The gang's back together...Lauren, me, Jen, and Kasey
Lauren dominated for a while...turns out her and Pace have a set of their own in their backyard.

Casey's turn
Pace playing Boce Ball
Jen and me
Rachel and was the Saturday that it turned cold in worries it was back up in the 80's a few days later.
Casey doing one of the things he does best, manning the grill.
My first bundt cake... I know you are supposed to dribble frosting/glaze on top, but I like frosting. I also thought it would be cute to put a cupcake in the center to hold the candle. I had some cheesy saying about how since Casey is now a City of Valdosta fireman that he needed to come put the fire out on the cake...I know, I said it was cheesy.


It started flooding on us while we were in Bed, Bath, and Beyond so we had to take our group picture with this background. We had a great time talking and shopping together. A long, but good day...we started at 9am and didn't get home until 10pm.
Yes, Sandra actually just fit into a Boys size jacket!!! I wanted to hurl!
Sandra and me at Olive Garden...yum-O.
PS-Sandra couldn't find me in the stores several times bc of my dark hair!

Getting the day started...Sandra and Lisa in the front seat on the way to Tallahassee.


I asked Ella Grace if she liked my hair and she said..."it's brown like mine". Love her!

Tractor Sam with Emma and Kristy with Ella Grace. (They win the award for the best picture of the's so hard getting good smiles and everyone looking at the same place at the same time.)
Angie and Jay
Aunt Susie and Sam
They had their birthday party at the YMCA gymnastics. This is them playing with the big parrachute.

Working the tires...
Walking the ladder
The fam watching the girls...

Aunt Emily helping her granddaughter, Mary Bennett do a roll.

Daddy and Ella Grace
Lining up to jump in the foam pit
Ella Grace on the balance beam
Chilling in the foam pit

I love my Emma

Waiting not so patiently for her cake and pizza!
Jan Brice made the cake for us that was super delicious. I found the candles and had the hair bows made to put the finishing touches on it.
Look at that smile...

Blowing out the candles on their cake.

Opening Aunt Heather's present
Opening presents is C-R-A-Z-Y. Everyone wanted to help the girls and it was interesting is all I can say!
The girls with G-Daddy.

We probably should have taken this picture before the end of the party, but at least it shows that the girls had fun!

Cousin Mary Bennett came to help the girls celebrate


Meet the latest edition to our precious family...Ray Dixon IV "Bubba"

Bubba was born on Sunday, Sept 27th. He shares a birthday with his daddy's(and mine) Grandaddy!

The Dixon family minus little Mary Bennett

This baby will not be lacking in love!

Cousin Sam with Bubba (We all can't wait for Sam and Kristy to have a little one!)

Lacy and Bubba

I am a proud cousin.


Ofcourse I called her and messaged her on her actual birthday, but yes the slacker is just now getting around to posting it on the blog! And I cannot wait until Dec when we actually get to spend some happy time together and can take an updated picture together. For now, I stole this one off her blog :) I love you Whitney!


They did this on their own. They love each other so much. It's amazing.
Giving each other a kiss. Sweet!

It's wild and crazy at gift/card opening time!

Emma checking out her card from G-Daddy.

This was the look after I explained that the cd she had was of her song!

Ok, such a cute story! Heather listen's to K-LOVE, a Christian radio station, in the car. The girls, keep in mind they just turned 3, love the song Free to be Me by Francesca Batistelli. They even know the words!! So Ella Grace asked for "the song for my birthday". She said Can Aunt Heather get me that song for my birthday. Then Emma asked me the next day...Are you gonna get Ella that song for her birthday. So ofcourse I did! The funny thing was she pulled out the cd and had this look on her face because she didn't understand what it was.

Their new babies that they were SO EXCITED to get from their parents!!
The girls love to walk people out when they leave the house. They always wait for you to turn around in the culdesac and then wave goodbye. Ahhh Memories.
They love their Mommy! (and Daddy, but Daddy doesn't like to take pictures)

They sang along with us. I don't think they grasp that concept yet.

Not wanting to be patient for their cake...

Yummy Funfetti cake! The girls are such hams!!

Mommy helping Emma eat her fajitia.

Daddy helping Ella Grace eat her fajita

Emma Catherine and Ella Grace Butler turned 3 today!!

Sitting in their Daddy's chair. So sweet!

She did it on her own! I just made her hold on to it a little longer so we could take a picture!

G-Daddy and the girls

My sweet Ella Grace. She is going through a stage trying to figure out her smile. I love her!

I had to have a little photo session with my girls. Me and Emma

I'm not sure why these pictures didn't load clearly, but they are good enough. On Friday, Sept 25th, me and Heather's Dad went to have our usual twins actual birthday routine. They get a cake on their bday and my parents and Heather's parents would go to their house to celebrate. They also get to open one present from each of us.