9-24-11 The Girls Birthday Party at Jumpin JacksOne of the loves of my life. Ella Grace- you are so precious to me. I love how much of a "Butler" you really are! You will always have a huge place in my heart no matter how near or far away we are from each other. Happy Birthday!!!
Emma-the other love of my life. Thank you for being so loving. You might be a twin, but you are truly one of a kind. You also will always hold a huge place in my heart no matter how near or far away we are from each other. Happy Birthday!!!
Kristy's a big kid! AND a really great Aunt!!!

Note to all family: take pics with kiddos before you introduce them to the room full o' fun. haha

Cousins having fun!!! Emma, Halle May, and Ethan

EG and Bubba
He's such a big boy
Emma loves babies-especially her cousin Annyson
Grandma and Annyson
Karlee and Adilyn
Ella Grace getting some birthday spankings
I love the smile on her Daddy's face!
Mary Bennett sliding head first
Annyson sliding
Bubba running in the little kids bounce house
She wanted to take a minute to pose. Love this girl!
Sweet moment EG and Kristy
Emma loves Lee Beth
GiGi can't get enough baby love
Aunt Susie who says she feels old sometimes was able to hold her own running around the bounce houses and going up the slides with Bubba and Annyson. Did I mention she borrowed Ella Grace's socks???? If only! (Have I mentioned that I have trouble fully embracing your name of Grandma?? I think I can call mom GiGi and it's no biggie since no one else in our family has that name. However, since my Grandma, your mom, is still living, it's weird to me to write your name as Grandma. I also like to think that I have lots of blog readers (lol) and I'd hate to confuse them. hehe )
I hate that I didn't get the full action shot. Bubba was having so much fun going down the big slide. I think Aunt Susie was having fun too.
Annyson was being like the big girls and wasn't too interested in taking time out from the fun to take a picture. Also, if Heather wasn't my sister in law, I think I'd have to hate her. She's so beautiful!!!!!

Pizza, sierra mist (yuck), and cupcakes

Blowing out her candle. We sang to her first since she was the first born. I think she likes telling people she was born 1 minute before Emma.
Emma concentrating on her cupcakes. Maybe she was making a strategy for blowing out the candle, thinking about her wish, or deciding which ring topper/cupcake icing color she wanted.

Maybe I shouldn't be working on this post while I'm feeling emotional/sentimental. You may look at this pic and see a messy hand and soon to be messy face, but all I see is those amazingly beautiful eyes.
Talent!!!! And yes, I could kiss that sweet face for days!
This face too! I love my family!!! Chubby cheeks eating pizza and all.
She was so excited about getting a new purse
Piggy banks from Aunt Heather EG was not wanting to be still long enough for a pic, but she was excited when she first pulled the piggy out of the bag. I put $5 in coins in each of them.
I get them a movie for every occasion.

Sweet little girls
What a beautiful family!
Bubba checking out his party bag.

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Kristy said...

Love these pictures! And YOU! Hey - saw something similar to what I made on the Biggest Loser. Google it - I'm gonna try that recipe too! LOVE LOVE LOVE!