Let the birthday fun begin! (It's 7 days from my birthday incase anyone was wondering). Maybe I should get to celebrate for 29 days since that's how old I'm turning?? I got one of the best presents ever today!!!! One of my clients gave me her tickets for the very first homegame of the season. I'm spending Labor Day weekend in Athens!!! I am so pumped... I cannot even fully explain!

Jalepeno Hot July

7-3-10 It started off as a beautiful month. I did a lot of housesitting again so there were lots of opps for pretty days by the pool.
Driving back out to Stone Creek later that afternoon...just love it when God shows His handiwork.

Stacey invited me out to her neighborhood for their 4th of July celebration. If you didn't already know this, I LOVE fireworks. There is something so beautiful and captivating about them. I didn't take any more pics this night because I got a little car got stuck in the mud and had to be pulled out. Good times.

7-4-10 Emma having fun in the pool.
My beautiful sister in law trying to soak up some rays.

Our little adventurer, Ella Grace

so happy

7-5-10 So Monday, I told Stacey I would help her take down the awful plaid wallpaper in her kitchen. This is her crawling out from behind the fridge. It wouln't pull out enough so she crawled back there. It was funny to me.

I bought a baby watermelon at the grocery store for us to enjoy.

Hard at work. What was easy and looked simple one moment, turned into a very long process the next. Seriously, why do people hang wallpaper? She

7-10-10 Jeanna Clinkscales and Andy Ganas' wedding at the Crescent. This is Katherine, me and Brandy waiting for the ceremony to start. There had just been a downpour so it was hot and muggy.

Sam and Charlie sharing an umbrella.

The ceremony. It was dry all the way up until the last few minutes.

awe, sweet!

Hilarious! Even at 25-30 years old, the "boys" are still seperated from the girls. At one point, I asked one of them where his wife was and he said I don't know. lol

Amanda, and her little baby bump, me, Emily Tillman, Megan, and Emily Copeland

God bless my red face with my hot pink dress. Maybe I should move away from the South cause me and the heat just don't do well together! Me and sweet Jeanna at the reception. I was so glad to be apart of her day!

Cousin hip action. haha Can't wait til Whitney comes to town and we all take a picture together.

Katherine, me and Kristy

Sam and Emily, friends forever!

I couldn't resist. I can't wait to meet Annyson.

The three Preggos...Trista, Kristy, and Tara

Tara was extra sweet to me this night!

I couldn't not get a picture with my boyfriend, Jake. haha. He was so complimentary of me as were a lot of people this night. God definitely blessed me and encouraged me that all my hard work was paying off.

I love that Emily and I can be so honest with each other about what's going on in our lives and know that there's no judgement from either of us!

Mr and Mrs Ganas

Joey and Trista and their little baby to be

7-15-10 A trip to Tally with Stacey to pick up her wedding dress. I won't go into all the horrible details about how the place did not have her dress done and we ended up having to spend hours waiting on it. I'll just say that if/when I buy a wedding dress, it won't be from this place! During our killing time, we went to the mall and I thought it would be funny for me to sit in a massage chair at the Brookstone store.

Horrible picture, but a good memory...we were trying on all the big floppy hats in Dillards.

At the end of a long day, we went back to the bridal store and waited some more. We were polite...after all they still had possession of the dress.

Now, we had the dress and the corporate manager who happened to be in the store and give me her email address, will be getting an email.
7-16-10 I went to St Augustine to spend some time with my friend, Tina. I also had a blind date while I was there. This is me dressed up for the date. Side note: the guy was super nice and cute, but didn't believe in God, so it was a short lived affair. That I know of, I've only met 3 people who didn't believe in God. I guess that's what living in the Bible belt will do for ya.

We spent all day Saturday at the beach. My pics are a little out of order, but you wouldn't have known except for me telling you. Tina thought it was funny that I wanted to lay on the beach on my towel instead of in a chair. I told her..It's my favorite place to be.

Look at the waves. They were so strong, it was like getting a major leg workout trying to stay around where our stuff was.

