Ernie Haase & Signature Sound-Tallahassee, FL

3-9 I got a little crazy and had my toe nails painted blue. Never hurts to try something new, right? Since I had a gift card, I let them paint my finger nails too.
3-10 I went to Tallahassee, FL to see my favorite guys sing and play. I actually took the day off from my office and went and worked on some of the guys at the venue. Traveling for fun and getting paid to work on friends at the same time...I could get used to that. I've already been thinking I need to find a celebrity to fly me back and forth from here and Nashville. insert pipe dream! Here's the guys getting things started...

Fans taking pics before the show. They were holding on to each other so tightly. I was a little worried they weren't gonna let Ernie go, lol.

Ian Owens
Ernie Haase

Devin McGlamery
Doug Anderson
I can't help but laugh at their expressions
Ernie playing the kazoo.

Zak doing what he does best. He played so hard this night, he actually broke two of his sticks. funny
Group photo after the show
Devin and his Mama were walking down the hall holding hands so I had to get a pic. Of course this is the posed version.
Ernie and Mrs. Sandra
Love this Lady to pieces!
Hanging out with the guys after the show while the others loaded up. I love hearing all their funny stories. D was actually complaining because it was a little chilly. I said, "Dude, you live in TN." They got plenty of warm sunny weather on their 12 day tour of Florida. So thankful for being able to spend time with Devin. It's gonna be a while before I see them again :(

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