September-My Birth Month :)


The pretty flowers my sweet Mama brought me. She goes the extra mile and I appreciate it!
My birthday present this year included two special cards and help with my UGA hotel costs for a weekend I will never forget!

My dear friend, Wendy, made me breakfast at her house on my birthday. She was telling me the tradition that she does for her children. I'm so glad I got to be a part of it for my big day!

Chocolate Chip pancakes and sausage in the shape of "29"

7am breakfast in my pj's with her whole family. She said her kids were happy to share the morning with me. On a personal note, I'm pretty proud of myself for not being too proud to post a pic of me without makeup on or my hair being done:)

I heart my childhood friend, Jan! She has been doing my hair for almost 10 years now. She was so sweet to offer to fix it for me so I wouldn't have to. Love Ya!

My Bible Study Ladies, who I adore, sang Happy Birthday to me.

Our amazing Bible Study leader, Cindy Ganas, made me a yummy chocolate cake. Her kids were happy that I told her to take the rest home with her!

Sweet Emily and Baby Natalie Anne came to take me to lunch all the way from Jacksonville. Covington's was so good and they gave me a free piece of french silk pie! (Anyone else seeing a chocolate coma headed my way?) We had a good time chatting at her house while Baby took a nap.

Jenny will kill me later for posting this pic, but she has been such an amazing friend over the last two years. God brought us together because of Merry Marketplace and blessed us so much more with a friendship like no other. Baby Ben wasn't real into having his picture taken today. She got me a blue and green Pandora charm to represent our MM friendship bond.

On to dinner at Sur Este I go with some great Ladies! Jade, Amanda, and Emily

Love me some Kristy! She bought my dinner and got me some cute turqoise earrings.

Katherine and Trista

Cousin Lacy joined in on the fun

Emily's birthday is just a few days after mine. Love You Junior! Interesting flan desserts from Sur Este.

Marty, Megan(her birthday is a few days later too), and Janae. Thanks for coordinating the dinner J.

All the Ladies who came out to celebrate

I went to Aunt Susie's house to get my present from her. A corning ware dish and new baking sheet...sometimes you just need the practical stuff. Thanks to my Aunt for always being there for me.

I got to talk to my Dad's Aunt Wilma on the phone as I was walking into Aunt Susie's house. She was like a Grandma to me growing up. I love her and Uncle Roy! It really made my night that she remembered my birthday. Although she always did. There was always a card with some money or some little gift that came our way.

9-2-10 My business partner, Amanda, came around the corner singing Happy day after your birthday to you... A yummy cake from Publix with all 29 blazing candles on it! She pointed out that it took more than one box of candles for my cake. If she's not careful, that statement might come back to haunt her since she's turning 30 in October!

Dessert and a nice Steel's box at my friend's, Lance and Sandra's house. I had to work really late this night so forgive my appearance. She made me a delicious Butterfinger ice cream sandwhich cake.

9-3-10 Off to Athens we go...ok so this is when we actually got to th hotel. The boys were dancing on the beds. I think we were all a little tired of being in the car although the drive was beautiful and the company even better. Melanie rode with me and pointed out all her favorite Athens' spots.

At the end of the trip. I had to capture the memory though. PS my clothes all weekend...RED AND BLACK!!!!

My room... I once was sad that no one could come with me...and then I realized I had the room all to myself all weekend!!!

9-4-10 walking to the stadium...(this pic is out of order, but there's too many pics to go back now.)

Thanks to Melanie for making my first trio to Athens amazing! Best birthday weekend so far!

me, Melanie, and Kayla

the boys playing football at the tailgate

Love You Ashley! Thanks for making this day great!!!

Melanie and her Mama. Her parents met at UGA and she grew up going to all the home games!Jealous, party of 1!

I can't believe how quickly the boys are growing up. They still love their first babysitter...makes my heart all warm inside!

Check out all that RED!

