My kinda March Madness...

I wasn't sure how this beautiful sunny, perfect weather day was going to turn into tornadoes...

My friend, Hope, posted this on my fb page while I was at work.  Nashville is underneath the big red blob!  We definitely were supposed to have a tornado hit Nashville, but the Lord protected us.  We did however have massive hail.  All the cars at the spa were covered in dents. :(  Thankfully the spa part of the salon and spa is actually underground.  I was doing a massage and had no idea that the weather had turned so incredibly bad.  I didn't know until I walked out to get my client water and saw all the hair stylists and clients down in our relaxation room  where they were seeking cover.  Our next clients cancelled so we had an hour to chill out. Of course, the weather blew over and our last 2 massage hour clients decided to show up.  Crazy Friday!!!

Sweet Bailey taking a nap while I talked to her Mama on the phone.

3-10-12 I LOVE, HEART, when Lacy sends me pics of the kiddos.  It makes me feel a little bit less far away.  I love my family!  I still want pics and to talk to them and to know what's going on even though I moved away. (hint hint)  I'm assuming this was a car ride to Macon.  Mary Bennett and Bubba always put a smile on my face!
I LOVE, HEART that with all they have going on...Lacy still finds time to send me pics or call when she can.  Ray is always just a text message away and never seems to mind answering my health or other advice questions. love my cousins!!!  I love this pic of Rigsby sitting in her bumbo like such a big girl.  Please keep her in your prayers...specifically that her airway continues to open and heal and that she will be able to come home to all of her family soon. Thanks!
 David Nail concert at Marathon Music Works 3-13-12
 Amazing voice! and well, not bad to look at either.

Oh and did I mention it was Gavin DeGraw's concert as well?  Love him!

I was supposed to get to meet Gavin an hour before he came on stage.  He's on this season of Dancing with the Stars and his dance partner is Karina Smirnoff.  She was out on tour with him so they could practice as much as possible.  She was standing backstage talking to his parents.  I got a burst of courage and walked right up and asked for a picture.  She was SO nice!  She acted surprised that people were wanting to take a pic with her. And yes, she's that beautiful in person.
Meeting Gavin!  This was the best response I could've gotten.  I had to tell him I was a massage therapist in Nashville so maybe he'd come see me when he was in town.  hehe  He was like I can't believe I'm meeting you and I'm leaving Nashville after the show tonight.  lol.
Take 1-He said I think I didn't do my best so can we take one more?  Someone who doesn't complain about taking multiple pictures...ahhhh.  He also said he liked my earrings. He was just so down to earth and easy to talk to!
The money shot!
Loved his drum kit

He brought Karina on stage and sang to her.
Then they did a little dance

Love that Kelly and Nate are always willing to be my concert dates.

About to jump off his piano at the end of the show.
David Nail

 3-20-12 Old Blue is back in possession and is covered in tree pollen...did I mention I just washed it yesterday?? This would be the culprit of my sudden severe sore throat and sinus troubles.  Oh well, it was bound to happen.  I'm just thankful this lovely yellow stuff didn't start falling before now.  Happier note: look at the background and was a beautiful day!
3-21-12 The beginning of the rest of my new life.  I actually took this pic to send to my friend, Allison.  I asked her if she would be willing to pick a day to text me and make sure I had worked out that day.  Listen, maybe one day it will come naturally or maybe it won't, but I'm trying!!
3-24-12 Girls Night Out  Stephanie, Kelly, and me at Uptown Art Uncorked.  Stephanie works for the Christian singer, Jason Crabb, so she's rarely home on the weekends.  Kelly and I had already planned to take this painting class tonight when we found out Stephanie had the weekend off.  We saved up our calories for the day and ate dinner at a new Japanese restaurant, Kohana, in Hendersonville and then headed to our class.  Who knew all the fun that would ensue!
this is how it began...

Ready to paint
 It's crazy how this is going to turn into something pretty
 the steps make no sense when you are doing them...
 but it's so fun watching the painting unfold
 I was having so much fun that I started really getting into trying to make the picture my own.
 the finished product
 I like it!  One of the other girls said hers was going behind her bedroom door where she hides her other one.  I told her I bet my Mama would proudly display my artwork. lol
 3-26-12 Songwriter showcase at Rooster's BBQ   Thomas Tillman, Jeremy Bussey, and Mike Sprinkle
Heather and I had a great time
 3-28-12 I started Couch to 5K  and it was such a pretty day I decided to forgo the gym and run outside.
 God gave me some pretties to look at along the way
 Seriously my neighborhood is so pretty.
The best part of my run...seeing my street sign. haha
3-30-12 Day 2 of coach to 5K  I was trying to hold some accountability by taking pics and posting them to fb.

So this was my March madness...there were a few arguments and sad days that I'd rather not dwell on so I didn't elaborate on them in this post, but all in all it was a good month.