A Couple of Weeks of FUN...

11-5-11 A foggy morning heading into work...I don't know if you can grasp the full extent with this pic.  I could barely see a car length in front of me.  Thankfully, it started to clear up just as I was getting on the interstate. Thankful for God's provisions.
It turned out to be a very cool day.  A busy day at work, a house call for a celeb, and then Wicked!!!
 Raeanna took me to see Wicked at TPAC.  The show was incredible.  This town consistently amazes me. Yes, I know Wicked plays in lots of other cities.  It's just that for so long I've just felt like everyone else has these amazing gifts, and well, they do.  I just haven't been able to see mine until now.  I know that seems crazy since I clearly had a successful business for 6 years in Valdosta, but I just never felt like my gift was especially crafted for me.  I don't even know if I can explain it, but I'll try.  I've been able to experience a lot of incredibly talented people.  A lot are obviously talented singers and song writers, but there's so much more.  I could never live the life of a country/gospel/rock singer or movie star, or a Trauma Surgeon who I admire a lot, but I can live my life and live it well.  I can be a great Massage Therapist and help people in that way.  It all goes back to something Lysa TerKeurst said in one of her are not equipped for her good or bad.  We are only equipped for the good and bad the Lord has specifically designed for our lives.  That was a little tangent from me saying I saw Wicked, but there's where my mind went.
I won't ever watch the movie and think of it the same ever again!

The map backdrop of Emerald City
Union Station hotel is so pretty at night.  It's where I stayed 3 years ago for a bachelorette weekend on my first trip to Nashville.

11-8-11 Jason Aldean free show at Riverfront park downtown on my day off.  One of the perks of living here.
 Gavin DeGraw's new place
 He only played 30 minutes and it was incredible.  He has real talent!

 seems like such a nice guy
 11-9-11 I got to go to a CMA after party.  This is me with an official CMA awards program.
 I just thought it was funny that this guy was playing barefoot.
 Christy, me, and Heather (my work chica's)
 Heidi Newfield who wrote She's Country
 Mark Wills poster on the wall. It's the cover of his latest record which my friend, Jeremy, co-wrote a song for.
 Bridgette Tatum
 The girls with Jeremy...he's so lucky
 Never know who you'll run into on the streets! Ha!

11-10-11 Songwriter's show at Taps & Tapas
 Phil doing his thing...

Jeremy's turn...
Just like how this pic came out
 11-11-11 Songwriter's night at Hotel Indigo... The girl in the middle had a voice that sounded just like Sonya Isaacs.  I also like the guy playing the cajon.  I thought it was cool he was hitting the tambourine with his foot while playing the cajon.
 11-13-11 Kelly, Nate, and I went to Christmas Village.  It's a big Christmas shopping show at the Fairgrounds.  They had over 250 vendors and it was insane!!!

11-14-11 Lady A at the Ryman

 Love that you can see the church windows in the background
Nate, me, Paul, Joyce, and Kelly on Broadway
Me and Paul Sanders
Lady Antebellum!!!
 Love them!!

They even sang Be Thou My Vision and I Surrender All as part of their encore.  Hillary shared about her Grandfather passing away just a few days before this night & that he wanted her to sing a church song at The Ryman.  She got a little teary and they sang those songs with such incredible grace!  (I tried to upload the video, but it's not working. Anybody wanna tell me how I can load video's taken by my iPhone to my blog?)
 First trip to the Ryman
 Great Friends

 11-15-11 Raeanna & I went to a show at 3rd & Lindsley benefiting Safe Harbor Family Shelter put on by Danielle Peck and special guests
 These ladies were sharing a little early Christmas cheer
 Julie Roberts
 Almost all of the performers for the night
Jamie ONeal

 11-17-11 I got my hair done for the first time in Nashville.  One of the guys at my Spa highlighted & cut it.  I was so nervous.  My sweet friend, Jan Brasher, has been doing my hair for at least the past 8 years.  Rodney did a great job. I loved the cut!  I'm sure you'll be able to see the highlights better in future pics.
(I got to work on another celeb at their house tonight.)
My first purchase of Toms!  I got the sparkly black ones to wear with my black work attire.

 11-19-11 Dinner at Star Cafe with The McGlamery's
 So happy Devin's Mama, Sandra, was in town for a visit!
 Don't judge! I don't eat like this every day :)
 The Cafe is so quaint...Karlyn and Preston coloring on the chalk board after dinner.

Today after work, I also went to The Junior League of Nashville's Christmas shopping show, Tis the Season, at the convention center.  I was having major sadness over missing the VJSL's Merry Marketplace.  It was my baby this year after all.  I put a lot of work into it from last December up until a few days before I moved in September.  I wanted it to succeed, but I wanted to be there to see it!  My sweet friends were sending me updates over the weekend filling me in.  Plus, I got lots of messages on Facebook from people saying that it wasn't the same without me being there.  (It's the little things)  Anyways, I went to the show in Nashville and like a crazy person thought...ooh I could help them make this better.  lol.  I also got hit on by a vendor so the whole experience was interesting!