The rest of the story...finishing out July

 7-6-12 Another Massage Therapist friend, Christy Hilger and I after a long day of work!
Side bar: This morning, I tried the H2O cardio class at the Y since I love swimming and the water so turned out to be Senior Citizen social hour. lol
7-7-12 A little happiness came in the mail today!!
 7-7-12 Jeremy's round at the Commodore w/Christy B, Heather, and Laura  After the show, we sat on the patio and chatted.  We got a little evening shower that created the most heavenly cool breeze.  It was a gift for sure!
 Random I know, but it's so me!
 I must be dreaming!  It's been in the 100's for a couple of weeks and now we are supposed to have 80 degree weather???  So excited for a little relief!
 7-10-12 Happy 30th Birthday to Kelly
 dinner at Taco Mamacita...the food was great and the scenery was very cool

 Spikit was in the recording studio laying down some drum tracks.  It was my first time at The Sound Shop and I was a little giddy!
 Look at all the buttons

 See Dolly?
Kenny Rogers, The Gambler gold record
 7-15-12 Today,  I tried a church in Nashville~Cross Point Community Church.  One of my clients invited me. I enjoyed the service. Now it's onto seeing what they're all about.

7-16-12 Got a big ole realization of God's providence when I got some news about one of my exes today.  Whew!!!  Thank you Lord!!!!

 If only...
7-21-12 I love that my lemonade w/ frozen raspberries turned into a little red, white, and blue pretty drink!
 Raeanna's friend had us over for dinner and we cooked a feast.  This salad that Raeanna made was delish!
 ready for the grill
 the hash I cooked (and by cooked, I mean stirred on the stove.)
 My buffalo chicken dip was a hit.
Making some fresh balsamic vinaigrette for the salad  (a team effort)
 Love her!!!!
 too cute
 Now this is the way to spend your Saturday night
 Scored 147 points on Josh in one turn (only a little prideful. haha)
 It's probably a good thing I was behind in this post since David and I ended after a month.   It's a memory and some?? lesson learned so I'm including it.
 The Pashmina David brought me back from Nepal
 David with his business partner in London with the Olympic rings behind them.  They flew into London before heading to Nepal.  I can't wait for the Olympics to start!!!
 happy for a moment in time, but God obviously has someone better in store for us both
7-30-12 These little faces (and my sister in law) definitely made my day! They showed me some of their back to school items.
I got to Skype with Bailey and Stacey today too.  Bailey was playing with a flashlight blinding her Mama, but she was so excited.
Look at that face!!!
My first homemade blueberry cobbler.
Thanks to Ray for the recipe.
7-31-12 I worked 6 days in a row so I needed some major R & R.  Christy B and I went to the Oryland hotel's pool and melted the day day away.  I went to get a massage afterwards and had dinner cooked for me that night too.  It was almost perfect.

dressed up for dinner/date night
Maybe this is what it's all about!!!
 So I may have gone back to my unhealthy ways of eating after the break up for a moment, but I didn't stay there for long and decided to choose myself over unhappiness and got right back into the gym. 

 Oh and for my Mama and my Aunts who want to know all the goods...just remember, sometimes like in this case, the goods don't work out and I have enough trouble getting my hopes up without being egged on. k?  love y'all