Charlotte Ritchie Concert 3-27-11

On Sunday afternoon, I headed to Hawkinsville, GA to see Charlotte Ritchie in concert and see my sweet friend Kelly! I got to hang out with Kelly, Charlotte, Kelly's parents, and her mother in law for a couple of hours before the show. This is Kelly's mother in law, Peggy, introducing Charlotte Getting a hug Charlotte getting the crowd going. So a few songs into the show, her ear monitor battery died. She signaled to Kelly that she needed a new battery. Since Kelly was running the playlist, I took it to her. Nothing like a couple of hundred people looking at you trying to figure out who you are and what you're doing. lol Getting up close and personal with the crowd and being very real in sharing with them. Giving God some glory Kelly running the show. haha Selling some product and meeting the folks Nothing like driving through what seemed like a tornado and definitely was some hail to see a good friend. She and Nate are coming to Valdosta in April which I'm totally stoked about! I am officially a Charlotte Ritchie fan! We chatted before the show and she said she'd be up for getting a house call when I come up for a visit. I love making connections in Nashville!! She is so down to earth and her songs were just what I needed to hear. For those of you who don't know her, you can look her up on YouTube. Her husband, Greg, is an amazingly talented drummer and they have 2 children. We took this pic right before the crew went out to dinner after the show which was full of stories and laughs. I can't leave out how the night ended though. Devin's mom, Mrs. Sandra, figured out that I had driven out of town so she called and kept me company the whole drive home. This is probably the 2nd or 3rd time she's done that. Love her!!

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