Going Away Party Extravaganza...

9-13-11 Jenny Cochran and I at 306 North There just aren't enough words to describe how thankful I am to her for her friendship!

9-16-11 My friend Jessica Baltrus took me to dinner at Cheddars. Her husband was watching their girls and one of them got sick so we had to cut dinner short which also meant no photo.

9-18-11 Liz and I took a quick trip to Tallahassee to meet Ceil for pedicures and lunch.

9-19-11 One last dinner with Stacey, Jen, and Kasey at Rodeo. I didn't take a picture :(

I had my own going away party...I pray I never see this basket filled with sheets and cradle covers ever again. lol. I'm gonna thank the laundry staff at the new spa every day!

9-21-11 The Moormans took me to dinner at Mori and I failed to take a picture. :( The boys were so sweet. Mel said they were just figuring out that I was really leaving and they weren't happy about it.

9-22-11 Dinner with Dan & Amanda and Emerson of course! Bleu Cafe was delicious and they were great company!
So, I may have let her snuggle with me the whole dinner. :)
9-23-11 Lunch at Two Friends with my Encouragers, Rebecca Moseley and Wendy Tillman
9-23-11 Kari Anne and Chaz took me out to Guilio's for dinner. I haven't eaten there since high school and it was soooo good! Glad I got to spend a little time catching up with them before I headed out.
Chaz & I
9-24-11 I got to spend a little bit of time with The Cochrans. Love this pic of me and Charlotte.
Ben is so stinking cute. He had just eaten a sucker and clearly still had evidence of it.
Charlotte wanted to take a picture. There's the sucker I mentioned earlier.
Vivian and I

another pic that Charlotte took
9-24-11Bailey continues to grow. I talked to Stacey's belly and tried to coax Bailey to come out before I left. Every time I'd say don't you wanna go ahead and come see Aunt Heather, she would give Stacey a major kick. Love it!
9-25-11 Last Sunday Dinner with the family. Mom wanted to host it at her house. This picture was right before a small burst of tears...big surprise.
Silly girls
Emma and Ella Grace wanted to use my camera and take a picture.
Sam couldn't handle all the excitement. lol
I'm pretty sure the giggle was me saying at the last second, "show your teeth"
I took this pic with Ella Grace. She wanted to look at it afterwards. She said "You're really pretty Aunt Heather." AHHH melt my heart!
It happened to be the princesses actual birthday so we sang and had cake again.

Too cool for school
Not sure if they were up to something or not, but aren't they adorable? Emma and Mary Bennett
Bubba held his own even though he was surrounded by girls.
Little Sam
Kristy and Annyson. She sucked on this sandwich roll until it was pretty disgusting. Jay took her outside and she let our dog, Bo, eat it. And yes, she wanted another one. lol
Patsy, Jay, Sabrina, and Ernie Thanks for coming today! It meant a lot!
We had to pick on Sam for enjoying the chair and the frilly green pillow.

Somehow I didn't get a pic with my mom :( A big thanks to her for having us all over. Thanks also for being so loving and supportive of my move. It means the world to me! Love You!

9-25-11 Dinner at Sur Este with April, Michael, and Micah Buffaloe. April and I have only known each other a little over a year, but she is a precious sister in Christ!
9-26-11 Max & Elizabeth asked me to spend the night since my whole life was packed up. Liz had a busy day at Steel's so Max whipped us up some amazing pasta with pesto. Love those two!
9-27-11 Heather and the girls took me to The Mix for some yogurt before I left. I wish all the moving plans hadn't fallen to pieces so I could've really enjoyed those sweet faces! I must say I did pretty well at hiding my emotions in telling people goodbye, but I cried like a baby every time I thought about leaving these two!

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