First Nashville Predators Game

10-25-11 Raeanna and I went to Smashville to see the Predators play. We ate some gourmet game food from a Food Network booth. The total experience was so interactive and FUN!

A fight almost broke out.
Rinne, the goalie, was stretching before the second half. A week after this game, he signed a 49 million dollar contract for the next 7 years, the highest in the Preds history.
There's music everywhere in Music City!
The halftime games...
A whole group came in with the biggest balloon hats. Interesting!
Didn't realize there were cheerleaders/dancers for hockey. Also interesting.
Sadly, the Preds lost this game, but have been on a winning streak ever since this game. Side note...after watching the guys get beat up on the ice, I wondered if they got massage. After all, The Titans get massage so I assumed the Preds should come in too. I went to work the next day. We have a group meeting called huddle at 1:50 every day. It seemed totally appropriate in my head when I blurted, do we have any Predators that come in? There was a pause. I realized what I said. I quickly said...the hockey players. I meant the hockey players. LOL

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Hannah Hoffmann said...

Laughed out loud! Glad you girls got out for some fun.