Thanks Kristy!!!

10-10-10 I came to Sam and Kristy's today to see her sister, Brooke, and baby Annyson. I thought I'd give her a blog shout out because she helped me pimp my blog. So you can thank her for the updated look. I picked the stuff out and she made it happen. Love Ya!!!


It's beginning to look a lot like christmas. Ok, so I know it's a little early, but Merry Marketplace has been on my brain since Decmber 09 and it's almost here. We are having lots of meetings to finalize all the last minute details. I am stressing over these vendors to the point of a classic one day meltdown starting by crying to my Bible Study Ladies. I'm so thankful they love me enough to put up with my drama. And yes, I know the show is gonna be great no matter what. I just thought I would throw that blurb in there so you would have a small idea of what life has been like lately.

Winnersville Classic in Valdosta is a BIG deal! Cross town rivals square off to determine who has the year's bragging rights. I was sporting my VHS WILDCATS and Amanda was rooting for her LHS Vikings. She had Baby Levi in her belly so I think she won the team spirit at the office.

10-8-10 My sweet friend Jennifer Steedley was able to get me 3 tickets to the game. My friend Blake and his Dad went with me.

The Marchin' Cats take the field

Coming back from the half with a lead. Unfortunately, the nail biter ended with the Vikings winning

10-9-10 I was off to the Hahira Honeybee Festival to scope out some vendors for Merry Marketplace

10-10-10 I went to Sam and Kristy's to see Annyson and Kristy's sister, Brooke.

10-12-10 Me and Veyda Bear at Texas Roadhouse. The Ladies went out to dinner and we were all excited to see how much Veyda had grown!

10-15-10 Some "young" ladies from Northside and me at the "Over the Top" Women of Faith Conference in Tampa, FL

This is the Women of Faith Worship Team Ladies who got us in the Spirit of Worship all weekend.

Patsy Clairmont was one of the main speakers for the weekend! She is a little old lady with a heart for God and a lot of spunk!

Andy Andrews, an author/speaker, was so motivational. He also needed a little A.D.D medicine. WOW!

Nothing like a boxed lunch while enjoying the warmth of the sunshine.

It was so cold in the St Pete Times Forum, aka ice rink, that some of us bought hoodies to keep warm.

Aunt Susie and her friend, Marilyn?, keeping warm

So this was not my finest Christian moment, but this was clearly not an aisle. All weekend, I would have to move my long legs, squishing Lindsay beside me, so people could come and go through this little space.

Look at all those Women in one place, on their feet, worshipping God. Such a cool feeling.

Yes, it was that cold in there! Aunt Susie got a thermacare heat wrap from someone and put it around her. LOL

The Worship team bringing it strong!

Lisa Whelchel from "The Facts of Life" talked about the importance of having Godly girl friends.

Mandisa was dancing and praising the Lord the whole time. She was so much fun to watch.

Oh my, Steven Curtis Chapman was AMAZING!!!

Mary Chapman spoke about the loss of her daughter and how she was dealing with that as well as her bouts of depression when she was first married. One quote she said about dealing with loss and grief was "I landed on a strong foundation of Christ, but I faceplanted so it's a long journey of healing." Between her sharing her story and Steven singing "Cinderella" I balled like a baby.

I know these next few pics aren't good, but my camera batteries died so these are from my phone.

Sandi Patty singing with the Worship Team

The theme for the weekend.

Sandi on the big screen. The setup was pretty cool.

She signed as she sang "We shall behold him". It was fantastic!

Singing "The Prayer" with her husband.

so sweet

Marilyn Mehberg spoke about our constant craving for more always leaving us unsatisfied. She talked about living life as it is instead of how you wish it was. She said "There's no full realization of "more" on this earth." She gave some great Scripture references... Ecc 3:1 restlessness in our souls ! Corin 5:5 don't settle for anything less than God's best and John 4:10-13

Luci Swindoll sang a little song even though she wasn't on the program

Nicole Johnson, a drama performer?, did a couple of skits for us. This was where she was playing Captain Hook. She said the hook was like her survival skill. Any survival skill can become weaponry when we no longer need it to survive. "Am I trying to use "the hook" to get/keep things to satisfy me?" She said we need to start letting people off the hook as well. God has a hand not a hook. His hand helps us to love and guides us freely. A real hand can grasp and let go!

Mandisa was amazing!!!!! She likes to dance when she sings so my pics weren't great!

The Women of Faith team all got up and danced and sang with her.

10-17 Sunday lunch at Ray & Lacy's. They are always such great hosts.

