GA on my mind...Day 2

10-30-11 I started out the morning very early!  6:00am to be exact.  I was so excited to get back to First Baptist and sing with the Praise team.  It felt like I never left.  I love the group!  I love being able to help lead in worship.  I know some people don't appreciate the value of music in a church service, but God has ALWAYS spoken to me through song.  Our Pastor, Phil, preached a great sermon that solidified the day.

After church, I headed to see my cousin Lacy, who was on bed rest with her pregnancy.  I was so thankful to get to catch up with her & Ray.

Next, was Sunday lunch with the family.  I had asked my Aunt Susie if she would make me chicken & dumplings since I wouldn't be able to come home for Thanksgiving.  I told her she didn't have to since I knew it was a lot of work.  She told me no, but told me the other things she was going to be making.  I requested fried okra and she said yes to that.  I showed up and guess what was on the stove!  I love that woman!  Chicken & Dumplings might be my favorite comfort food.  (A friend of mine just sent me a recipe for gluten free dumplings.  We'll see if I'm brave enough to attempt them.)

I've missed Annyson.  She's got so much spunk and is really forming her own personality

I love my Mama!  She was so great to me while I stayed with her.  She gave up her cozy bed for me even though I told her she didn't have to.  She also switched cars with me when I moved because hers was newer and she thought it would be safer for me.  Thanks Mom for taking care of me!!
Sam took a little nap on the couch while the girls chatted.  Ella Grace decided he needed a little decoration while he slept. She was so proud of her funny trick.

Ella Grace playing with Kristy's phone.
I got permission to post this!  Kristy highlighting Aunt Susie's hair with her "helper" Emma.
She wanted to help so much.  We made jokes about turning Aunt Susie's hair the color of Emma's hair bow.

Ella Grace helping her Mommy open her birthday present from me.  A Pandora charm from Steel's.
I have the prettiest sister in law!!
I got pretty clever with my card and the explanation of the charm.
Annyson had a little moment. lol.  She'll kill me for this picture when she's older, I'm sure.
Chris trying to get some Annyson love.
Somebody got a little carried away with her chocolate cupcake and was pretty proud about it.
Love you Heather!

Next it was time to head out to Brian & Stacey's to see them.  This was my first moment holding Bailey Brooke Bass...and all was right with the world!  Stacey's Aunt & Uncle beat me in the house by a second so I had to wait a bit.  I got my little cry out after seeing that precious bundle of joy in person.  (I need to remind everyone that my sweet, sentimental, teariness is very endearing. lol)
 She was so snuggly!!
 I couldn't get enough of her.
 Sleepy baby

 blurry but still cute

 check out all that hair

 driving home...isn't it pretty?

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