Finishing up February...

I've been wanting to try out this Butternut squash hash recipe I found online.  I felt the need to take a pic of half of the cubed up squash that did NOT end up in me having to go to the ER bc I cut off my finger. (Have you ever tried to cut up a butternut squash?-thankfully Raeanna has good knives. lol)
 Yep-that's the knife-just call me top chef (wearing my Wicked apron that Raeanna got me after we went to see it in Oct)
 so so good!  Wish I had made more!  Full Recipe

I took this at the end of January, but forgot to post it. Here's my new way to keep me from texting while driving. lol. Wrote that for you, Mom.  Love my new GPS/phone holder I got from the Mac store. It's made by a company in Nashville and was the perfect thing I was looking for.
 2-19-12 Another snow or sleet storm as some called it.
Walking into magical to me.

 2-20-12  Missed my biweekly Starbucks run because I walked out to find my car iced over!  The rearview mirrors, windows, and even the door was a little hard to open.
2-20-12 "Gluten throws havoc on our digestive system, inhibits nutrient absorption and produces systemic inflammation that can cause obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. The battle of the waistline is actually a battle of the taste buds. The sweet taste of processed foods unfortunately does not have sweet outcomes. The inner aisles of the supermarket may shorten your life.--I knew there was a reason I was trying to eat gluten free when I can."  Found this on a health website I subscribe to.  I have been trying to cut out gluten that I blatantly know'd be surprised at how many foods/sauces have gluten in them!  PS-I ended February by being down 26lbs!!!!!

2-23-12 went for a walk with my new friend, Emilee.  It was a brisk 40min walk soaking up some much needed Vitamin D...ahhh

2-24-12 Epic fail at my weather check...yesterday sunny 70= cotton skirt no leggings so today I thought why not? Um bc it's 52 and we're under a wind advisory. 

 2-26-12 Quick trip to Valdosta.  My friend, Lance, lost his dad on the 25th and I felt like I should go see him.  He and his wife Sandra have been really good, supportive, Christian friends for a lot of years. He's been like a big brother to me so I wanted to give him some love during a not so great time.  The funeral visitation was in Soperton, GA which is an hour east from Macon.  I had just gotten through saying how much I wished I could go see Rigsby.  Ray was there for the weekend and graciously shared her with me.  I held her for an hour and my heart was so happy and thankful.  She smiled at me and let me hold her tiny little fingers and slept in my arms. I can't wait for her to be back home with her entire family!
I am very thankful for this place, but hope that no more of my friends or family ever have to be here again. I did get to see the Ronald McDonald house where the Valdosta Junior Service League has donated money to in the past.  I've known others who have stayed there when their babies were sick so it was neat to see the building.

Lance and Sandra were really surprised to see me at the visitation.  It was really worth the 7 hr drive.  I stayed until it was over and went to Lance's childhood home afterwards.  I'm so thankful for some other friends, Scott and Sherri Willis, who were there so I didn't have to walk into the funeral home by myself. (something I still don't do well with) They also let me follow them back to Valdosta. Soperton to Valdosta is all back roads and darkness.  Scott would turn on his R or L blinker when he saw a deer on the coordinating side of the road.  There was no way I was going to fall asleep on the drive back since the deer count was up to about 16 when I stopped counting.  I got into Mom's around 1:45am.
 2-27-12 First objective  of the day...surprise these little ones at school.  (Well after a coffee from Eliano's which I no longer enjoy thanks to my Starbucks on every corner new hometown)  The look on their faces was priceless.  Emma saw me first and she just looked so confused.  Then it was like a little switch went off and she said Ella, look!  (Her back was to me) Thanks to Trina for letting me have a little time with them.  Their hugs are simply the best!  I didn't stay long.  Their classmates were a little over excited for a visitor. lol.  Thanks to BB for taking this sweet pic of us!
I couldn't stop by the school without getting some love from Annyson!  She was looking a little sleepy when I walked in.  I walked right over to her and picked her up and gave her some good sugar!  She let me take her passy out so we could take this pic.
 Next stop, Ray & Lacy's house to see Lacy, Mary Bennett, and Bubba!  I took them some Chic Fil A and had a great visit.  Lacy told MB that I was coming and she said "Aunt Heather, yay! I miss her"  That warmed my heart!!!  She later decided she wasn't in the picture taking mood.  Bubba gave me some super good sugar and i loved hearing how grown he is talking now.  This was him making a run for it right before the pic. lol.
Love this little man!  Glad I got to spend time with Lacy too!  I miss our chats...she's so sweet and insightful and encouraging.  (even with everything they had going on)
 Lunch with mom and Aunt Susie at 306 North.  I'd been craving their seared (rare) tuna app so the Ladies picked a good spot.  It was great catching up for the few minutes we had together.
Aunt Susie rushed off back to work before I could get a pic so I rode over to VSU.  The grandchildren are proudly displayed on her desk for anyone who's wondering. :)
 I try to make the most out of my visits which sometimes just means seeing whoever's schedule fits into mine too.  Glad I got to pop in to see Jenny!  We got a few minutes to chat before her girls got home from school.  She always reminds me of the important things and is so encouraging.  I can't say how thankful I am that God put us in each others lives.
Next, I went to see Brooke and her girls.  The bonus was that they were at her parents house so I got to see Mr Scott & Mrs Angie too.  Brooke had just gotten off work as a PE teacher so she wouldn't take a picture with me.  I settled for the thing that I will always equate to a memory with her...Nike tennis shoes.  I love that we can always pick up right where we left off.

Then it was off to Chris & Heather's house to see the girls before gymnastics.  This is when the girls sat in front of me and told me simultaneously that they had Jesus in their hearts.  My heart was overjoyed.  I already had been told the good news by Brooke (bc I threatened her to keep me in the loop of things) but it was wonderfully delightful to hear them say the words.
Love this!  A quick moment before going to their gymnastics class.  They are getting so good!

Popped into see Dan & Amanda Tillman and see sweet Emerson.  She's crawling now and so stinking cute!!!

Ended the day with dinner at The Moorman's.  Ashley has now become a workout/health nut and looks amazing.  The boys haven't changed other than growing like weeds.  Mel and I chatted away like usual. I wish all days in Valdosta were this way.

Tuesday 2-28-12
My Dad's birthday.  I did sleep in a little. I shed some tears about how much I missed him.
I love this pic...reminds me of my strong, healthy Father who did everything he could to protect and serve!

I had some errands to run this day, but I just bypassed it all.  My bff, Stacey, took half the day off so I could spend time with her and Bailey. I can't say how much I appreciated that.  It helped me not be sad and made me feel very special and loved.
 Stacey even put her in the onesie I got her.  (Yes, I got her other clothes, but this one is easy to remember that it came from me. lol)

A smile in a picture with this little angel was just what I needed to make the 7 hr drive home.