It was a beautiful ceremony and great reception. Mr Jake Purvis and Mrs. Tara Purvis

Dancing the night away

I don't know what that fleck is on Sam's face, maybe it's a reflection from Kristy's bling in her ears! This was actually the last picture I took before the demise of my camera!

My favorite picture I took all night! Love Trista and Joey
Charlie and Katherine...after 3 pics of Charlie making funny faces, I finally got this one!
Me with my precious friends! Thanks for letting me be apart of your day.
Love you Tara

Love You Jake!

Me and Kristy early in the evening!

Rozie and Justin are such good friends!

Justin Purvis and Lindsey Davis...they always take the cute couple picture award!

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Leslie said...

Love your dress in these pics Heather. I think I need to follow you around and just take all your old clothes.