My angels!!
Aunt Ann looking at the toy sales papers with Ella Grace and Emma. They were sitting on the kitchen floor.

All bundled up to go outside, but had to take a pic with cousin Jay first.
Ready to go riding with Mommy

Ok, now for the actual picture.
I mean, does it get cuter than this?

Kate and Chuck with Micah, Rae, and David

Me and sweet Rae, my cousin Kate's little girl. (Also, just realized I didn't crop my Uncle Scott's face out of this cute pic. I'm not sure what he was doing.)

Also notice the Phase 10 cards in front of's the score Me: winner for two Thanksgivings in a row Family: gracious losers

GiGi playing with Rae and Ella Grace in the family room at Grandma and Grandaddy's.

Ok, so I'm sure some of you are going to be looking at these scenery pics and think, "Why is she taking these and posting them?" Well, glad you asked. I have only ever had one set of Grandparents to visit on Holidays. I grew up going to Pebble City, a little community inbetween Moultrie and Camilla. My Grandparents worked so hard all their lives to provide for their children and now grandchildren and great grandchildren. The land that once seemed so country and way too quiet now is so beautiful to me because of the history and memories it has attached to it. It was a beautiful day.

I was holding Ella Grace's hand as a security measure. You see Chris and I inherited a lead foot from our Daddy. Apparently Chris' is not limited to a car. I thought it made a sweet pic.

Daddy and his girls

Heather was the official "unhook and rehook the gates on the farm" girl.

Happy Ella Grace

I took this pic as Chris was driving so that's the excuse for why my hair was flying all over the place. Ahh the memory.

The bulls were more friendly than the cows. They almost came right up to Chris and Ella Grace. Let's just say it was close enough that Mommy was a little nervous.

It was cold on Thanksgiving day which is why Chris covered up his bald head. Not real sure why he was wearing shorts though.

Mommy and Emma stealing sweet sugar while waiting on Daddy and Ella Grace as they were looking at the bulls.

Ella Grace asking her Daddy a question. Look at her hand out and that face.

The calf was not liking the attention, but she really was so cute.

I'm sure Emma was saying something funny to get a big grin out of my brother like that.

Look at those sweet grins. Cherish that Daddy/Daughter time!!

Emma on the back of the golf cart. I like the way the sun and wind were catching her hair.

My hand and Emma's little hand.

I love my Aunt Clair. She got onto me at Christmas for not keeping my blog up to date so this little picture post and love are dedicated just for her!

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Your Aunt Clair loves you very much, too!