They were incredible.

Friday night after dinner, we walked around historic St Augustine. Mo, Tina's boyfriend, decided he'd ride the cannon.
We chose to be a little more civilized. haha
Saturday night, all dressed up and ready for dinner. We went to a restaraunt named Creekside. It's a sister restaraunt to Salt Water Cowboys. (it's a big local place) The food was amazing and we sat outside by a lake and heard some good tunes.

Mo and Tina at dinner

Missy got there on Sunday night and we got to hang out for a little while until I left on Monday. It was definitely a fantastic weekend.

7-22-10 Kristy on the am that baby Annyson will arrive. Looking really good I might add!
Sam was in a great mood too. He was ready to become a Daddy.

Aunt Susie and Kim were so giddy that they were going to become Grandma and Nonnie today.

Last pic of just the two of them.

SO sweet. I was glad to be able to be apart of this special moment.

Not so patiently waiting in the waiting room. This was where it was said that this was harder on us than it was on Kristy. Yeah right! Still a funny moment!

Jay had his very own, "I'm gonna be an Uncle" song that he was singing to himself. The Warren family grows today.

Sam's first interaction with Annyson.

Taking off his surgery scrubs. Notice Teresa Johnson's (the Midwife) t-shirt in the background. It was Dr Hank Moseley's birthday so some of the other Dr's had these shirts on...a hunk's body and Hank's face. Funny!

Annyson getting cleaned up. She wasn't so happy about it.

Hand over his heart...I love it. Just a few moments later in the recovery room, Sam said, "It's amazing that you can fall in love with something that quick".
Justin came to see the new Daddy!

Jay calling his friends to tell them he's an Uncle. So stinking sweet!
Nonnie calling her friends.

already finding her fingers
Ok I'm pretty tired now. Could you please stop all that flash photography?

Jay and happy!

Grandma checking her out. Sam was burping her after her first feeding.

SO tiny!

sweet brother moment

Snuggling with Annyson

I believe Whitney's comment to this picture was to tell her mom "I'm proud that she could compose herself long enough to hold her grandbaby."

I know Uncle Stanley was smiling the biggest of smiles in Heaven over this moment!

the grandmas checking Annyson out

Kimbo's turn to get some love

Kim and Marty, Kristy's parents with Annyson

Marty's turn with his grandbaby

look how tiny!

Proud Uncle Jay!

He looks like a natural

She was a little fussy for a brief moment so I was trying to pat her.

Look at that mouth! It got lots of kisses this day!

"Aunt" Katherine came to visit

Grandma Susie's turn again

So happy.

Bo and "Aunt" Janae came to see her too.

I mean look at that precious face!

Mama and Daddy are both TIRED! (ok, don't kill me for posting this)

Aunt Patsy came to see Annyson

Aunt Heather really loves you! You already know how much I like pics and conveniently moved your hands so we could have a moment. Smart Annyson!

Patsy and Annyson

7-21-10 The flowers for my Uncle's wedding arrived at the hotel. Somehow??? I said I would meet them at their arrival and cut their stems and get them in water. Did I mention there were 1500 stems to be cut???????

The bathtub filled up quickly
So we went to using the other sinks and trashcans in the room.

Got an industrial trashcan from the cleaning people.

The minibar sink was full too!

Noelle wanted me to send her pics of the flowers/progress. I thought I'd throw this one in there. I was so frazzled I completly forgot I had a lunch date with my friend Bonnie. Thankfully, she brought me a salad and even stayed and helped!

My sweet, sister in law, came to help too. At this point my fingers were raw.

5 Hours later! I had to cancel my 2 massage appointments that afternooon.

7-22-10 When Noelle and her friends got into the hotel that night, they got a little sleep and then got busy making arrangements for the wedding.

Noelle with the candelabra

7-23-10 Popping some advil with her coffee at the brunch at Jessie's Eats & Treats

Logan was as wild as usual.

