November in Pictures

These next pics are out of order taken from my iPhone. Me and my friend, Jennifer Steedley, at the Valdosta High Wildcats football game on 11-26

It rained for about 30 minutes, but I loved it

So, we were supposed to have boiled eggs at Thanksgiving , but we didn't. We had two large family dinners and no one brought deiled eggs. I'm sure this seems silly to you, but it's a tradition. My Dad used to make at least 2 dozen eggs for every Holiday. It just seemed like it was another tradition/memory with/of him that was slipping away. So I went home on Thanksgiving night and made some and Ray, Lacy and I killed them.

Random pic I know. I saw this at the store across the street from my office. I sent the pic to one of my police officer friends to get the scoop...false alarm.

11-22 Amanda, my business partner, and her new bundle of joy.

11-17 So I was a little late exchanging birthday gifts with my nieces and sister in law.

Emma happy about her new coloring book and crayons.

Ella Grace was giddy about getting Toy Story 3.


11-5 Amanda Nijem's baby shower

loving her diaper bag

Lindsey Davis is so talented!

Baby Jack is gonna be so stylish.

Lindsey and me

Trista, Jeanna, me, and Tara

11-6 Heather Ferguson's Surprise 30th Birthday Party

Heather and Ryan

me and Nicole Steel

Butler and North as we were called growing up.

The surprise

me and Jessica King

11-7 Sunday Lunch Mom, Me, and Annyson

Sucking on her Daddy's finger

Kristy and her parents, Marty and Kim

11-19 Preview Party at Merry Marketplace - Elizabeth Oliver and me

The President of the VJSL, Carly, and her husband, Dude.

I was so busy this night that I only took 3 pictures. I'm sure glad this was one of them.

Elizabeth, Nicole, Kristin, and me in front of the Steel's gift table.

11-22 Me and Levi Hadsock. He came in weighing 8lbs 10oz and 21 1/4 inches long

One of my clients made these for me for Christmas. So darling.

Valdosta Thanksgiving 11-24 Love these guys! Cousins Ray and Jay

Mama and Logan

Patsy with Annyson...that face is hilarious

Everyone had their turn holding A. Craig, Lynn, and Bailey

Love me some Lynn!

Logan was ready to play after being in the car for 4 hours

Noelle and Charlie

I caught Sam and Ernie in a discussion in the garage

Bath time for A...I couldn't resist!

Lacy with A all bundled up after her bath.

Now Heather's turn with A. I think we need another baby in the family...hint, hint!

Chris' turn with A. Ella Grace wanted to play with her too.

Such a great pic of Kristy and Bubba.

My little Mini Me...she's just so beautiful!

Emma and Mary Bennett playing. Music to our ears....their giggles.

Annyson looks a little nervous:)

attempt #1 at the girl cousins pic

a little better and we added in Bubba

Annyson finally gave it up with a little love from her Grandma

She woke up and was in the best playful mood...too bad it was still nighttime!

making the sweet potato casserole for Grandma's the next day...we put a whole lot of extra love in there

Thanksgiving Day 2010 at my Grandparents. Aunt Ann and Annyson

Wonder who gave her this bib???

Neither my brother or my Grandma like having their picture taken.

Mom out on the farm with the Grandchildren

My Uncle Jim on the tractor

Having a picnic in the kitchen

My little angels

Kristy is such a bad influence!!

Oh their poor fingers that have arthritis in them which means they can't shuffle the cards....ridiculous!

She really is so good with kids.

sweet moment with her Great Grandaddy

I love my cousins, Hannah and Kate, and miss them so much!!!

11-27-10 Maelee Baltrus' 1st birthday party

Maelee and her Daddy, Chris

Maelee and her Mommy, Jessica

Everyone trying to help her figure out the cake thing.

Not so interested in it!

Her older sister, Sarah Grace. I caught her in the middle of eating her cupcake.

Karsyn's 1st Birthday party- She was a happy little bumblebee.

Opening her presents.

The old school popper toy was her favorite.

She wasn't very interested in her cake without a little help.

Then she got the hang of it.

Addie and Rylin love playing together when they finally get in the same room.

Chaz thought he was being funny by taking this of himself, but I got the last laugh because I get to post the pic for all to see.

The girls are all together again, minus Christy. Love! Libby, me, Brooke, Allison, and Kari Anne

up close and personal

Decompressing after Thanksgiving... Tara and Jake invited friends over for some football and fellowship. Me, Lindsey, and Brittny roasting smores.

Lindsey and Justin

John Mark and glad they were in town. She was the only girl beside me so interested in the game and willing to yell at the tv screen with me.

Josh, Summer, (baby), and Brittny

Love you!!!!!!

11-28 Summer's baby shower

William Moseley

Tara, Trista, and Janae

Brittny...she's playing Julie Gandy and I was playing Jeff. So much fun capturing memories.

Janae and Annyson

Love you cousin

Katherine, Trey, and Summer

Love You Summer! So happy for you and Josh

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