I asked Ella Grace if she liked my hair and she said..."it's brown like mine". Love her!

Tractor Sam with Emma and Kristy with Ella Grace. (They win the award for the best picture of the's so hard getting good smiles and everyone looking at the same place at the same time.)
Angie and Jay
Aunt Susie and Sam
They had their birthday party at the YMCA gymnastics. This is them playing with the big parrachute.

Working the tires...
Walking the ladder
The fam watching the girls...

Aunt Emily helping her granddaughter, Mary Bennett do a roll.

Daddy and Ella Grace
Lining up to jump in the foam pit
Ella Grace on the balance beam
Chilling in the foam pit

I love my Emma

Waiting not so patiently for her cake and pizza!
Jan Brice made the cake for us that was super delicious. I found the candles and had the hair bows made to put the finishing touches on it.
Look at that smile...

Blowing out the candles on their cake.

Opening Aunt Heather's present
Opening presents is C-R-A-Z-Y. Everyone wanted to help the girls and it was interesting is all I can say!
The girls with G-Daddy.

We probably should have taken this picture before the end of the party, but at least it shows that the girls had fun!

Cousin Mary Bennett came to help the girls celebrate

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