was so nice to come last week and help hang a shelf and move some boxes before he had to leave out for the weekend.
10-5-11 My first day of work I would call this initiation day! I went in at 12 to meet with the boss and then did massage on my coworkers from 1:30-8. They were supposed to be telling me if there was anything I should do differently as far as the routine things we are supposed to do during each massage. I was happy to meet some of my other coworkers & give them much needed massages. I was just exhausted at the end of the day! When I left Valdosta, I was doing 18-25 massages per week. They were just in the form of 2-3 in the morning and 2-3 in the afternoon with lots of time in between. At the spa, I work Mon 8am-2pm, off Tuesday, Wed-Fri 2pm-8pm, Sat 8am-2pm, and off Sunday. I love the freedom I have before and after work. It's just going to take my body some time to adjust to working 6 hour shifts. :) I do love being booked and not having to worry about scheduling clients. It's crazy how people here don't have any qualms about spending money to take care of themselves. Also, on my 3rd day of work, I was sent to a celebrity's home to do a massage. How cool!!! Then the next day, I got to work on another one in the spa. I'm not star struck...I just think it's so cool that I'm getting to do something I'd never have gotten the chance to do in Valdosta.

So after moving and a new super busy work body has been aching! Nothing like taking multiple epsom salt baths. No, I didn't use it for the first suggested use on the bag!
10-7-11 The epic Valdosta vs Lowndes game...I knew I would miss the first part of it on tv because of work so I DVR'd it. The Cats winning in the last minute of the game...priceless!!! So glad they broke the 7 year streak!

A great video I found on fb/youtube after the game! I loved seeing the police car come escorting the team. It was a flash of memories of my Dad. I loved watching the rest and reminiscing about high school. The traditions of VHS will live on forever. I instantly was drawn back to my days there!
10-8-11 My first TN party and this guy was in the yard when we pulled up! Perfect!!!
I'm so thankful for Raeanna!! It was cool meeting all her MD friends. Icing on top of the cake was that UGA beat TN!!!
Great day! Loved seeing Malcom Mitchell #26 playing for UGA and being able to brag to the TN folks that he went to my high school!
One of the meals I made during the week. It looked so pretty I had to take a picture. No, not so healthy, but homemade non the less.
10-11-11 Jeffery had a meeting in Goodletsville, TN this week which is about 35 minutes north of Nashville. Allison & I spent the afternoon shopping and met Jeffrey after his meeting for dinner. Center Point Bbq was what he wanted to eat.
I had the best time hanging out with my childhood pal, Allison. Thanks for helping me find some great deals on some black clothes for work. Next time, I'll make sure we take a picture at the beginning of the day instead of the end.
One of our great waitresses. This hole in the wall restaurant in Hendersonville has good food and great service! Jeffrey snapped her pic and told her it would be on the internet. Her response, "cool."

Sweet & Sassy bbq sauce fits me perfectly, don't ya think?

When J said he wanted bbq & that he'd been to this place for lunch, I asked him if they had mac n cheese. This wasn't quite what I was looking for. It was like neon orange!!! I asked the owner what the deal was. He said they use a top quality cheddar cheese that's been made in a powder. Now, I grew up on box Kraft mac n cheese, but this was a bit much. He said if you add too much of the powder, it turns this color. It did taste good, but the color was stopping me from enjoying it at all. J & A made lots of jokes in the car on the way to Sweet CeCe's for dessert. The best one was..."Orange you glad your mac n cheese doesn't look like this?
One of my clients in Valdosta got me this frame. It has a perfect spot in my bathroom. I had to post it because it's so true and it makes me smile every time I see it. It especially makes me giggle about #3 since I love mac & cheese!
10-12-11 my first paycheck...


