Kasey, Casey, and Veyda sent me flowers on 4-8 to get my weekend started out right. They are always so sweet to remember! I had a date with Aunt Susie this afternoon. We went to WalMart and then to her house so she could show me how to make pimento cheese and chicken salad for us to enjoy at the beach. 4-9-11 Girl Cousins Beach Getaway...Kristy, Lacy, and me at One Ocean Resort at Atlantic Beach, FL. The only kind of sand I like between my toes We came prepared!! We had appetizers at Mezza Luna's and then went to Ragtime for Dinner. Both places had great food! The scenery at our booth and my shrimp and grits made me very happy! We ordered dessert room service and I thoroughly enjoyed the creme brulee. 4-10-11 It's been 3 years since my Dad passed away. As much as I wanted to get away and spend some time with my cousins, I also was trying to run away from the memories of that weekend. I had this long post written about grief and pain. Little did I know, like I ever do, that God had something different in store for me. I talked with Whitney through email on Thursday and then Aunt Susie on Friday night. They both helped me to see things a little differently. First, I have to accept what happened, how it happened, and that my life is not going to be the way it was. Second, I have to realize there's a difference in the pain and missing him. I guess not accepting things also blocked me from seeing that there was a difference. I will always miss my Dad, but the pain will not always be around. I have to allow my Heavenly Father to heal me of the pain which includes Him walking with me and holding me through it. Third, I have to appreciate where God has placed me for "such a time as this" (Esther). That includes accepting being single. All of this was tough to hear, but I really feel like something clicked and I finally got it. Don't misunderstand. I have a long road on the journey before me, but I know I have to get back to living in the present and having faith to know I'm right where He wants me to be. I did wake up on this morning with some tears and definitely shed some at different points of the day, but I really feel like they were different tears.
Lacy had to get back to Vtown so it was just us two girls for the day.
Dad's radio call sign...
After a lot of sun, a trip to Five Guys, some yogurt, and then we were headed home.
It was a beautiful day which I'm so thankful to God for giving it to us and allowing me to recognize it.

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Whitney Duvall said...

I love you and I'm so happy that you had an amazing weekend!