The big "30" 9-1-11

9-1-11 I had a wonderful birthday! I went in to work for a special client. I never usually work on my birthday ;) I got some pretty flowers from my Mama and a friend while I was there. I won a gift certificate from Perfect Settings on August 1st that I saved to use today. It's always nice to get to buy things for yourself and not feel guilty about it. Thanks to my PS ladies!!! I ran lots of errands and answered lots of texts, emails, and phone calls all day. It was great. I ended the night with dinner at 306 North with my bestest's.
I always feel so loved on my birthday!
It's good knowing people! I got a free chocolate milkshake for my birthday.
I love these boys!!!

Me and Amanda
Melanie and me
Dan sent me this pic of Emerson while we were at dinner that said Happy Birthday Aunt Heather.
The stellar, can't go wrong by picking, skirt steak entree at 306.
cookie cake = happiness

Not really even sure what I wished for. lol
Love you Girls!
Anytime I see these bags, it's a good time!
The John Wind compass/key charm for my bracelet. Amanda & Melanie gave it to me so I could always be able to find my way home and I'd remember who held the key to my heart. I guess the moving has broken out the sentimental in my friends.

Photo session with us holding the camera out made for quite a few laughs.
Clearly, I couldn't stop laughing. A good night was had by all!

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