I ran in my first 5K on Saturday, March 26th. It was the Dosta Dash sponsored by the group that I'm in, The Valdosta Junior Service League. This is me at 7am (a miracle in itself) in front of the League house downtown. I was also honored to be asked to say the prayer before the run started. I had "Magic Fingers" put on the back of the t-shirt I was going to wear while running. It's a nickname one of my clients/friends gave me that stuck. The theme for this year's race was be a "Hero" in your hometown. Some people came dressed in super hero costumes. This was as festive as I was getting for my first run. My friend, Dan, is one of the ones that calls me Magic Fingers so I had to get him to take a pic with me. Running into the finish line. Emily Tillman's mom, Beth, ran/walked with me. She was a trooper and definitely kept me on my toes! Me and Elizabeth after the run. I kept asking her how bad I looked and she kept insisting that I didn't look bad at all. So we took a pic so I could tell if she was telling the truth. :) I was jealous she was enjoying her cup of coffee at 6:45am and I was about to run? a 5K. Who is this person? Last year, I was working the run and enjoying a coke and a donut. This year, I ran and had water and a banana. I still have my bad habits occassionally, but hopefully I'm on the way to a healthier me! My caption on this pic for facebook was "I did it and I didn't die." I finished in 40 minutes and 38 sec and I was perfectly fine with that. In all my training, I had been doing 47 min and the week before this I got it down to 44 min so to drop even more time was awesome. Running on the treadmill is so much easier than the road. On this course there were random hills, temperature changes, trucks blowing fumes, and unlevel ground! I coughed for a solid hour after the run so much so that my friend, Amanda, asked me if I had an inhaler. funny! I will admit anyone can run/walk 3.2miles, but it's definitely a mental thing. Also, once I got done, people were asking me when I was going to do my next one. I now KINDA know how women feel after they give birth and someone says, "are y'all gonna have any more?" Anyways, it was a great experience and I'm thankful God allowed me to do it.

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Hannah Hoffmann said...

Ha!! That made me laugh out loud. It is a fun question when you just survived the first experience.
Way to go, girl. I am not a runner, so I give you major props.