So after my last post, God broke out His "I'll show you" character. The sermon at my church today was on Faith & the Sunday School lesson was on faith! The Scripture reference was Exodus 3:1-14 and 4:1-4 We had a guest speaker named Tim Miller. Starting tomorrow, you can find the video of the service online at He basically started off by getting us to think about situations that we've planned out and they haven't gone the way we thought they would. He also wanted us to think about times when we've had good intentions, but made poor decisions. Moses had good intentions to be used by God, but made a poor decision in killing an Egyptian which changed everything. In these passages, God proves over and over that He is who He says He is and He will have His purpose accomplished. Our sin has been covered by the blood of Christ and it's grace that allows us to press forward. His basic message was Grow in grace, gain more knowledge of Jesus, and apply His truth. (I know this post might not make a whole lot of sense so just go watch the sermon online.) It was really good. He ended by asking us to walk up to a table. The table had Faith spelled out in mustard seeds. We were to take one. The Praise team ended out the service by singing "waiting here for you" by Christy of my favorites!

The seeds were so small that I couldn't even just pick up one. I grabbed two and this is what they look like in the middle of my hand. Matthew 17:20 says "He replied, Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith, as small as a mustard seed, you can say to the mountain, "Move from here to there" and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

Adventures in Moving...

When Uncle Miley pulled up with this Uhaul, the moving suddenly all became very REAL. After months of planning and packing, the big days had arrived. We had some hiccups with the driving of the truck plans, but I had some great friends and family step in to help. Of course it was another test of my patience and anxiety levels which I failed miserably. However, I can look back now and see how God had it all worked out for everyone's benefit. Personal side note: you know, I know I'm supposed to be this super strong Christian that has faith to move mountains. I just wonder if ANY ONE human being ever gets to the point that they are so in sync with the Lord that the hiccups of life don't ever test them?? Yes, I want to be so in line with my Heavenly Father that when a trial comes, I won't stress over it. (After all, I know it's pointless to stress and I know that He is in control & His plans are always better than mine.) I just wonder if that ever fully happens on this earth??
Second side note: I should probably fully write all the details of the move, but I just don't have it in me. lol
Heather sent me this pic via text and said Ella Grace was waiving to me. How sweet is that? I am enjoying being in Nashville. I haven't been sad at all about not being in Valdosta, except when I think about my precious nieces. I know they love me and that makes all the difference in the world.
9-30-11 Raeanna, Aunt Susie, and Aunt Clair at dinner. I'm so thankful that Aunt Clair was here all week to help us get settled. Even though she was THE BOSS (yes I called her that to her face), I now know we would've been in major trouble without her. She got us to get so much done that there wasn't near as much stuff that needed to be done when mom and Aunt Susie got here. That turned out great in that we could really visit with them while they were here.
So thankful my Mom could come help me get settled and see where I'd be living and working.
Dinner at Cabana with the family! This was at the end of a long day of unpacking :)
The first time I opened the door to my new house with my key.
Well, I had to give the Ladies a chance to taste a few of the yummy cupcakes from GiGi's.
Happy Birthday to my Mama! A red velvet cupcake from GiGi's and a new Pandora charm from Steel's. (PS-if I ever move again...make a list of where you put the important things that you think you put in a special place where you KNOW you'll be able to find them. LOL At least a list will be one thing to help you keep up with all the multiple things you NEED. I had one bag that was filled with stuff that didn't need to be packed, papers for work and birthday cards and such. I went to Steel's before I left and bought a few pre-presents. We went out to dinner for Mom's birthday after I spent the entire day racking my brain about where I put the coveted Steel's bag. Thank goodness I found it before they left. It was in the bin underneath my bed with my purses.)
A war wound of moving! SOOOO moving is not for the faint of heart. In fact, there are only a few reasons I would even remotely think about doing it again! Totally worth all the pain and chaos now, but then...not so much! I have never been so sore!
10-1-11 We took the Ladies to Burger Up. It's actually at the end of our street and a super popular place to eat. The food is amazing!
My precious Aunt Clair and my awesome cousin Raeanna
The front of "The Clean Plate Club"
Aunt Susie has prepared countless Sunday lunches for the family. Some folks in the fam have bigger eyes than their stomachs and have a hard time cleaning their plate. (not that it's a requirement) We hardly ever have dessert, but the "joke" is that if you don't clean your plate, you don't get dessert. This catering company was across from the restaurant and we had to have a picture.
Just when you think you have too much stuff...a new house and a new city says you need a good trip to Target :) The Mama'a helped us hang pics and organize our belongings. I cooked breakfast for dinner for everyone. It was my first time cooking with gas. I was also a little intimidated cooking for the Southern Ladies, but it all turned out well. We chatted a little and then it was off to bed. I was so tired I slept in on Sunday am until right before the Mama's left. Basically, I got up and they hugged me goodbye. I didn't really have time to process them leaving which was a blessing. The visit was too short so I'll be looking forward to the next one!!!

