iPhones, Weddings, and Babies...Oh My!

Sorry for the delay in posting for the few people who do read this blog!

2-7-11 It was a sad night when after 1 1/2 years and lots of dropping my phone, it finally hit in just the right spot! I had just been to the AT&T store on Thursday night to get a new phone charging cord. The sweet guy helping me told me I was eligible for an upgrade, but I told him I needed to wait. Oh the irony!
That sweet guy, Jamie Phelps, came in on his day off to get me all squared away with the new iPhone 4. Happy Valentine's Day to me from HB Massage, Inc. haha It has a few newer, cooler features that my other one didn't have. It's actually quite sleek and small, but I got this massive case to protect my investment. lol
2-12-11 Jen Adams and Nate Luckey's couples lawn and garden shower. They are getting married on April 2nd.
Me, Jen, and Stacey
Opening her first presents...
Funny that she let Nate open the Belk box knowing it was probably china. :)
Glad her hubby was playing softball so she could go to the shower with me!
2-16-11 Oh Happy Day!!! I had previously told Stacey that when she got pregnant she better not send me a text or let me find out from facebook. She messaged me this day and asked me to go to dinner. I thought it was a little out of the ordinary since we just ate dinner together on Sunday night and had a little Grammy's party. Anyways, the day before I was doing a massage and thinking about my upcoming trip to Nashville. I thought, I need to tell her that if she finds out she's preggers and I'm out of town then she needs to call me and not wait. Also, she had text me the week before asking who the good OB's were in town for a girl she works with. In my defense, I didn't think anything of it bc she had already told me there were a couple of girls pregnant in her office. Hilarious how all these things happened. She got to my office and we were trying to decide where to go eat. I was typing away on my computer when she blurts out I'm pregnant. I screamed, cried, and then laughed. We went to eat at Longhorn and then went to Books A Million so she could get some prego books.
Calling her friend, Danielle, to tell her the good news.
So happy for my friends!!! Can't wait to meet Baby Bass in October!

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