I cried a lot today. Not sure why today was any different than any other. Just woke up missing my dad! I've been thinking about him a lot lately and the memories we made. So for the most part they are sweet tears. I just saw a picture of a friend on her wedding day giving her dad a handkerchief that read..."You'll always be the first man I ever loved." It was so sweet and that turned into the ugly cry. The... I miss you and wish for anything in the world that you were here cry. So I wanted to write today and tell my dad...You'll always be the first man I ever loved. Just in case God allows him to see this today or really I just wanted to put it out there in the universe. Thanks God for giving me such a great man to love.

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Anonymous said...

how sweet. good cries are "blessings" I always say.He will always be close to you in your heart. Maybe that thought was God's way of reminding you how much he loves you.