GA on my mind...Day 4

11-1-11  I went to see Rachel and her new baby, Savannah. She was 2 weeks early and seemed so lightweight compared to all the other babies I held over the course of the trip.
Look at that face!

 After running a few errands to tie up things in Valdosta, I headed to see Bailey before getting on the road.   Me & Bailey in the outfit I bought her

 grainy pic from my phone, but look at those lips
 She got some professional pics taken earlier which meant lots of outfit changes.  We decided to let her hang out in her onesie for a little while. You can see her brace in this pic. :( but isn't she pretty!
 holding my finger = holding my heart

 getting my last few moments of snuggle in...she made a massive poop right after I took this pic...a going away present for "Aunt" Heather
 I love them both so much!

 leaving Stacey's house....a beautiful day in GA!  Sad to leave GA, but happy to get back to TN.

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