An August to Remember

Aug 1st- I'm glad I wasn't trying to sleep in this am since this ^ was happening diagonally across the street from us.  While I was pretty excited about this dilapidated house being torn down, I didn't really think about the new construction sounds that would also soon begin.  Oh well.  They are putting the new house up pretty quickly!
 So, yes I went to support Chic Fil A on Aug 1st.  I know gay people and I have friends that are gay and it is not my place to judge their lifestyle even though I don't agree with it. That's not why I went though. I went to support the owner of Chic Fil A in his right to freedom of speech.  He owns a Christian company and has every right to say what he believes as truth.  He didn't say he wouldn't serve  or hire gay people which would be discrimination, he simply said he wasn't in support of gay marriage.
I was glad to see there was such a huge support in Nashville since everyone in GA were posting their pics on fb of their restaurants.
 8-2-12 A quick trip to Target before heading out to a Songwriter's show.  Raeanna sent me a text to say look up at the moon.  It was so full and luminous.
 Hotel Indigo West End: Tommy Harden, Reba's drummer, with his wife played in the round.
 Chase Yaklin is a songwriter and working on an artist deal.  He has such a smooth voice and song topics to make a girl swoon.
 Jeremy multitasking :)
 I love it when he plays here so he can crank it out on the piano.
8-7-12 I hit my 3 mile solid run mark...finally!!!
 Their first day of Kindergarten!!!  I called them on my way to the Y (5:45 my time, 6:45 theirs) and they were so excited.  They were excited that they were going to school with their Momma and were getting to eat breakfast at school.
 Melanie sent me a pic of the boys ready for their first day of school at Valwood.  Ashton, Bay, and Mills.  I can't believe Mills is old enough to go to school all day! They're such little handsome fellas.
 8-9-12 The Listening Room was having a party to celebrate the end of this location and the beginning of a bigger, better place to spotlight Songwriters.  I got to hear so many talented people play incliding my buddy, Jayce Hein.  In the middle is Nicole Johnson. (You'll see her on the next season of The Voice starting in Sept) On the end is Alissa Moreno.  She wrote the song "Everyday" made popular by Rascal Flatts.
I had too much stuff on my phone so it wouldn't record the whole time, but you can get an idea of the beauty and power of Alissa's voice
 Love me some Emilee

8-10-12 Tony, head of our Laundry staff, was out of town for his birthday so we celebrated a week late.  We would not be able to function without Tony!  He knows everything about the Spa. The girls in the pic are some of our other laundry staff.
 As for these cakes...I wish I had never tasted them.  There's a store up here called Nothing Bundt Cakes.  The moistest cake with the most delicious cream cheese icing ever.  They got a red velvet, lemon, and chocolate chip. Amazing!
8-11-12 I'm needing a lot of extra encouragement these days.  I hate that I've been slacking, but I'm having trouble beating back my old bad habits.
 8-12-12 Christy went with me to see the American Idol show at the Bridgestone.

 I thought my camera was in my car, but realized when we got to the venue that it wasn't.  I was a little bummed so I only took a few pics and the rest are videos to enjoy.

Phillip Phillips the winner of the last season of American Idol!

8-13-12 I found a new have place in East Nashville.  It's called The Pharmacy.  They have wonderful burgers and the outside seating is perfect.  I couldn't get over how great the weather was feeling this night.  I mean sitting outside in August and not sweating =amazing!
I went to The 5 Spot after dinner to meet some friends from work.  On Monday nights, they only play vinyl records so it's such a cool place to be.  You can hear anything from Aretha Franklin's 'RESPECT' to the Jackson Five to songs like "Tell Me Something Good" and "Heat Wave"
Christy H (LMT), me, Ashley (receptionist), and Anastasia (Nail Tech)

 Ashley and her hubby Andrew  They just got back from a 3 week mission trip to Honduras. Check out his vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt.
 They even have a huge screen that plays black and white videos of the singers from back in the day

 Excuse my hot mess that is my hair.  It gets a little hot in there.  I love sweet Ashley!  I'm so sad she's leaving the Spa, but excited for what God has in store for her!
 KC (receptionist) finally arrived to join in on the fun.
 8-14-12  Better late than never...I sent Annyson her birthday present (which took a week to get there somehow) and Kristy sent me this great picture of her right after she opened it.  I even got to Skype with her for a minute and see her cute little expressions.
 8-14-12 Catherine needed to scope out a place to have a work party so I got to be the tag along "researcher"  It was a beautiful day and we had the best seat at Cabana!
 I'm totally gonna be running extra for this one.  Hangar steak, potatoes, asparagus, fried egg and hollandaise.
 The scenery of the back room at Cabana.
 A couple more inspirations...not sure why this month has been so difficult.

