Ok, I'm almost caught up with my speed posting...just lacking Christmas and New Years! However, I had to interrupt and tell y'all about my dream on Sunday afternoon. I have talked to several friends who have lost parents and they said they all had great dreams of them. I was beginning to wonder why I hadn't had this great experience. I kept telling myself that when I was ready it would happen or maybe I'm just not the dreaming type. Well, I laid down for a normal Sunday afternoon nap and dreamt the happiest dream ever. I could clearly see my Dad! We were in the kitchen of the Iola house. It was not a surprise to me because I have such found memories of him being the Chef in that house. He was standing over the sink...I'm not sure what he was doing. I like to think he was peeling the shells off of eggs in preparation for deviled eggs for a Holiday. Anyways, I was sitting on the counter in front of his empty medicine cabinet and we just talked. We talked about all the things that he had missed over the last year and a half. We talked about his funeral and all the wonderful tributes that people had paid him. We never talked about Heaven...I just remember feeling like it wasn't necessary. He was the same wonderful Daddy that I knew and loved so I just spent some time with him.
I remember waking up from my dream because my cell phone rang. Needless to say, I didn't answer it. I had to process everything that had just happened. However, the biggest thing I realized was that I wasn't sad. I didn't wake up crying. It was just this blessing that God had given me. I got to spend some time with my Dad. I am eternally grateful to God for allowing me to have such a happy dream.


start at the bottom and read up. And the last shall be first...Amanda and I finally exchanged presents after the new year. She was getting a massage after this pic and didn't know we were taking one. hehe
Ashton, Mills, Me, and Bay...I love these boys. It's been so fun watching you grow!

Mills eating some cookies that I got him. Along with a movie, I got the big boys cookie dough, which they love. I just decided Mills needed the real thing.

I went to Melanie and Ashley's on the 26th to have Christmas with them. Melanie was showing off her new cute glass and sportin the light up Christmas necklace.

I'm such a good Aunt for letting Emma fix my hair. No time to be tenderheaded. Oh yes, she actually said she needed some spray, the no tangles spray that is. Thankfully Mommy said no.

figuring it all out

this was a pretty priceless moment. They came into the living room and saw their big dollhouse.

showing off her ballet skirt from Gigi

They get an ornament from me each year.

snugglin with her Daddy (thank goodness for zoom cameras bc Chris still isn't into photos.)

It was a skirt, but she doesn't quite get the whole "hold it up to you so I can take a picture" process.

Ella Grace was also enjoying the cartoon, but wasn't getting far away from her stash.

It's Christmas time at the Butler's. After we leave Grandma's we go to Chris and Heather's and have our little family Christmas. Emma was so fascinated by a cartoon that was on tv that it took her a minute to notice her loot.

My sweet Emma. (minus my terribly too short bangs that wouldn't cooperate...this was a great picture)

Scott should never be left alone with a loaded gun! He's such a kid at heart.

It was a gray day, but I still saw the beauty in it.
I rode with Whitney and Jody on the golf cart around the farm. Did I mention it was cold and windy? I didn't care. What we did care about was how close Jody kept getting us to the very large herd of cows. At one point, I swear we were in the middle of a circle of them.

I am blessed because you are in my life.

Sister and Brother photo. This was a pause in the Phase 10 game...that I won for the third consecutive holiday! Yes, I'm proud.

Whitney sporting Emma's hairbow

Uncle Jim having an after lunch nap.

My cousin James

Look how sweet!

I think this pic is a sign of things to come...

Whitney and her sidekick Emma. Jaedan was also loving a little puppy.

Heather showing the girls the puppies. They were so new that they hadn't even opened their eyes yet.

Kristy doing the handover.

My cousin Taylor was under the house getting the puppies for us to see.

I love it when she snuggles close!

While we were waiting on our annual Phase 10 game to begin, Heather took us on their new golf cart doen the road to Uncle Jim's house. His dog had just had puppies. It made for some cute pics, but it was COLD riding down there!

Ella Grace and Kristy...look at that toy. It was probably around when my mom was a child. The kids don't care.

The girls adored Whitney! They really wouldn't let her leave their sight for very long. It was so cute. She is going to be an excellent mother some day!

