Never a dull moment...

Friday, 4-15-11 I met The Moorman's at Steamhouse for dinner and went back to their house to hang out. Bay and Mills wanted a bubble bath so Melanie obliged. Mills yelled out to me..."Miss Hever, come look"

Saturday 4-16-11 Up bright and early on a Saturday morning to save seats for the girl's dance recital. I almost got into a little fight with a lady over some seats. It turned out to be quite comical and she adjusted her attitude. Ella Grace was so cute in her ballet outfit.
Emma looks like she's thinking hard

Gotta love that tongue

ballet outfits

I got to go back stage and help get them into their tap outfits

Stacey Strickland with her twins

all their little friends
the lion sleeps tonight
doing a little shuffle step

so funny that there little line got broken up and couldn't catch back up.
Caroline Hobby in the middle.
The twins were more excited about Annyson being at their recital than anyone else.
Annyson loved watching the girls dance. She rocked back and forth to the music.

Happy Family
Lee Beth and Dain came to see the girls dance...those are good friends!

I will be so sad when the day comes that I can no longer pick them both up at the same time. Until then, I'm treasuring each time I get to hold my sweet nieces!
Ella Grace checking out her presents I got them.

After the recital, I drove to Moultrie for little Cason's 1st birthday party. He paused for a second to take a pic with his Mommy, Katie.
Katie, Corey, and Cason Hill
It took him a little while and a little prodding, but he got into his cake for sure!

Brad and Christy Butterfield
Love my friend, Katie!
Cason's hair standing up should tell you how windy of a day that it was!!
Jocelyn chasing after the bubbles.
Katie's family broke out the silly string...Cason didn't know what to think!
Katie's sister trying to spray her with silly string...Katie took off running and even came out of her shoes trying to get away.
Butter got in some quality time with Cason

opening his present from me

After the birthday party, I decided to head on over to my Grandparent's. This is a portion of Pebble City Road...the road that leads to much love and happiness.
This is the place where love and happiness have bloomed for generations and generations.
I got to have a great chat with my Grandparents and my Aunt Emily. When I pulled up Aunt Em and Grandaddy were going out to take pictures of the cows. Not something I wanted to do so I got to hang out with Grandma. She was having a good day health wise so that's always good. Grandaddy on the other hand was complaining about how he could only work for 1 1/2 hrs each day. I told him he was 80 something years old and should enjoy the rest! I got to eat lunch leftovers with them for dinner. Anytime I get to eat my Grandmother's cooking-it's a good day!
Sunday 4-17-11 Wedding Shower for Ashley Gioia. She and Rachel were checking out the Pampered Chef items she got.
So excited about her Paula Deen cookware
Petit Fours with a 'G' for Gammon, her married name

A delicious spread of desserts
Veyda got a little hungry herself
Kasey and Veyda
The Hostesses with Ashley
Kasey, Ashley, Rachel, and me...A great time was had by all!

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