Sam and Annyson
The best host and hostess
The cousins wanted to hang out.

Happy Mary Bennett. I was having such a good time with her. She asked me to spend the night which was so cute. Then before she went off to take her nap, she said goodnight "spend the night girl"

Mama, me, and Annyson (who I'd finally gotten to sleep) Also side note:this picture makes me want one of my own!

Family outing to Wild Adventures and bring a friend for free day so I went along. First, she played on a play area with slides and climbing type stuff. Then it was on to the rides.

Bubba on the carrousel with his Daddy's help of course.

She's in the green one.

Bless her heart, we thought she didn't like the ride, but she actually just wanted to get in the pink alligator.

Funny pics of Mary Bennett and a random girl in the elephant. Not sure why they didn't put that other little girl in her own animal.

This is the ride MB really wanted to go on! Holy Cow!

This is the one we convinced her would be more fun:)

She loved it!

We took them on the ferris wheel ride. Not so much fun, but a memory no less.


It usually takes at least a couple of tries before we get a good pic.

Now Mommy's turn Aunt Heather loves spoiling them

Emma attacked it.

Ella Grace picked at it.


tigers jumping through hoops

3 Ladies and a Guy showing off their trapeze skills

SSkimpy outfits for a family affair, but they were talented

Standing up on their back legs

Motorcycle guys in the steel wheel of death...ok that's what I called it.

EG remembered from last year that the human cannon was really loud so she already had her ears plugged.

The dude that gets blown out of here must seriously have issues:)

10-23 through 10-25 I went to Atl and had a nice visit with my Uncle Scott, Aunt Noelle, and the kids although I didn't take any pics with them:( She took me to dinner with the kids Friday night while we waited on Scott to get back in town. She also showed me what the Farmer's Market was like!

On Saturday, she made an amazing breakfast of melon and proscuitto, sausage, eggs and pancakes to get me ready for my very long day. I volunteered at the Susan G Komen 3 Day Walk for the Cure along with about 12 other Massage Therapists. We did chair massage for the walkers after they finished their 20 miles.

I saw these walkers as I was driving to the sight.

the more walkers I saw, the more excited I got. You can see my official parking pass in the window of my car in this pic too.

Pulling into the camp site

My massage chair was in a perfect spot

The walker's tents where they slept on the ground basically after walking 20 miles !

Energizer and the AMTA got together to have an awesome "recharging" station. People could get a portable battery for their phone and use the internet to update their loved ones on the journey. The therapists worked noon until 9pm doing 10 minute chair massage

The first walkers to arrive

Our current GA Chapter President worked on a walker's legs.

Our Past President was doing the same thing. I sat in this chair on a 5 minute break and fell in love!

Mother and Daughter team massage

Memory/Honor Wall...still gives me chills

I loved how her hands were clasped.

This sweet Lady was such a blessing to me. She said she was doing the walk since it was a 1 year anniversary of her being cancer free. She said God had blessed her with another day to live so she was taking advantage of every moment He gave her. I told her she was about to make me cry. She said I could only cry if they were tears of joy in celebrating her life. She was just so amazing I had to take a picture with her.

They had pink motorcycles to escort the walkers.

God blessed us with a beautiful pink sky.

The sweet little girl had helped us with water and keeping time all day so she got a little "love" at the end of the night.

Driving home on Oct 24th. The trees were beautiful and I didn't mind being stuck in a little Atl traffic.

10-30-10 Happy Birthday to my best Friend, Stacey. We ate at Chilli's and I even got her a little surprise chocolate cake.

I was ready to watch the GA/FL game!

Opening her present.

So surprised.

Make a wish...

Pit stop in Lake Park at Kasey and Casey's house for the first half of the game before going trick or treating with my nieces. This is our friends Pace and Lauren Whittaker

So cute!


Daddy wasn't paying attention to her and got busted!

Casey getting a ball unstuck from the trees

A little corn hole rivalry.

Veyda in her pink GA gear.

They took the kiddos on a hay ride during half time

Kasey and Veyda

Our little "Jessie" was so proud

Our little bride

Daddy helping Jessie with her hat.

Cleopatra and Jessie

Ella Grace, Heather, and Emma

Taylor Biddle giving out candy at Chris and Heather's house to the first trick or treaters.

The bumble bee and Jessie skipping down the road

They were so happy about each piece of candy that they had to come run up and show us.

How could you resist that little face.

Stacey and I at a Halloween party

10-31-10 The Girls' sang in church for the first time. They were of course precious.