My sweet Aunt Susie

Love, Love

Uncle Scott came to Valdosta and spent a few days at my mom's house. He brought his friend, Noelle and her three children. This is her with Logan.

Christmas at the farm...

My little house all lit up.

Jay and Jody being their usual characters.

Baby Warren had a little traditional Christmas food and then decided he/she wanted chips and salsa.

Hence why Jody took this picture so it was a little further off. Thanks for being like a sister to me.

Whitney will probably say this is too up close and personal, but I like it!

Sweet little Logan...I was trying to capture his extra long eyelashes!! He was still warming up to the family.

The cute Warrens. Can't wait to have baby Warren in this pic next year.

My mom and Uncle Scott having a brother sister moment.

The cute Duvall couple.

Patsy makes the BEST chicken and dumplins. Also a random picture moment, but just go with it. It's a growing up memory that I wanted to capture digitally.

We had Christmas Eve dinner at Patsy and Ernie's and I made this super yummy salad. It was pretty so I was cheesy and took a picture.

Emily and I had our annual Christmas Eve fun. Amanda came and sat with us for a little while. Hopefully her clients will catch on to the gloriousness of gift certificates. After a lot of pictures, we settled on this one being the cutest. I tried not to think about it being her last Christmas Eve at Serenity and to just enjoy the time together. We traded presents and ate Buffalo Wilds Wings. I got an Itunes gift card and a super cute turquoise and silver pandora charm.

I also had an awesome Sunday School Christmas party at the home of Shelly Collins. It was a smaller group of ladies, but the food was yummy and the company was great! We played dirta Santa with Christmas ornaments and I ended up with a super cute ornament that looked like a stocking from Pier 1.

So I know this will probably seem silly, but I was very proud of myself. Ever since I lost my Dad, I have had a major desire to learn how to cook things that he made or staples that our extended family makes. Afterall, his passing taught me that the Aunts and Uncles won't be around forever to cook the brunswick stew and turkey and dressing and ect. So yes at the ripe age of 28...this was my first attempt and making deviled eggs.

Devin and Preston

Another Holiday treat was that Devin and Karen and Karlyn and Preston were in town. I spent time with them over Thanskgiving and these are actually pictures from then. I just had to show you how cute Preston is! I had a great time with them all. I basically hug out at Devin's parents house for a couple of nights and on their last night Devin and Karen came to my house. A lot of cleaning was involved. Devin is a Southern Gospel singer and while he was here at Christmas got an offer to sing with a pretty outstanding group Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. It was so neat being around him while his phone was blowing up with all the congratulations messages. Ofcourse he will miss singing with Grammy nominated group, Karen Peck and New River, but this was a dream come true for him. Proud of ya Bud!

Had to be one of the sweetest and funniest moments. Somehow they got to talking about their toes and who had their dad's feet. Well ofcourse they had to pull off their socks and check each other's feet out to see who had the Warren traits and who had the Rigsby's.

On Friday night, Kristy was getting into town from a work trip so she was a little worn out.

On Sunday of their visit, we had lunch at Sam & Kristy's house. We were all enjoying ourselves so much that we forgot to take any pics. I snagged this one of me and Jody on my phone. Love Ya!

the topper... I did it all by myself

my beautiful Christmas tree

the sisters in law

Whitney and Lacy

Ray and Lacy arrived and the boys really went into competitive mode with Ray's wii games.

Whitney thought I had a ridiculous amount of Christmas cards. I told her "I can't help it that people love me. What she didn't know is I got like 25 more after this night. Thanks to all the great senders. I enjoyed...and am still enjoying...each and every one of them.

Kristy and me...finally got a pic we both liked. Love ya! I think we are going to make cousin game night a new tradition.

I love my cousin Whitney. I think it's an ongoing theme whenever I have a post about her. She was once again very insightful and loving. The ladies had a great time talking.

the guys tosterone levels were pretty high

Wii game night at my house

Dec 11th-Lance and Sandra's annual Christmas party. We had a lot of fun playing Dirta Santa and eating some really yummy food. I'm still trying to figure out who brought me my gag gift of a Superman tshirt. Payback is coming!! Well, atleast the shirt had a good ending...Sandra gave it to a needy child.

I went to Lance and Sandra's on Christmas Eve. We swapped presents and I got to help them play Santa. There's no pictures from this blessed event bc someone was already in their pjs.