Probably my only New Year's Resolution that I will publically announce is that I am going to try to keep my blog updated. I realize I haven't posted for December, but I'm in Nashville, TN for a vacation and I don't have my computer to upload the pics. I might also say that I'm going to take whatever comes or doesn't come in 2011 as a blessing from God and live the best I can with what He gives me or doesn't. I pray you all have a great night whatever you end up doing to bring in the New Year. I also pray that God blesses us all with a better year than the one before! Happy New Year! Love, Heather!!!!

Oh What a December!!!

12-1 A great way to start off the month...Bible Study Christmas Brunch and a surprise baby shower for McCree. Thanks to Cindy Ganas, our wonderful leader, for hosting!
McCree listening to her Mom tell a story about her.
So excited for her baby bag full of goodies with Frank's name on it.
Frank Deming Woodall will be her sweet little boy's name...after her Daddy!
12-3 Sandra Wilcher's annual Christmas Party Robbie and Brooke Strickland finally got to join in the festivities this year!
Patty and Marty Vedas

Brad Ridge and Ashley Tye
April Harrell, Kelle Setser, and Laine Craven
Sherri Willis and Angie Gilbert
laughing at some special gifts that were opened
The present I opened that I knew would get stolen!!!!!
How many people does it take to put together a Santa Card holder
Michael took his turn
Kelly and baby #2
Scott and Lance relaxing after the cleanup was over.
Sandra and Sherri
Love our photo session after everyone leaves. Love you my friend!

12-4 Nieces Day Out First stop:Daylight Donuts...Ella Grace with her chocolate donut and chocolate milk
Emma and her plain donut and apple juice
A sweet little old lady took our picture

Next on to gymnastics:
Emma doing her jumps
Ella Grace patiently waiting her turn
Bubble time...the best pic I could get trying to get them both in the same frame while they are jumping around.
Playtime at the house...Ella Grace changed into her pj's and then her Jessie outfit and then back into her clothes.
Our attempt at good pics

Playing with the stuffed animal that a certain exboyfriend now best guy friend gave me in the 8th grade! Oh the memories!
They really do play well together
Hungry Hungry Hippos...When you are an Aunt, you can't let your competitive side take over. haha
Heather and I took them to the movie theater for the first time. They were really excited about seeing Tangled and their personal popcorn and sprite.
Not interested in having her pic taken
Our little movie/tv girl. She was so precious. Every once in a while during the movie, she would lean over and say, "This is so cool" or "I love this". It made my heart all warm and fuzzy that I could share in the experience with her.
12-7 The Girls School Christmas Program
They each had a little speaking part in telling the story of Christmas.

Ella Grace really got into the moves of the songs. It was hilarious!
I think that little boy thought I was taking his pic too. hehe
Showing that they learned the sounds the letters make.

12-11 Our Dad's sweet friends, Trudy and Elaine, came for their annual visit. The Butler clan got together to eat with them at Smokin Pig and then we went to hang out at Chris and Heather's and then to show off Mom's Christmas decor. We stopped by my office to take pics bc we forgot to earlier. Then it was off to do some shopping.
So cool to be friends with the Chief of Police in Rome, GA, Elaine Snow.
Thank goodness for a timer on my camera...although it seldom makes for a really great picture, usually just a funny memory. I loved every minute hanging out with these Ladies!
12-11 Friend Quality Time with Stacey! A little Texas Roadhouse and then on to the movies.
12-17 Ernie Haase and Signature Sound were in concert in Jacksonville FL doing their Christmas show. I love the look on Ernie's face!
My best guy friend, Devin McGlamery, doing what he does best!!
Devin and Doug playing along during the Mr Grinch song
Wayne takes his turn to sing with the guys. Wonder how many Dove/Grammy awards he'll win this year?
Looking good in his suit he bought while in Germany on tour.
They blend so nicely!
Apparently, Devin has a new thing for striped socks as his tradition on stage.

