Chris and Heather hosted Easter lunch at their house this year!
The girls opening their presents form Aunt Heather

reading books and holding their Bunnies. How sweet!
Can you hear everyone, hold hands, stand next to your sister, please, pretty smiles...yep cause that's about what went on!

my favorite picture of the day! Ella Grace just happened to be sitting like this and I just happened to be able to get the shot!
Emma thinking what can I get into now!

I think I'll ride my bike.

Mommy and Emma

Ella Grace and I had our own photo session.


Aunt Heather and Emma

Daddy hiding Easter eggs

Kristy hiding eggs

Jay...being Jay! Gotta love him!

Gigi helping find eggs.
Emma wanted her candy inside the eggs more than she wanted to keep going and finding more.

The eggs were little animals. It was really cute how they would yell out, I got a monkey or whatever it was that they found.

We had to all help towards the end.

Mommy and Ella Grace
Gigi bought the girls their Easter casual outfit with matching hats which were a big blessing since it was warm.

Mimi and the girls
I love my sister in law!

Sam and Jay (I took this for you, Whitney!)

Kristy helping Emma eat ice. Ella Grace thinking, I want some!

Me and my mama

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Hannah Hoffmann said...

Cute pictures! Just tell the girls not to eat ice around Aunt Ruth and Mama!