Ready for some sun...Emma and Ella Grace. We picked up Smoking Pig after church and ate at Chris and Heather's since Aunt Susie was in Oregon with Whitney! The girls wanted to go swimming after lunch and Chris' friends Brooke and Steven came over to see the house. It was a beautiful day.
Loving on each other. Ella Grace wanted her sunglasses.

Look at those hineys! They were checking out the temp of the water
Daddy putting Emma in the pool.
How close can I get to Aunt Heather's new camera?
My turn, Emma says.

Emma running...Chris told his buddy Steven that he was so happy to have a yard now where the girls have room to run and play.
A future soccer player???
Just so stinkin cute!


Rylin didn't quite know what to think of her Mama blowing out the candle or maybe it was our singing that gave her that face?.

So funny. Brooke was saying "My Nana" to Rylin and she did not like it one bit!
Too many flashes going off to not get the creepy eyes, but you get the picture. Robbie, Brooke, Rylin and Baby.
Rylin carrying a present to her Mommy to open. How adorable.
Brooke with her Vera Bradley lunch boxes from her Grandma Partin.
Caught her off guard...but isn't she cute!


On Saturday, we had Amanda's wedding shower. We gave her this apron and had everyone write words of advice or love on it. She modeled it with a couple of her gifts after all the guests left.
Amanda opening presents with her sweet mom by her side.
My gifts to Amanda and Dan.

Best Friends
The spread!
Me, Amanda, and Kathy Prater the other Hostess
Dan and Amanda had their Engagement Supper on Friday night at Ocean Pond. Ocean Pond is notorious for their yummy fried chicken and Southern sides. I love this pic of them.
Melanie and Amanda being "classic".
Say Cheese! I love my friends!
Melanie, Ashley, and me. They were my dates for the evening.
Love You Dan!
Me and Mel

Amanda and me
Best Buds...
Matt, Amanda's brother and Madison, his girlfriend
The Three Amigos at the end of a fun night.


Giving Mommy sweet!

They seriousloy love saying cccccchhhhhhhheeeeeeeessssssssseeeeeeeee.

Mom had a little eye surgery done so we opted for the sunglasses on photo this year! Love You Mom!!
Daddy and Ella Grace

It's photo opp time while waiting on our food at Longhorn...

Jay, Angie, Aunt Susie, Kristy, and Sam. I love my family!

Jay and Angie were the first to arrive to hopefully secure us a table quickly.

I love this sweet girl!


I cried a lot today. Not sure why today was any different than any other. Just woke up missing my dad! I've been thinking about him a lot lately and the memories we made. So for the most part they are sweet tears. I just saw a picture of a friend on her wedding day giving her dad a handkerchief that read..."You'll always be the first man I ever loved." It was so sweet and that turned into the ugly cry. The... I miss you and wish for anything in the world that you were here cry. So I wanted to write today and tell my dad...You'll always be the first man I ever loved. Just in case God allows him to see this today or really I just wanted to put it out there in the universe. Thanks God for giving me such a great man to love.


I mean cute are they!!! Ella Grace and Emma before their end of the year program at Perimeter Road Christian School.

The performance pics were dark. I am going to have to seek professional help. (No jokes on that one because I know there could be many) This is Emma when her class first got up to sing.
The Director loves the girls and always tries to comfort them and get them to perform.
Look at Emma's face!!
Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes...
And hear come the crocodile tears
Ella Grace did well for the most part.
Loving on each other after the program!
Mama time...Chris was away at UGA for his Banking school program. Yes, for all of you who didn't know....Chris will eventually add a degree to his two from VSU. This one from UGA!!! Couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

Ella Grace and Mommy
Mommy and Emma
Aunt Susie tickling Ella Grace
Aunt Heather loves her nieces more than words can express...and yes, I wore my pink scrubs to match the girls!
sweet, precious, joys of my life...just got teary eyed writing that!

Kristy came to watch them perform too.

We went to eat at Wooden Nickel after their performance and had a little photo opp while we waited on our food.

up close and personal...Ella Grace was being a ham!
and to prove it...she made her daddy face...I mean doesn't that look like Chris Butler!!

Love You Ella Grace