I thought this was a cool picture of Zak, the drummer.
Brooke and I during intermission.
Best Friends Forever
Love you, D!
My new friend Zak after the concert.
Kim, Devin's sister, me, and his Mom, Sandra.
Devin's parents, Don and Sandra. I rode to the concert with them just like old times.
Kim, Elyssa, and Sandra
Devin, me, and Doug after the show
12-19 Sunday School Christmas Party at the Davis' farm The guys did a little skeet shooting. Here's Matt Lawrence getting it done.
Kristin manning the shooter
Patrick Hill helping the little boys with the bb guns.
Checking out their accomplishments
Tanner Day eating a grape with a huge smile.
Kim Bolton and her two pretty girls.
Our Grill Masters, Patrick Hill and Jeremy Davis
Our amazing Sunday School teachers, Jeff and Stephanie Summers
Paul and Misty Watkins and their sweet twin boys
My sweet friend, Ashley Fielding.
The kids figured out that the microphone was on and the silliness began!

Time for Smores...

Happy Anniversary to Scott and Cara Goodin

Jeremy reading the Christmas story
playing on the iPhone
Jeremy had asked me to lead in some Christmas carols (he thinks I sing well for some reason). Fortunately, most people left before this could occur. Paul Day played guitar and his wife Lisa sang with me.
12-20 Christmas Party with a couple of my childhood friends. We went to see this amazing house in Brookfield, GA with lights galore. You actually drive through the property.

I was trying to focus on the cross at the top of the tree, but my camera focused on the closer lights. I still think it's a cool shot.
So this picture doesn't do this house justice, but let me tell you it was amazing. It was a musical lights show. You tune your radio to a station and the lights dance along with the music. It's on Guest Rd and you can park and watch right across the street at the Water Plant. A must see!
Chaz and Kari Anne
Allsion decided to put us all in a sugar coma with two types of sweet fondue and every side item to dip imaginable.
Jeffrey letting me pick my fondue stick...and a closer look at the goodies on the table. We actually ended up eating potato chips to kill some of the sweetness. I was so tired after a crazy day of massage and selling gift cards and eating a little sugar that I wasn't sure I'd make it home. :)
Allsion, me, and Kari Anne. Love you Guys! A great night was had by all.
12-21 Christmas with Stacey. The bad thing about working late is when your friends get off at 5 and head home to cook you dinner, they get in their comfy clothes. This is Stacey hiding behind her present.
Clearly, I work in my comfy clothes so I fit right in. I love this picture of her husband, Brian, in the background chowing down on some food.
12-23 Another Christmas Party, but definitely a little more fab than the others. Our sweet hostesses Emily Copeland and Megan Welch
Morgan Barry and Amanda Miller
Maurie Tarpley and Jennifer Stump
me and Lacey Stephens
SO thankful sweet Brooks Vizzini was in town for he Holidays. That precious girl just makes my heart smile everytime we get together.
The Emily's
Maggie Ferguson and me
Most of all the Ladies
12-24 3rd annual Christmas Eve with the Moormans. The boys were really excited about their Marshmellow shooters
Mills, Bay, and Ashton

Ashton was really excited about getting Dispicable Me

Mills also excited about Toy Story 3.

Bay got the latest Shrek movie.
I love these boys!

Thanks to Melanie and Ashley for always being great, supportive friends!
Already watching a movie...
Christmas Day at the Grandparents in Camilla, GA (well technically Pebble City) We started playing Phase 10 after lunch about 4 years ago. 3 Years ago, my Uncle Scott said he would get a plaque so we could honor the winners. After a couple of years of prodding...he showed up to Christmas with trophies for the winners. I won Christmas 2008, and Thanksgiving and Christmas 2009. No such luck for this year. I think I got a little prideful :)
Noelle and me. Shs said she thought she looked a little Elvis ish inthis pic which I think is a little funny.
My Aunt Ann...God Bless her! I don't know how much time she spends on the desserts for the Holidays, but we all love her for it!
sweet moment
I got them to sit still long enough for a pic.
GiGi's babies
Heather and her baby

Her Daddy getting all her sugar
Ella Grace approved of Aunt Ann's fudge!
Do work, son!

