After Whitney teasing me about taking so many photos and my obsession with capturing "the moments"  I've decided I missed my calling in life. I think people should hire me to be their life photographer. Maybe they're called photo journalists??  You'll understand why after looking at all the pics from my trip to Seattle for my birthday.  A big thanks to Whitney and Jody for having me out.  I had the best time!!
Friday Aug 31, 2012 The scenery was just incredible all weekend!  We ate at a place called Grub for lunch and then walked to an ice cream shop, Molly Moons.  After that, we walked to a park where I captured these next few shots.
 Walking down a very big hill to get to a park.  Look how pretty!

 couldn't wait to get my hands on this little guy
 I think he liked it that I was his back seat bud for the next few days
 Whitney knows how to make you feel special.  I love that she loves her birthday as much as I love mine.  This was waiting for me when I arrived.

Love this Lady!!!  She cooked some delicious spaghetti for dinner. (made me miss her Mama's cooking!!)
Jody was going fly fishing the next am so he had to get his gear ready...including putting spikes in his shoes to add traction.  They were both so intently working on the task, I couldn't resist the urge to click.
  Sept 1, 2012 MY BIRTHDAY!!! Starting off the day with a pic of the new UGA, Russ!
Proudly displaying the UGA flag for the game.
Started my birthday morning off with some yummy coffee in an Oregon mug.  Guess I'll be saying Go Ducks later today. lol
Good morning from this little cutie!  He gave me some good snuggle time this am.  Side bar: I got to enjoy a skype chat with Aunt Susie and a face time chat with my mom, sister in law, and nieces.  Def a happy birthday to me moment.
After the UGA game (thanks to the DAWGS for bringing the W for my birthday) I wanted to go to Pike's Market to do the typical tourist thing.  We saw them do the famous big fish throw. (I felt sorry for some of the onlookers who probably got a little fish slime on them!)
The very first Starbucks

The flowers in the market were def my fave!  they were big, bold colored, beautiful and cheap!!  Mom, you would've been in hog heaven!
This is where the tour stopped.  Whitney and I were both feeling a little claustrophobic.  I came, I saw, can we go eat lunch now?? :)
We ate lunch at Etta's Seafood.  We both got yummy salad's with a side of bacon french fries.  The waiter was gonna throw in a free birthday dessert, but I told him the fries were enough calories so he took them off our bill.
Our lunch pretty! Well, not the car, but you can imagine the rest.
Did I mention I love this lady?  I liked this pic of her a lot.

It's my birthday...I'm at lunch with my lovely cousin (who I always felt was more like a sister)...the Bulldogs's sunny-we're eating outside-and I'm not sweating bc it's the perfect cool temp here-friends and family are blowing up my phone with love...and I wore this shirt 2 years ago and looked back at the pic and I'm definitely wearing it much better now!
This is how you watch college football!!!  Whitney and Jody had some friends coming over that wanted to watch the Washington game, but it was on at the same time as the Oregon problem. lol
The boys are ready for their game
Sushi birthday dinner!  We are kinda cute, aren't we?
walking home from the sushi place
crawling up his stairs and turning for a quick pose!
Of course, the UGA flag couldn't stay up during the O game
Jody even did some landscaping of a bush so his flag would hang properly :)
Happy Birthday to me! Chocolate cherry cupcake :)
Sunday 9-2-12 Church at Mars Hill followed by brunch in Magnolia at Serendipity
 We took a ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island.  The views could not have been prettier.

 Mount Rainier  (it just looked like it was a mirage floating in the clouds)
 Loved the buildings of the city
 cruise ship

 sailing away from the city
 Whitney got some great pics of me with the Seattle skyline

 Bainbridge Island stores are just too cute. First stop was an outdoors shop so I could buy some comfy flip flops to walk around in. lol. Then to this cute little children's boutique.  They had a pet bunny and Harrison had to check her out.
 let's say it all together now...gentle and AWEEEEE!!!!
 Another store had some rather funny and inappropriate cards...this was my fav.
 H checking out the boats while we took a little sit break with our chocolate purchases
 so much goodness (it's my birthday weekend-haha.  Heather 101-I celebrate all month long!)
 We were waiting to drive back on the ferry.  I think H was feeling a little liberated being out of his carseat.  Here's his "touchdown" action.
 Back on the ferry and I caught this moment.
 The Duvall's

 I'm not self absorbed, but I really like this pic!
 We went downtown to Jody's office to check out the city views.

 One of the stadiums
 A waiting room at the law firm
 A conference room...with a view!
 the outside door that Jody & Whitney's reflection are in the reflection

We ended the night at a BBQ at J & W's old neighbor's home in Magnolia.  I didn't take any pics from this event, but we did have a lot of fun.

 Monday 9-3-12 Happy Labor Day  Whitney, Harrison and I set out on a morning run.  The view was great and the temperature was even better! It was cool with a crisp air.
 Another view of the run
So I wimped out after the first 2 miles.  We completed the 3.5mile loop of the neighborhood.  I was hoping that I would run faster and longer knowing that my pride would kick in being with W, but it didn't.  Oh well.  Another process in life. 
 I really couldn't get enough of this view.  We went to a picnic at Ella Bailey park with J & W's community group from church. 

 helping H hang on the monkey bars
 love this little guy and that face...he was having so much fun
 H was excited to see a doggy in the park
 Playing with Seth
 Jody and Whitney playing frisbee and looking good
 showing H how to kick the ball into the goal
We headed back to the house so Jody could get his fantasy football draft on and we could have a little girl time. (plus H of course)
 Catherine Golden is from Valdosta and lives in Seattle.  We went to high school together and keep up with each other on facebook.    She was so sweet to send me an encouraging message when I announced my move to Nashville.  I was so excited to get to see her while I was in Seattle.  It was so good to see her and catch up.
 Ending the day with bath time fun!!  He was quite entertaining
 He loves the bath!
 I could kiss that little face for days!
 baby mohawk
 playing with Mommy

 my fave shot of the day
 Tuesday 9-4-12  Morning snuggle time with Harrison.  I'm gonna miss him!  (Gotta love instagram for making me look ok enough to post a pic before a shower or makeup)
 One last picture at the airport.  I kept thinking about what Whitney said when our family left hers in Oregon...just gotta rip the band aid off.  Quick hug and I love yous and tried to hide my tears under my sunglasses.  (I'm such a sentimental sap, I just teared up looking at this pic)  Whitney, I love you so much!  Thanks for making my birthday wonderful!!!
 Somewhere over the United States
I got a little surprise from Valdosta when I arrived home.  Thanks to Ashley & Melanie for my jewels.