If only all days were this good!

3-5 Jay's Birthday Party at his new rental house. Kristy and Sam got him this cool hammock and Aunt Susie and Annyson decided to make good use of it.
Passed out!!
Jay's roommate had just bought this new recliner for their house so he had to test it out.
Love you Cousin! Happy 25th!!
Mary Bennett was loving on Baby A!
MB yelling at her Mama..."look, she's sitting up like a big girl"

We asked dear, sweet Whitney to send us a pic of the baby bump since we were all together. OOH I could just eat this pic up!
After working in the am and Jay's birthday lunch, I headed to Warner Robins to see The Isaac's and Jason Crabb in concert. My new friend, Thomas, playing the banjo with Becky Isaacs Bowman. He looks so serious and in the zone when he plays which is so different from his otherwise goofy demeanor.
Spikit was having a little fun playing

Sonya's 19 weeks pregnant and found out she's having a little boy. thought it was cool to see Jason sitting with us listening to The Isaac's first set. Also I had to take this pic to give him grief about drinking Dr Pepper before singing. :)

giving a shout out of praise while singing

I'd met him once before and he was just as nice this time! They have such an incredible blend and are so talented!

The Isaac's with Jimmy Yeary and Jason Crabb in the second half of the show. You wanna talk about!

Sonya and Jason were having a little friendly dueling match. It was funny!

Sonya with her husband, Jimmy Yeary. He's the lead singer for Shenandoah. He co-wrote the song "Why Wait" , a #1 hit for Rascall Flatts, about his relationship with Sonya. Too cool!

Jason and the girls sang together in the second half.

Nate's such a great guy! Me and Kelly's mom, Deborah Williams. Love her!

I got to talk to Becky after the show. She's precious and going through some health issues so join me in praying for her.

Nate with his inlaws, Kevin and Deb.

3-6 Sunday lunch at Aunt Susie's... how can you not love that face?

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