Aunt Susie's sort of sad face for not having a trophy yet.
Ella Grace with Grandaddy, Heather, and Emma

Love My Lacy! Can't wait for our Holiday tradition at your house tonight!
Just a little glimpse of the chaos that ensues at present time.
Me and Bubbalicious
Charlie and Kennedy playing with their new stationary kit
Jay reading Mary Bennett a story. So Sweet!
Love you Aunt Ann!
Chris playing with Bubba

Uh huh caught in the middle of what was probably a really good story!
Love my Aunt Clair too!
Thanks for my trophies Scott!
Aunt Clair with her grandaughter, Rae.
Daddy/Daughter time
Christmas night at the Butler House Ella Grace wearing their stockings as shoes
Too much for words!
Ready to open their presents from Aunt Heather
Seeing their Barbie jeep from GiGi for the first time

checking out the engine
Mom took this pic...we may need to have a few lessons before she starts using her camera.

Her present from Chris and Heather
Her camera from me

Her new Vera Bradley flat iron cover
Opening their presents from my Dad's Aunt Wilma and Uncle Roy
So happy
I hope they are still checking my blog since we took this pic just for them. Love Y'all!
12-28 Headed to Nashville, TN for a VACATION with a beautiful sunset in my view.
iPhone Pics of my trip to Nashville so yes, they are out of order. Karlyn, Devin & Karen's daughter, got a hold of my phone since I was sleeping in her room and took a few pics. They made me laugh so I posted them.

Not a great pic, but Preston had mashed sweet potatoes all over his forehead.
Also not a good pic, but a memory of Karlyn swinging on the indoor playground at their church. Maybe some local churches should impliment those too!
Preston came to hang out with me on my last day while I was putting my makeup on.
Blowing me a kiss
Trying to get into my makeup which he had already done once while the boys weren't watching him.
The skyline on Nashville on my way home.
Such a pretty drive
TN carry me home
12-28 The real start of my trip. My friend, Zak, took me out for two days showing me all the sites of Nashville. He really is a great tour guide. I didn't take too many pics because I didn't want to seem too much like a tourist.
12-29 Biggest indoor Christmas tree that I've seen! Inside the Opryland Hotel
Their Christmas lights and indoor decor were amazing!
12-30 Karen and Devin finally got back into town from seeing her parents in NC. We all spent the day eating and shopping! I actually cooked dinner for everyone this night...I think they were impressed.
Karen got Devin surround sound for Christmas so he and Zak installed it. After they put the kids to bed, we began our nightly pattern of watching a movie like we were in a theater. Gotta love Devin's PAB tshirt from when he was on the student advisory board like 10 years ago!
Zak is so handy :)
Preston showing off for me
12-31 Everyone was up and ready for another fun day.
Well, P had been up for a while so by the time we got moving and ate a great lunch at a whole in the wall place called Swetts, he passed out in the car on the way to the Farmer's Market.
Karlyn was very intently watching Annie during the drive. We had another great day of shopping and I sensing a pattern?
After a very comical story of trying to get reservations for dinner after our original ones fell short, we ended up at The Chop House. The steak and sides were so incredible! This is a pic of the traffic on the way to downtown Nashville.
The Hard Rock was sponsoring a Guitar Drop, fireworks, and a concert by Phil Vasser. He was running all over the stage so I didn't get a chance to get a great pic.
Rolling over the piano...
The guitar drop was cool, but the fireworks (which are my fav) were the best part.

It started to rain on us about 5 minutes before midnight. It really was a great experience!
They couldn't get a babysitter so they had there own New Year's celebration at home. We got back just in time to wait for a movie with them.
My hair looking nappy from the rain! Love me some Karen though!
Me and my best bud finishing off December 2010.