Justin & Brandy's Baby Shower

Brandy & Justin McCrary had a wonderful couples baby shower on 9-24-11 at Sam & Kristy's home.

Justin's normal stance...he was actually being super helpful picking up the gifts from Brandy and taking them into the other room. I think he was just secretly excited and wanted to see all the baby girl's new stuff.

The little socks I bought Anabella. They are so stinking cute!
Katherine Freeman, Tara Purvis, Julie McCrary, and Emily Tillman

Kirby & Trista

This was right before I started crying when I was hugging a few ladies goodbye. lol

Brandy and the hostesses


9-24-11 The Girls Birthday Party at Jumpin JacksOne of the loves of my life. Ella Grace- you are so precious to me. I love how much of a "Butler" you really are! You will always have a huge place in my heart no matter how near or far away we are from each other. Happy Birthday!!!
Emma-the other love of my life. Thank you for being so loving. You might be a twin, but you are truly one of a kind. You also will always hold a huge place in my heart no matter how near or far away we are from each other. Happy Birthday!!!
Kristy's a big kid! AND a really great Aunt!!!

Note to all family: take pics with kiddos before you introduce them to the room full o' fun. haha

Cousins having fun!!! Emma, Halle May, and Ethan

EG and Bubba
He's such a big boy
Emma loves babies-especially her cousin Annyson
Grandma and Annyson
Karlee and Adilyn
Ella Grace getting some birthday spankings
I love the smile on her Daddy's face!
Mary Bennett sliding head first
Annyson sliding
Bubba running in the little kids bounce house
She wanted to take a minute to pose. Love this girl!
Sweet moment EG and Kristy
Emma loves Lee Beth
GiGi can't get enough baby love
Aunt Susie who says she feels old sometimes was able to hold her own running around the bounce houses and going up the slides with Bubba and Annyson. Did I mention she borrowed Ella Grace's socks???? If only! (Have I mentioned that I have trouble fully embracing your name of Grandma?? I think I can call mom GiGi and it's no biggie since no one else in our family has that name. However, since my Grandma, your mom, is still living, it's weird to me to write your name as Grandma. I also like to think that I have lots of blog readers (lol) and I'd hate to confuse them. hehe )
I hate that I didn't get the full action shot. Bubba was having so much fun going down the big slide. I think Aunt Susie was having fun too.
Annyson was being like the big girls and wasn't too interested in taking time out from the fun to take a picture. Also, if Heather wasn't my sister in law, I think I'd have to hate her. She's so beautiful!!!!!

Pizza, sierra mist (yuck), and cupcakes

Blowing out her candle. We sang to her first since she was the first born. I think she likes telling people she was born 1 minute before Emma.
Emma concentrating on her cupcakes. Maybe she was making a strategy for blowing out the candle, thinking about her wish, or deciding which ring topper/cupcake icing color she wanted.

Maybe I shouldn't be working on this post while I'm feeling emotional/sentimental. You may look at this pic and see a messy hand and soon to be messy face, but all I see is those amazingly beautiful eyes.
Talent!!!! And yes, I could kiss that sweet face for days!
This face too! I love my family!!! Chubby cheeks eating pizza and all.
She was so excited about getting a new purse
Piggy banks from Aunt Heather EG was not wanting to be still long enough for a pic, but she was excited when she first pulled the piggy out of the bag. I put $5 in coins in each of them.
I get them a movie for every occasion.

Sweet little girls
What a beautiful family!
Bubba checking out his party bag.