The rehearsal at Park Avenue United Methodist Church in Valdosta

Scott and his best man. He wanted to get married on the 23rd, which was a Friday, because it was the date of his accident. Now he has a great memory about July 23rd!

Grandma and Grandaddy lighting the unity candle.

I couldn't resist snapping a quick one of my sweet Uncle.

First Dance at their reception at the Loft in Downtown Valdosta. Logan wanted in and it didn't seem to phase either of them.

The cousins were ready to dance

They aren't big smilers, but they are PRECIOUS Grandparents. Grandma gave me a little smirk. Grandaddy told me after the photo that he doesn't have any teeth to smile's making me giggle as I type.

My cousin Tara and her nephew, Bubba. Tara just got back from overseas serving our country as a Doctor.

Lacy and me

Love my little cousin, Jay

Chris and Heather Butler taking a minute to pose. I think Aunt Susie was trying to capture the moment too.

I aim to look like my sister in law...hehe

Mary Bennett and Emma dancing...hilarious

They made their own fun.

My sweet Uncle Miley and Aunt Clair

The grooms cake.

UGA's tongue got demolished by one of the little ones. So funny!

My Grandaddy's twin brother, Uncle Rudy, his wife Dot and her daughter, Beverly

I like how the light highlighted this picture. I could kiss both of them!

My mini me

Grandma, Noelle, and Grandaddy

Me and happy Bubba.

Bubba was enjoying my plate

Cousin Ray dancing with his daughter, Mary Bennett

Ella Grace's turn with Mommy

the centerpiece for the reception table

Listening to the toasts

She wanted to take lots of pics with me so of course I obliged:)

The kids looked like vulchers! They wanted some cake.

Redo pic since I put up my nappy hair. Did I mention 96 degree weather and a cocktail dress and me don't mix?

Aunt Susie was Logan's official babysitter for the day. I think she was worn out at the end of the night.

The bridesmaids bouquet

I never got the story about this if it was a gift from someone or one Scott already had. Either way, it's him crossing the finish line in the Kona, Hawaii Ironman!

Look at those beautiful flowers!!!

Uncle Miley and Aunt Clair dancing warmed my heart

Me with the happy couple at the end of the night

Mr and Mrs Rigsby

view of the lake at my friend's house while we were walking/running.

Ella Grace and Emma went to meet baby Annyson.

she looks a little unsure of the situation. ha

Aunt Brooke, Kristy's sister, and Emma

Emma loves, make that, LOVES babies.

7-26-10 Excuse my running attire, but I had to stop by and get a little Annyson sugar

Love her!

sucking on her Mama's finger while Aunt Brooke changed her very stinky diaper.

7-30-10 Leaving to go to the big city of Jesup(insert giggle) for Brian and Stacey's wedding shower. Max loves his Daddy. I don't think he was too happy about me being in the back seat.

Stacey in her usual car ride pose

7-31-10 Getting a pedicure before the shower

I was super happy to be out of town and away from my life's responsibilities.

Brian and Stacey in front of the Rose Cottage

Awe young love!

her little cousin Corbett

Let the fun begin. Stacey doesn't like being the center of attention so she was glad to make Brian help open the presents.

I told her don't be surprised if some of her presents (with B's) went missing.

So cute and happy!

Brian, with his "guy" gift from his soon to be brother and sister in law

almost the whole Ladies bridal party...Shawna, me(maid of honor), Stacey(bride), and Danielle(Matron of Honor)

Stacey and her Mama, Patti

Stacey and her brother, Steven

Stacey and Shawna

Love my Best Friend, Stacey!

Stafcey's wedding gift table at "Linens Plus" in Jesup. Almost everything was bought! She was so excited.

Candace, her sister in law, was our driver and Stacey's mom was along for the ride!

Shopping in the big city of Jesuop after her shower. Of course, I found plenty to buy!

She wanted to look at all her presents again. This is her everyday table setup.

Good ole PG fun!!! I won Phase 10 and Stacey won dominoes.

The boys and their pups being chill.