 8-16-12 We had a little crazy overnight storm...
 followed by a week's worth of beautiful sunny weather!  This day the temp was 86 and there was such a nice breeze.  Yes, I'm a little enamored with the delightful August weather in Nashville!

8-21-12 Raeanna and Josh took me out to Sambucca for an early birthday dinner.  The title of the desserts was too much for me to not take a picture of. lol
 Love these guys!!
 We got a lot of food and shared.
 Pretty excited about my creme brûlée and my chocolate "Happy Birthday"
 Very happy camper
 8-23-12 My friends, Leigh Ann and Cole, were coming to town for a wedding.  They came up a day early and stayed at my house. Dinner at Cabana was delicious again.

 We decided to do a little back porch sittin' with Cole's iPod
 "Brown Eyed Girl" came on which prompted a little shag dancing...I told them they needed to practice before the wedding.

 A little Cole Sandwich
 8-23-12 Breakfast at Pancake Pantry with Cole & Leigh Ann
Christian, Christy's boyfriend, is the drummer for Thomas Rhett, our GA boy!  We were supposed to go see Thomas play in ATL on Friday, but he got sick and had to cancel his show.  We were a little bummed so we grabbed some yummy Mexican at Rose Peppers and went back to Christian's for some more back porch sittin'
8-26-12 I was feeling a little down today so I thought a pedicure would perk me right up!  What better than putting a little GO DAWGS red on my I'm ready for football season.
 Anastasia and I rocking our stripes out in East Nashville.
 Her cool ring
The decor in 308 in East Nashville is...unexpected. lol
 8-27-12 Pigeon Forge trip Stacey and her family were in PG for a week's vacation.  They invited me to come and spend the night and hang out. What's a 3 1/2 hr drive to see your best friend and her baby...done!
 Dinner (forgot the name of the place) was some delicious seafood.  Bailey was so happy and I was happy to see her!!!

 Grandaddy and MeMe (Stacey's parents) with Bailey
 Challenge accepted!!
 Patti loves the cookie cake so I brought her one from Nashville
 She was excited and surprised
 She loves her jumper

 I haven't played in over a year...and still came out with the W!!!!
 8-28-12 Bailey ready for some breakfast.
 Now this screams peaceful morning!
Having to get 4 new ones of these was not what I had in mind for this trip or my savings account!  I knew my tires were getting low on the tread and worn, but I had no idea how much!  Stacey's Dad pointed out that I needed air in my tire as Brian, Stacey's husband, was moving my car out of the way this morning. Upon further inspection, there were 2 rips in my tire and the boys were surprised I hadn't had a blow out.  Brian drove it to a tire place and you can guess the rest.  The blessing was that I had Stacey to keep me from having a complete emotional breakdown about the whole situation and the guys to be helpful enough in the testosterone department!  Thank you Lord for your protection.
While my car was being fixed, we headed to the outlets.  The tire bill hindered my shopping, but Bailey snuggling my chest sound asleep definitely made things better.
The hammock at the cabin.  I love that I thought to take this pic before we left since it turned out so great!

We went to The Christmas Place where I felt like a kid in a candy store.  I love Christmas decor and this store was over the top!

Getting some ideas...
Stacey and I found these bracelets and decided to be full tacky tourists for a moment.

We went back to the cabin for some rest while the guys played golf.  Love that I caught her in a full split.
Dinner at the Applewood started with complimentary apple fritters and apple butter.  To die for!!!
We couldn't resist the old timey photo store.  We knew we'd end up in jail together at some point! haha
They couldn't keep us contained!
One last pic before I got on the road back to Nashville.  Thanks for the smiles and the memories!