GA on my mind...Day 3

10-31-11 I got a much needed wonderful massage from my friend/business partner, Amanda.  It was great to catch up!

 I met Wendy & Rebecca for lunch at Baytree Pizza.  PS the spinach dip there is off the chain good.  They are so much fun to be around.
 Next, it was off to Naylor to get some more snuggle time in.  I didn't mention previously that Bailey has hip dysplasia.  She has to wear a special brace to keep her little hips in place.  Thankfully, Stacey got a bunch of gowns for her so she did have something to wear.

 propped up on my shoulder

 I helped change Bailey into her Halloween outfit.  She's not really a fan of getting her clothes changed, but she did really well.

 Unlike what Stacey would like you to think, she was not unhappy about having this massive bow in her hair.  She was just ready to be done being changed.
 Her Mama calmed her down very quickly.  You can see the boots of the brace that she has to wear in this pic.

 and just like that...she's asleep again

 she's not a fan of the passy so this last about a minute

 The happy family.  I told them it was kind of funny that their wedding photo was in the background.

I pretty much couldn't stop smiling.

 sacked out!  Her little tutu with leggings fortunately was able to fit over her braces.

Off to trick or treat with my nieces... Ella Grace getting her piggies in.

  Emma as Gabriella from High School Musical

 Our little cowgirl.  I told her I wish I would've known what she was wearing & I would've worn my cowgirl hat too.

saying hello to Mrs Kristin

Golf carts were the trend in the neighborhood

Karlee, Emma, Ella Grace, and buds forever

Heather & Stacey

We went to see Annyson, Kristy, & Sam that were around the corner at a friend's house.

My sweet, sweet girls

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