A week in the life...

10-16-11 Nathan, Kelly, Lola Pearl and I had a date at the pumpkin patch after church. It was a beautiful day!
Starbuck's in tow after a great morning at church and now a full afternoon of PG fun! So happy!
Our "after" picture...Zak, Nate, Kelly, me, and Malinda
Not sure why I decided to go along with the craziness of going to a Haunted House. I can't believe I paid someone to scare the you know what out of me! It was def scary...scenes from every scary movie and to finish it off a maze that was pitch black and seemed impossible to get out. Zak wasn't scared at all so he was our lifesaver. Thankfully we were all laughing about it after it was over.
10-17-11 Although I don't love getting up early to be at work on Monday am by 7:45...this is a perk! All the traffic is heading the opposite way from the way I go to work!
10-18-11 This little guy, while cute, has been driving me nuts for the past week. He's perched RIGHT outside my bedroom window. Hopefully, the cold that's supposed to be coming will make him fly away for a bit. My body still needs lots of SLEEP!
Uh, yes Valdosta...I did my part in telling CUEE where they could put their school consolidation!
10-20 Songwriter's night at the Red Rooster
Look, I got to meet Gary from Rascal Flatts! Just kidding, it's my new friend, Jeremy, and his wife, Christy. He's a great songwriter. Can't wait to see him make it big!
My two favorites from work. Heather and Christy. Heather is from Buffalo, NY so we have nothing in common, but I love introducing her to all my Southern ways! She's the reason I have to go by Butler at work. Since all my clients love my name and think it's so cool, I guess I'll let her slide! She and I had just gotten off work, hence why we have on all black. Christy is from Birmingham so she reminds me of all the Southern charm that I love! I'll let her slide that she's a huge Bama fan. They have def been amazing friends to me!
10-22-11 I had a random Saturday off from work so Kelly and I went to do some shopping. I needed some transitional weather clothes. We got pedicures and then ate at the infamous Star Cafe for dinner.
the menu for the day...kind of reminds me of Bynum's diner

interesting decor...

chicken and dumplins and a biscuit and butter in the shape of a star

10-23-11 My new friend, Jamie, at church. We met the first week in Sunday School and bonded instantly. Apparently we really have similar taste in clothes. This was the second Sunday. lol
On a similar note, I love my new Sunday School class at Long Hollow. It's a class of young, single, professional women. It's nice to be in a room FULL of Ladies who know exactly what you are going through. We are doing a chronological study of the Bible.
Bailey Brooke Bass born 10-24-11 weighing 8lbs 9oz 20inches long Look at those lips!!!
I bought her this little outfit to wear in the hospital. Thanks to Stacey's sister in law for sending me this pic.
I'm in love!! I cried every time someone sent me an update on Stacey's progress and then every pic I got. I was hoping to get all the sappiness out before I got to see her in person.

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