The student section

Getting ready for the DAWG'S to enter the field

Melanie and Mills

First touchdown!!! woohoo

My high school friend, Ben OBrien is the cheerleading coach for UGA.



A serious pic of Ben. I love it!

The boys gave me a piece of cotton candy. The day just kept getting better and better.

Melanie's Dad with Mills' eating cotton candy


this girl was AMAZING

he at least made it to halftime

Hairy DAWG

still a cheerleader at heart. I enjoyed watching them too

Oh Happy Day!

I had to take a visit and go get some gear!

Love these guys

My bestest

Playing football with her boys in their new black jerseys

Looks like a little Pro stud

Dinner out in Downtown Athens at Porterhouse with Chris and Kayla

Mel stayed with the boys so Ashley could show me the nightlife

I couldn't resist

9-5-10 Is it time to leave already? After a nice leisurely wakeup time and a big hearty breakfast, it was time to say goodbye to Athens. The boys were having fun looking for chipmunks while we loaded up the cars.

Mills thought he was bigtime!

Beautiful Sunday drive home

Safe and sound in Valdosta.

9-11-10 My friend, Kasey, sent me this pic of her sweet Veyda on gameday.

I started out this morning by going to Nashville for their Harvest Festival. I had to see if I could find any potential vendors for Merry Marketplace. Then it was off to hang out at the Tillman farm for the UGA game. me, Morgan, Emily T and Emily C

Grant was loving on him some boiled peanuts

Stump amd Garry in almost the same outfit.

9-18-10 Happy 1st Birthday to Bubba Dixon! (His birthday's on the 27th, but this was the day of his party.)

He wasn't so much into his birthday cake

He actually didn't feel good so most of his party he just wanted his Mama lovin.

Annyson checking things out. Sam & Kristy had Sam's 10 year high school reunion to go to so Aunt Susie aka Grandma was getting to overnight babysit for the first time.

Aunt Susie with one of the cupcakes from the party. Jay helped Lacy design all these really cool signs for the party.

Mary Bennett certainly had fun at the party.

Ray and Lacy at the end of the day

Sweet Cousins

not a fan of this pic of me, but Ella Grace sure does look cute!

9-23-10 Time to get ready for Stacey's big day. We went to the nail salon and got pampered. She's so funny!

Pedicure time...she was very relaxed at this point

I was fresh from getting a spray tan for the wedding and Whitney from being on an airplane all day long, but I think it turned out to be a cute pic anyways. So thankful she arrived safely and was so excited for the coming days!

9-24-10 I love when Kristy sends me pictures of Sweet Annyson

Getting to hold her niece for the first time. What a sweet moment!

9-24-10 Our trip to Steel's to pick out her wedding jewelry.

Helping her Mama decide on what to get

Rehearsal Dinner at Knot Just Weddings in Quitman

Shawna being Marilyn over the air vent. It was where some of us ended up standing after the picture time on Saturday. Haha

Doing our part...standing in place and looking pretty!

Me and Adam Davis, my escort for the wedding. He was so funny!

Her really cute shoes didn't last long on her feet during the practice

I'm so happy for her I could bust!

The girls stayed at Stacey's house per her request. She had a very complicated bustle so we decided we should probably practice. Note to self: pick a beautiful dress, but make sure the bustle is a one hook easy deal!

9-25-10 Part of the family before Aunt Susie's first 5K.

Love this pic of them walking in front of the police car! That's gonna be me on Dec 11th when I "run" my first 5K.

Her wedding cake was pretty and DELICIOUS

The food table centerpiece

I got to catch a few good shots of her while the Photographer was getting shots too. She looked so beautiful.

Brian checking her out

Love the jewels from Steel's!! My favorite picture I took all day.

She was a little tired of taking pictures already!

Just hanging out

The Crescent has so many great places to take pics

So happy with my Best Friend!

Checking out his groom's cake. It was a somewhat good replica of his State Trooper badge.

My purse, flowers and hankie

Rewriting my Maid of Honor speech

The happy couple ready to say I Do.

