Adventures in Moving...

When Uncle Miley pulled up with this Uhaul, the moving suddenly all became very REAL. After months of planning and packing, the big days had arrived. We had some hiccups with the driving of the truck plans, but I had some great friends and family step in to help. Of course it was another test of my patience and anxiety levels which I failed miserably. However, I can look back now and see how God had it all worked out for everyone's benefit. Personal side note: you know, I know I'm supposed to be this super strong Christian that has faith to move mountains. I just wonder if ANY ONE human being ever gets to the point that they are so in sync with the Lord that the hiccups of life don't ever test them?? Yes, I want to be so in line with my Heavenly Father that when a trial comes, I won't stress over it. (After all, I know it's pointless to stress and I know that He is in control & His plans are always better than mine.) I just wonder if that ever fully happens on this earth??
Second side note: I should probably fully write all the details of the move, but I just don't have it in me. lol
Heather sent me this pic via text and said Ella Grace was waiving to me. How sweet is that? I am enjoying being in Nashville. I haven't been sad at all about not being in Valdosta, except when I think about my precious nieces. I know they love me and that makes all the difference in the world.
9-30-11 Raeanna, Aunt Susie, and Aunt Clair at dinner. I'm so thankful that Aunt Clair was here all week to help us get settled. Even though she was THE BOSS (yes I called her that to her face), I now know we would've been in major trouble without her. She got us to get so much done that there wasn't near as much stuff that needed to be done when mom and Aunt Susie got here. That turned out great in that we could really visit with them while they were here.
So thankful my Mom could come help me get settled and see where I'd be living and working.
Dinner at Cabana with the family! This was at the end of a long day of unpacking :)
The first time I opened the door to my new house with my key.
Well, I had to give the Ladies a chance to taste a few of the yummy cupcakes from GiGi's.
Happy Birthday to my Mama! A red velvet cupcake from GiGi's and a new Pandora charm from Steel's. (PS-if I ever move again...make a list of where you put the important things that you think you put in a special place where you KNOW you'll be able to find them. LOL At least a list will be one thing to help you keep up with all the multiple things you NEED. I had one bag that was filled with stuff that didn't need to be packed, papers for work and birthday cards and such. I went to Steel's before I left and bought a few pre-presents. We went out to dinner for Mom's birthday after I spent the entire day racking my brain about where I put the coveted Steel's bag. Thank goodness I found it before they left. It was in the bin underneath my bed with my purses.)
A war wound of moving! SOOOO moving is not for the faint of heart. In fact, there are only a few reasons I would even remotely think about doing it again! Totally worth all the pain and chaos now, but then...not so much! I have never been so sore!
10-1-11 We took the Ladies to Burger Up. It's actually at the end of our street and a super popular place to eat. The food is amazing!
My precious Aunt Clair and my awesome cousin Raeanna
The front of "The Clean Plate Club"
Aunt Susie has prepared countless Sunday lunches for the family. Some folks in the fam have bigger eyes than their stomachs and have a hard time cleaning their plate. (not that it's a requirement) We hardly ever have dessert, but the "joke" is that if you don't clean your plate, you don't get dessert. This catering company was across from the restaurant and we had to have a picture.
Just when you think you have too much stuff...a new house and a new city says you need a good trip to Target :) The Mama'a helped us hang pics and organize our belongings. I cooked breakfast for dinner for everyone. It was my first time cooking with gas. I was also a little intimidated cooking for the Southern Ladies, but it all turned out well. We chatted a little and then it was off to bed. I was so tired I slept in on Sunday am until right before the Mama's left. Basically, I got up and they hugged me goodbye. I didn't really have time to process them leaving which was a blessing. The visit was too short so I'll be looking forward to the next one!!!

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