Ernie Haase & Signature Sound/ Good Ole TN Time

EHSS had a show in Vidalia on 2-24. Kelly's parents live in Vidalia and offered me a place to stay after the show before I headed to Nashville. It was a perfect way to start my trip. I actually got into town around 3 and got to have some quality time with them before the show. Their product manager, Frank, asked me to help out at the table which I was glad to do. We chatted it up about massage and life. It was nice getting to know him better.
Wayne and Doug killin' a song in a good way :)
Devin doing his thing. Love that I caught David playing in the background.
This was the first time I was able to see their Cathedrals Influenced show. It was amazing! The guys singing with a recording of George Younce and Glen Payne brought chills to me.

Doug is releasing his first solo project on April 30th. I know it will be great. He gave the crowd a listen to his radio released song "Jesus is holding my hand"

Kelly's mom, Deborah, had my camera and caught this one of Devin. I kept it because it almost looks like he's walking a runway which of course makes me giggle.
Ian, the new bass singer, Devin, Me, and Doug. Ernie was actually not feeling well on this trip so he didn't come out after the show. Also, who knew my red pants were gonna get me talked about quite so much. Hilarious. The older ladies were trying to figure out who I was and kept referring to me as the girl in the red hot pants. Doug wouldn't let that phrase go either. So comical. Now you know why I agonize over what I wear. lol
The guys were recording a radio promo.
Up close with my guys. We hung out for quite a while after the show while the crew were getting things packed up. I found out my dear sweet friend, Devin, stood up for me about something and it just blessed my heart! I am blessed by our friendship over and over. I got my hugs from the guys and headed to the Williams' house. Deb and I stayed up until 1am talking and then I got up at 6:30am to get ready to head to Nashville.
2-25 Well, this wasn't the best way to start the trip to Nashville. After it raining from Vidalia to Macon, I got stuck in the "fast lane" just next to the Tanger outlets. Thank goodness Kelly's sweet Mama made me pancakes for breakfast or I would've been starving to death in the dead stop, car in park, traffic from a couple of accidents.
The TN River. Even though it was overcast, it still looked beautiful to me.
Lola Pearl, Nate and Kelly's dog, greeted me when I arrived.
They were so sweet to wait on me to eat a late lunch. I got there about 2 their time. This started a trend for the weekend...eating! They took me to a place called Rakas. It's a Mediterranean place that was featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. It was delicious! We ran around Hendersonville a little after that and stopped at Sweet CiCi's. It's an amazing yogart (ha) place! You get your yogart and then can put whatever toppings you want on it and then they weigh your cup to see how much it costs. Let's just say a cheesecake bite and reese peanut butter cups were involved

Seriously, I think I gained 5 lbs on this trip. This was my choice. I mean, you can't go wrong with chocolate!!
2-26 Kelly, Karen, Karlyn, Preston and I headed out for a beautiful day of shopping. (these two pics are out of order) After we were done shopping, we stopped at Blue Moon Barbecue which had just opened up. It was so delicious and so cutely decorated.

Karlyn decided to take a load off when we stopped at our last stop of TJ Maxx. Because I loathe that store, I sat with her.
All smiles
She wanted to play with the iPhone
silly face
These girls are bargain shoppers!
Saturday night on the town. Kelly and I went to Casa Vieja and had some yummy Mexican and to a place called Sam's afterwards. I love her more and more as we got to really know each other.
2-27 We went to Long Hollow Baptist Church this morning. Devin and Karen actually officially joined the church this day.

zoomed in, but cute

The family and Zak and I went back to Blue Moon Barbecue after church. It was once again delicious. Then it was nap time before a dinner get together later.
I love this guy. I can't believe God has allowed us to stay such great friends over the years.

Thankful to have Karen in my life and thankful she's loves D so much!

Met Micah Schweinsberg and Jackie Crist this weekend. They came over for dinner and a movie Sunday night and we had a great time. Micah plays drums at the church and Jackie sings with her family. Sweet, sweet couple.

2-28 My Dad's birthday. It definitely did not start off as a great day. It was raining and cold and I woke up crying and wishing I could hug him one more time.
Kelly was so great to me were all my facebook friends that left me the most encouraging words. She, Nate, and I went to Mimi's Cafe for brunch. Oh my word at the french toast and bacon I dug into! Nate left us afterwards to go run errands and Kelly and I went to get massages. We did a little retail therapy, got some Starbucks, and went back to their apt to chill.

Spikit and Lola

Monday night we all got together for Zak's birthday which was 2-26. We went to the Loveless Cafe. The food was slap your Mama good. We stopped in the gift shop afterwards and took this pic. Devin & Karen, Nate & Kelly, Zak, Me, and Thomas. (Thomas plays banjo/guitar for the Isaac's. He's a character too.)


Amazing band played at Margaritaville. This girl could sing!

Cute Couple

Love my new friend!

Shake Rattle and Roll.....

Music City USA stamp gives whole new meaning to the lyrics of the song, Small Town USA. Being a music lover and being in Nashville is just simply incredible!

3-1 Last day in TN :( I got up early to say goodbye to Karen and Karlyn before they headed off to school. Devin and Preston hung around a little longer before having to say goodbye. Did I mention I hate goodbyes! I met Zak for coffee at Starbucks and then went to Nate and Kelly's to hang out. We went and ate at Casa Vieja again before I hit the road. It was an incredibly beautiful day! I only cried...a little...on the way home. lol (Before some of you get your panties in a wad, I love my life in Vtown and my friends and family here, but I love my other friends too.)

Being aroung people who travel for a living, you get the insight on what gas stations from which to stop. Nate got all excited telling me about the QT and all the food options it had. I found one just south of Atlanta before I ran out of gas.

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