Waiting to be announced at the Reception. All the Ladies

Now it was Brian's turn

Their first dance

Dancing with her Daddy

Me and Mrs Patty, Stacey's Mama. I was sporting Stacey's bouquet...since I caught it! I wasn't even gonna go out there, but Brian made me!

All the Ladies in front of their photo backdrop.

Brian changed before they left and we matched so I had to take a pic

saying goodbye for a week:(

so tired! collapsing on the steps of the Crescent

ok so maybe we were a little hungry too! The groom's cake was so good!

It's now dried out in a vase at my house and randomly smells like pancakes and sryup.

grocery store feet

me and Stacey's Daddy

Since I couldn't be at the girls' bday party because of the wedding, I borrowed these pics from my Aunt Susie. They wanted a gymnastics party like last year.

They wanted cupcakes for their birthday cake. Emma wanted hot pink and Ella Grace wanted "hot" purple. This is what Laurie with A Little Piece of Heaven came up with.

Mom, Whitney, and Kristy

Trina runs the school where Ella Grace and Emma attend. Now it's Annyson's turn to get in on the "Chi Chi" love.

Aunt Whitney and Annyson at the YMCA gymnastics.

I mean look at that. Chris with Annyson and a big smile!!!!!!!

9-26-10 Lunch at El Toreo for the September family birthdays. Aunt Susie and Whitney got medals for the 5K they did on Saturday. They were SO proud! I don't think Aunt Susie will ever be the same.

Me and Kristy at lunch with the fam.

Emma, Whitney, and Ella Grace

So stinkin cute!

Sunday Funday at Ray & Lacy's...I took cake and some other goodies left over from the wedding to their house. Let's just say Mary Bennett gave the cake a two thumbs up for sure!

Jay playing with Bubba.

Love this face! lol

Mary Bennett holding Annyson

Kristy is such a kid! All the kids love her!

Happy Birthday Whitney! You make me smile and believe in myself. You are a blessing in more words than I can say. I'm so thankful to have you in my life. You've been like a sister to me growing up and I'm eternally grateful!

All the Ladies...and Bubba

Whitney getting all the Annyson love she could get!

Jody surprised Whitney with flowers. You did a good job, man. You got tears and smiles!

Whitney posing with her birthday flowers.

Trying to get Annyson to sleep

Now time for some Bubba lovin

Wait Annyson's awake again :)

Bubba fresh from his bath going in for a BIG goodnight kiss.

I promise she loves me even though her face doesn't show it here.

As Whitney says, Our poor attempt at a group photo. I love my cousins. I am so thankful for each and every one of them. They are each a blessing in their own ways. We were so blessed to be so close growing up. I hope all our children will be as blessed!

9-26-10 My friends Jamie and Mark from massage school. They can both be goobers at times. Jamie completed his first half ironman in Augusta. Since Mark lives there, he went to cheer him on. My Uncle Scott also competed in this Ironman. Small world.

9-27-10Aunt Susie and Whitney and my Mama went to see our Grandparents. I'm sure they had a great visit. Whitney got back just in time to finally let me give her a free birthday massage. I went out to Sam & Kristy's after I got off work to spend a few more hours of quality time with Whit. We somehow ended up watching America's Funniest Home Videos and laughing hysterically. I was laughing more so at how tickled Sam and Kristy were getting! I did so good to not cry when she left...well at least not in front of her anyways!

9-28-10A few of the Ladies at the Luke Bryan concert...Janae, Kristy, Me, Amanda, and Tara

Luke Bryan doing his thing on stage in Lowndes County. He's such a cutie.

The Tim Miller Band

Amanda Miller takes a pic of her hubby while he's on stage singing. So cute!

Calico Trail was one of the opening bands for Luke Bryan.

9-30-10 Happy Birthday to my Mama!!!! I love you and hope that your day was super enjoyable. Sorry my cold kept me from coming to see you! (This pic is from 9-26-10, but I thought it would work out nicely for this since she loves her twins!)

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