Easter Weekend 2011

4-21-11 NashVegas came to town!! My sweet friends, Nate and Kelly, came to town for the day. I was blessed for them to stay with me on their brief trip down South for Easter. Nate was looking for a LensCrafters to get his glasses fixed. Online it said that there was one in Valdosta. We walked in the mall, after we warned him there was nothing in our mall, and he said where's the directory of stores. LOL
Their sweet dog Lola Pearl came with them. She was so great it almost made me want a sweet little pup. No worries, I came back to reality and remembered I am never home.
She found a bear that was in my recliner in my bed and brought it out to play.
It became her new friend.
A great night was had by all!

4-22-11 Sam's 30th birthday party at Sam & Kristy's house. Here's a pic of the two newest Prego's in the group, Jeanna and Rozie.
Sabrina and Brian came down for the special event!
Megan, Val, Lacy, and Marty
Tara and Jake got a "little" bit of time away from their newborn.
Jeanna, me, and Kirby (also Preggers)
Amanda and Emily
Love you Cousin!!!
I don't know how we get each other so well, but we do! So thankful for Emily!
Charlie, the other birthday boy, and Katherine
Kristy and Taylor
We all had a lot of fun at the party! It was however funny that the guys stayed outside mostly while the girls played inside.
4-23-11 JENNY!!! I ran into my cousin Whitney's best friend, Jenny Miller Taubel, at the nail salon on Saturday afternoon. She was home for Easter. I actually snapped this pic so I could text it to Whit, but decided she deserved a post on the blog too. We had the best time keeping each other company while we got our pedicures. Love Ya!!
4-24-11 Easter Sunday morning! So thankful for Jesus dying on the cross for my sins, being buried, and rising on the third day. Oh what a sweet day it will be when my Jesus I shall see!

I was so happy to be off to church to celebrate with my church family and then to my brother's house for that celebration.
Quick! Let Aunt Heather take your picture before you change your clothes.

Kristy trying to help Annyson to learn how to walk.
Emma wanted to help her and oh how I'd love to know what that look A was giving her meant!

Can I please hold Annyson?

Nonnie and A playing patty cake
Sam getting some sugar from his baby girl

Her first Easter
Kristy and her Daddy
Jay almost asleep
Egg Hunting Time...Emma's best quote of the day, "The Easter Bunny pooped in our yard" and I don't mean eggs!

Cousins Hallie May and Ethan hunted too.
Ella Grace blowing bubbles for A
Daddy showing her how to spin around and use the bubble wand. (Best $1 I ever spent, next to the Princess kites coming up)

Love my Mama!!!!!

trying to figure out how to work the kites

EG got the kite going and had so much fun running with it.
Emma's turn

I told her to smile but she couldn't smile w/o the eggs falling off. lol
The big boys wanted to play too. (What did I tell you? Best $1 ever)

opening their presents from Aunt Heather...lunch totes with their initials of course and a movie and flavored chap stick

It's a keeper!
I was so eggcited to use my new deviled egg plate that I bought last year on sale. So excited that I forgot to take a picture of it. This is the left over eggs. Next year, one dozen will do. Otherwise I'll need to invite Quinn over. :)
My bacon wrapped asparagus was a hit!
Mom carried on the tradition of Dad getting us a chocolate bunny for Easter. However, this year I realized something that will cause us to have to make a new anyone else disturbed my the fact that it says milk chocolate "flavored". (I'm slowly trying to be healthier)
The best part of the day was when Ella Grace gave me these next two sheets of paper. I was coloring with her in Dec and apparently she saw this page again. She wrote her name and I love you on it. She then had her mom write on another page what she wanted to tell me...see below.
I'm so blessed!

My night ended with Devin's mom coming over to my house to watch the Dove awards. They were only being shown on Direct tv and they have Mediacom. She brought us dinner and we had a great time. Devin's group performed on the show and we got to see them and the band and a couple of the wives in the audience shots several times. I was so proud. The best quote of the night was from David Crowder of the David Crowder band when he won an award. He said, "I'm so glad to be in a room full of people who have leveraged their lives to be a part of something bigger than themselves." I've always prayed a little more for my friends in the ministry and that quote just summed up why. The performances were great and God was honored. It was a great way to end Easter Sunday!