Partying it up...

9-10-11 Kirby's baby shower
My Birthday/Going Away Party at the Wilcher's house. So thankful for Scott & Sherri Willis and all the love they've shown me over the years. A big thanks to Scott for helping load the massive Uhaul.
Sandra & Lance Wilcher...I can't say enough thank you's to them for all their love and support! Thanks to Lance also for helping to load the ginormous Uhaul truck.
The GA game was on so we were all intensely watching. Well the boys and I were watching. :) Jeffrey enjoying a "small" refreshing drink. lol
So glad Dr Kevin didn't have to work tonight and could come to the party. Shelly and I have gotten so close in such a short time. Love you guys!
Friends forever!!! Robbie and Brooke Strickland
Shug!!! Glad Stacy could come celebrate with me!
We go waaaayyyyyy back! Giles and Angel Godwin
Jeffrey and Allison Jones! Thanks for coming & hanging out so long! Love you guys!
Kelly Spell-I've loved being friends with you especially since you've grown up and gotten feisty!
Angie Nichols representing her and her other half, Scott. I don't know what I would have done without your support over the years! Love!
Kimberly McCall was a trooper coming out even though she was about to give birth to her 3rd child!
Robbie & Marcia Dixon! My flying y'all.
SO after we ate until we couldn't eat any was time for some corn hole. Kevin and Sherri were the corn hole champions.
Such good form even in heels. :)

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